B’Cause Baby You Are Gold 💰

Well hello there, how have you all been ? hope it’s been all good, I haven’t posted on the blog for a while now, and frankly I have deeply regretted that too, though August has been a hectic month, and for me personally the last one and a half year has been nothing but aContinue reading “B’Cause Baby You Are Gold 💰”


Well Hello there ! How have you all been ? Well hope all good, this is basically a MOMENTS and thoughts ORIENTED POST, where it’s better to be clear rather than be delusional and keep believing some magical Theories that doesn’t really matter, This post is about owing your life and your existence while keepingContinue reading “DON’T GO THIS GREEN 💚❌”

Dumpling Baby 🥟

Well Hello There……! So here we are again discussing another food post and my eternal love for Dumplings, oh how I love them, these one’s are actually homemade and not one you are going to regret, you people must have already checked out my Chilli Oil recipe and now here is a quick post onContinue reading “Dumpling Baby 🥟”

Chilli Oil 🌶 : An Original By Amorebyshonadewal

Hello There…….So presenting my very own experimental Homecooked #Amorebyshonadewalrecipe simple Chilli Oil recipe……Hope you enjoy watching and reading the entire Recipe……….up on the blog…… I love pan Asian cuisine and this one has been on my list forever to learn how to make it, I never really enjoyed the packaged ones and wanted to tryContinue reading “Chilli Oil 🌶 : An Original By Amorebyshonadewal”

Vada Pav, A Mumbai Lifeline !( And Side Mumbai Style Bhajiyas and Bhajiya Style Sandwiches) 🍔❤️

Well hello there ! So how have you been ? It’s been a long time since I posted ? Hahaha no not really, the last post I posted was about looking towards the RAINBOW, though after the Uttarakhand post this was suppose to be the next post, but I waited this one out, I shotContinue reading “Vada Pav, A Mumbai Lifeline !( And Side Mumbai Style Bhajiyas and Bhajiya Style Sandwiches) 🍔❤️”

Rainbow Of Emotions( Moments)🌈💕💐

Hello there ! How are your’ll ? Hope all good, this post is surely a special yet not so special one, it’s on my random moments and of-course my feeling and belief’s In life and of course what I have been feeling and going through, the last few days have been more than unusual, it’sContinue reading “Rainbow Of Emotions( Moments)🌈💕💐”

Mussoorie: Into The Uttarakhand Mountains

Well hello there ! So have you all missed me ? Hahahaha I believe not……hahah just kidding, well with the Corona virus living it’s life and making sure India witnesses its Nightmare here I am putting this blog post together, well I thought I should finally get done with these pending travel post, the lifeContinue reading “Mussoorie: Into The Uttarakhand Mountains”

Shimla : Queen of the Hills( oh Btw Happy Earth Day ! 🌍❤️🌹

Well hello there people ! How have you guys been ? Hope everything is treating you guys well and life’s being good ? Well life isn’t going to be just smooth ? Is it ? No right but can we make most of the time that is granted to us ? Well hell yeah !Continue reading “Shimla : Queen of the Hills( oh Btw Happy Earth Day ! 🌍❤️🌹”


Well hello there, so here we go again, it’s March 2021 and we are entering another lockdown due to Miss or Mr Corona, the pandemic surely pulled a hard and a score on people by suddenly surprising them that while take became easy going, Corona decided to multiply, all that said Aside I frankly feelContinue reading “M-I-S-S-I-N-G🌷🕊”