Life isn’t the Same shade, and Thank God for that !

Well hello there, I know it’s been a while and I am very well sure you all must have missed me terribly……..hahahahaha……I have been very regular on Instagram though,

These past 6 months I but naturally took a sabbatical from the blog and only maintained Instagram post because I quite naturally found myself in a political tussle like no other, I celebrated my birthday in jan, I lost my Nado in feb, I kind of got into a war situation, I also got harassed in the middle of the street, I quite well challenged the who’s and who’s, though I have been doing that for 2 years, but this year I surely have a much needed raise to the horizon and I also saw and witnessed brutality as I saw someone harming my Nado deliberately, I also now have a much damaged and vandalised home, a car that doesn’t work because it’s broken to the extend of being beyond repaired by people who wanted to intimidate me and give a rather absurd molestation, rape and physical harm threat, and have also witnessed sexual harassment for stating the rather obvious truth of the now government ( BJP ) while defending the rather under privilege of the society ( because they claim I belong to the LEFT WING IDEOLOGY AND THEIR RIGHT WING……imagine the being right and wrong has officially died ) and well in between all of these I also got in a tussle with the world leaders, my Instagram has been limited by the government, I haven’t shot for any looks in the past 2 months and so now here I am posting the last leg of photos of these last 2 months, ( which I couldn’t share because of the chaos I was trying to sort rather keeping and figuring out as to what I would want AMORE to be moving forward ) because guess what ? We are revamping and surely coming back with an all new and better AMORE…..AMOREBYSHONADEWAL with more looks, content that matters, write ups ( as #amorebyshonadewalwrites is rather recognised for it’s brutal truth and rather well stated facts ) that speaks the truth and rather states the far more obvious and I am surely here to stay, because who said so ? Well I DID !…………

So here we go with the collection of photo post of the last 6 months while maintaining the accord and record of the old AMORE of being only of basic, real fashion and lifestyle photos,………..

Hopefully you enjoy these looks as much as I enjoyed shooting them…….

While I look to state the rather obvious with my write ups which now also have a place on my Instagram, ( and people have also understood my deliberate typo mistakes ) while maintaining the stature of amore ( of being real and candid at and being rather regular and rapid with the posting about food, leisure, wellness and lifestyle,…… STAY TUNED !

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