Well hello there lovelies……….Well today’s post is all about beauty and hair care regime, well honestly I never really found the need to share any tips up until I received some Instagram DM’s asking for those…..yes yes I know many people make and create spoof as to how what a scam that can be, butContinue reading “Self-Hair-Care-Monday”


Well hello there Lovelies ! So it’s not been a while, I thought to start with week with a lot of blissful amazing feeling, my world sort of revolves around my responsibilities and I never shy away from sharing my experiences whether good or bad, I know some feel that it’s a little too outContinue reading “SINGAPORE GOLDEN DRAGON ! 🐉🐲”

Track Up the Tracks

Well hello there ! Hope you all have been doing well and fine, today is a Friday and though the past few months have been challenging, it’s been particularly challenging for the FRIDAY FEELS, well because now people surely loose a track of their Days, many things changed and one thing that made way intoContinue reading “Track Up the Tracks”

Blue sling with a Blackout effect

Well Hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? How’s life treating your’ll ? Well the last few weeks have been nothing but weird number feelings mushed up together, What I begin to fathom is that with the pandemic still out on the loose, how much can we even tame or control orContinue reading “Blue sling with a Blackout effect”

Slice…….Of Working The Workout….JUST DO IT ! ✔️

Well Hello There !……..So well things were a little out of order and a bit misplaced lately, I for once used this time to not only wallow but also contemplate,many suggestions came through, Like I have often come across people telling me in chats or through messages or indirect ways of me being LAZY, aContinue reading “Slice…….Of Working The Workout….JUST DO IT ! ✔️”

Hop, Skip And A Jump

Well hello there ! How have you all been ? Well it’s been raining like crazy for the last couple of days as if we didn’t have enough ?……hahahaha this year in particular as been one filled with bad news, it’s like there is an inbuilt fear that you might just log into your socialContinue reading “Hop, Skip And A Jump”

Black And White

The past few days have been weeks of controversy where we started to debate on the probability and definition of what HUMOUR exactly is, we started discussing the BY-LAWS of what can be defined as humour and what can’t, which seemed quite fair enough, DIGITAL CONTENT WAS QUESTIONED BY MANY and DISGUSTING “GUNDAGARDI” was objectedContinue reading “Black And White”

Say Hello to the “ Mask”

Well hello there ! Hope all is good and rocking as some might say…..hahaha the past few months have been a teaching lesson and a Mix of the world apocalypse of sorts…..there were earthquakes, cyclones, the attack of the swamp of insects and the worst of them all a pandemic which we are trying toContinue reading “Say Hello to the “ Mask””