Jump Around In Your Jumpsuit

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? The lockdown has started easing out throughout the world, yet life is slowly finding pace and becoming normal, although I have a good feeling that we all have a long way to go, the unpredictability and uncertainty of circumstances has build a natural fearContinue reading “Jump Around In Your Jumpsuit”

Hello “ Quarantina”

Well hello there wondering about the word “ Quarantina” well this is our very special category of women/ladies who are actually a very close relative of “Cinderella”, well they speak of equalising the society without being of any help just living along the line of their Glass Slipper, because their prince arrived and did allContinue reading “Hello “ Quarantina””

Quarantine Denim Blaze

Well hi there, I hope you guys are doing well, in a world where coronavirus is declared as a world pandemic, and people all over the world has taken some self isolation period, quarantine time is also taking a toll on people who are use to their day to day life and work schedule sinceContinue reading “Quarantine Denim Blaze”

Stop Shaming Women, Respect Them, Celebrate Each Day As International Women’s Day

When it comes to a women in our society they are ultimately viewed as objects, we have definitely improved where women and their projection is concerned, we have come a long way from our beaten paths, I often say this “ we primarily live in a male dominated society” the idea of having a maleContinue reading “Stop Shaming Women, Respect Them, Celebrate Each Day As International Women’s Day”

Watch it out, I am 29, Single and Proud

So frankly how many times do women get asked about their relationship status, and frankly as women ? I mean after 25 being a single women is a scary thought to people, in its own self, I lost my dad when I was 24 and a half, and ever since that day I have beenContinue reading “Watch it out, I am 29, Single and Proud”

Jaipur :Pink City

Well hello there….how have you been ? I hope your’ll have been well and fine and having a great time, well I just got back from another holiday about a month back, hahahaha no no I don’t keep holidaying all the time, actually this time for my birthday I decided to travel North India, particularlyContinue reading “Jaipur :Pink City”

Pajamas “Night” Suit Style

Well hi there again, so I didn’t really post anything after the T-shirt story, well to be honest this post is pending for about 2 weeks, so this is actually a late Christmas pajama story….., well frankly holidays can particularly be very stressful, with all the celebrations, preparations and deadlines to meet somehow even catchingContinue reading “Pajamas “Night” Suit Style”

One T-shirt Two Ways

Basic T-shirt’s are a wardrobe staple for many , frankly we girls love the idea of gowns and dresses, but when it comes to T-shirt it’s our everyday buddy, something we rely on for everyday wear, a T-shirt comes to our rescue at times when we didn’t even think about it? All girls love theContinue reading “One T-shirt Two Ways”