An endless Ending to 2021 : December 2021

Posted on Instagram on 9th December 2021 :Winter Morning Sun And Pink Glow…..A Love-Story Untold…….💕🌸😊❄️
I Swear These are the last Set of pictures from this Series…..I just love them…..💕🌸😊

Well hello there we are officially in the first week of a new year January 2022 to be exact and I just thought I wanted to share my amazing experience of living the last month of the most horrible year 2021,so here we go with a collection of my write up and my Instagram post,

Posted on Instagram on 5th December 2021 :Reality Delusion ! 💕
// To all those wondering that how did we land up in these situations…………//
Posted on Instagram on 11th December 2021 : Doe-Eyed…….Send-Me-Flowers……A Whole Garden ………..🌸💐🌺🌷🤷🏻‍♀️💕 #justsayin #ifnotthensendittoyourself
Posted on Instagram on : 5th December 2021 : We are a Whole Lot of Grey………Baby !💕❄️
P.S Swipe to see the entire look in Colour….
Posted on Instagram on 8th December 2021 : A Heart Felt Reality ! 💕
// To all those wondering that how to keep it real when justifying your emotions pertaining to life or death, the only way is to keep it genuine and as real as possible, because the sentiments involved are more real than one can imagine………….
Posted on Instagram on 8th December 2021 : Hey Who Got You Smiling like that ? 😁😊
Posted on Instagram on : 9th December 2021 : It’s Officially Happy Vibes Season ! 💕🌸🌼🌷💐🌷❤️
Posted on Instagram on : 6th December 2021 : 4am Something Musings……☀️
earlymorning #earlymorningmusings
Posted on Instagram on : 10th December 2021 : Season Of Happiness 💕🎄❤️
//To all those wondering whether being a child and sometimes enjoying the happiness of keeping the child alive is good or bad, let me tell you it’s good…..and you won’t be regretting it…………..
Posted on Instagram on 14th December 2021 : Concealed Concern 🌸
// To all those wondering if it’s easy if your emotions and your suffering hasn’t been addressed today then it won’t be addressed ever……it will in the due time,it’s all about keeping hope………..
Posted on Instagram on 16th December 2021 with the caption : Love in the times of COVID can be simply enjoyed if one remembers to keep to their life and table and not go lurking and invading on others……social distancing guys… now don’t blame COVID for your mismanagement now that’s a old trick, use a new one and rather blame yourself……..these are mad mad times guys….so stay safe…..Swipe to see me enjoy a glass of thumps up after a long long time and no it wasn’t a MERCY It’s my LOVE ………💕🌸🎄🍹🥤💕
Posted on Instagram on 15th December 2021 : So what’s your TRUTH ?
// To all those wondering is their truth will ever get accepted or will they have to continue with the lying game as long as they can continue………..
Posted on Instagram on 17th December 2021 : As escape known… the Unknown….Isn’t Unknown Anymore…….🥤💕#nofilter #noedit #justme #andacoffeeicouldafford #imaginethingsintoexistence
Posted on Instagram on 17th December 2021 : Beyond a point …….💕🌸🌷
// To all those wondering whether to deal with their feeling of hatred or love……….#goodmorning
Posted on Instagram on 19th December 2021 :

My December 2021 included putting up my Christmas tree in time for the glorious time, taking some walks around, keeping my feet together, and making sure to exploring my city all over again, a vibe in its own and definitely not An experience one would regret,

Posted on Instagram on 18th December 2021 : It is what it is……🤷🏻‍♀️
// To all those wondering whether or not to listen to those moving lips that claim to think they somehow CAN comment or even have something to say where your life is concerned………..
Posted on Instagram on 23rd December 2021 :
Posted on Instagram on 19th December 2021 : Know YOUR PLACE……🤷🏻‍♀️
// To all those wondering if an iced coffee is a good idea in the winters, absolutely yes, if it makes your soul happy then do it, death would be sweeter to experience when it’s without regrets…………

I Definitely made sure to share my daily Internet anecdotes and also shared some very unsavoury experiences, and ofcourse my blog anniversary celebrations too, which I just thought would be very important altogether some I shared on my post and others on my Instagram stories, all in all a eventful December 2021,

Posted on Instagram on 22nd December 2021 : Some-How……🤷🏻‍♀️
// To all those wondering how to handle the floating facts about themselves that are difficult to accept through………this is debatable because there are some who actually like to create a fiction of their life to get away with things…… yaa it’s sort of a difficult situation……but nevertheless a two-sides to a coin situation…….#goodmorning
Posted on Instagram on 25th December 2021 :
Posted on Instagram on 24 December 2021 : Lonely-Streets-of-Alone-Peace💕🌸
// To all those that are confused between the difference of being alone and being lonely……..either way it’s a difficult choice to make……..

So here is a simple review/recap post of my Instagram post shared in December 2021 which if you would have missed along with my daily write up of my experiences on various things and situations,

Posted on Instagram on 25th December 2021 : Just Love ❤️🎄
// To each and everyone of you………..
Posted on Instagram on 25th December 2021 :
Posted on Instagram on 26th December 2021 : To Whomsoever it May Concern ……..( Although it’s quite evident…….Swipe to see )
// To the one’s that are wondering how much is too much and what can be tolerate and what can’t…….it would become an evident priceless reality though……I am more Vocal than the word vocal…..Swipe to see my this evening drama and how I have state it loud and clear how I feel and how I should be feeling………..
Posted on Instagram on 29th December 2021 : Privacy Decoded 🤷🏻‍♀️
// To all those wondering or twisting privacy with the fake reality of misguided fame……( Swipe to also see my story post…….)
P.S ( individual*)
Posted on Instagram on : Here I am wishing myself a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE……
After all I made sure to give FOOD TO THE NEEDY that were actually needy and I made my Donation and charity not known to others, here’s to giving people GIFT OF LIFE………oh btw it’s just one month for my birthday on the 25th JANUARY …….so here’s counting…. and well my CELEBRATIONS BEGAN WITH PERFECTION……….💕👸🏻❤️
punintended #ifyouknowyouknow
Posted on Instagram on 30th December 2021 : Just Dm’s I thought I’d like to Share( Swipe to check them out….after you are done reading of course )
// To all those wondering why I don’t care……….
Posted on Instagram on 31st December 2021 : Goodbye 2021……….🌸💕🌹
// To all those wondering how I am so direct with my choices, because it’s more important to be aware of your truth before even coming to terms with others………..

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and new year, I have a Christmas article too coming up as you know I don’t miss to share my Christmas experience on my blog, and of course a nice and not so welcoming grey experience, along with a very sweet colourful Christmas !

Posted on Instagram on : 14th December 2021 : Baby It’s Your World….. It’s 2 Whole years now……and well well well… just got interesting…….hahahaha ❤️💕🌸💐🌷🎄👸🏻
// So here’s to an amazing day…..and a fantastically perfect vibe….a whole lot of me…..along with some Balloon surprise……bursting the bubble quite literally…….lots of love AMOREBYSHONADEWAL!
amorebyshonadewalreels #amorebyshonadewal
p.S then YOU isn’t a typo mistake it’s a deliberate Satire….more on the terms of being sarcastic…..” you know grammatical error and all joke ? “ #ifyouknowyouknow
P.S song used on Instagram High School By Nicki Minaj ( verse Baby It’s Your World )

Hope you enjoyed this article and my little recap of the last month of 2021, here’s to an amazing 2022, hope it’s as beautiful as one would have hoped for ! Thank You ! 💐

Posted on Instagram on 31st December 2021 : Baby It’s Your World ? Ain’t It ? 💕🌸
// Reflection and knowing your self is perhaps more important than necessary someone can try to be you, but if you are uniquely you then well much doesn’t need to explained there, ending the year on the Note that is more necessary than ever ! :byshonadewal //
P.S a no makeup and in my element video just dedicated to thank for all the love and accepting my imperfections, that’s the sweetest thing I could have asked for !

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