Merry Christmas !

Christmas somehow at some point in our life has always played an important part, it’s the season of joy and merriness, love, life and hope, Jesus‘s birthday each year fills us with lots of hope and love, its a season of cheerfulness, and of-course the season of the shining star For me personally Christmas hasContinue reading “Merry Christmas !”

Monochrome Chic

Hi there lovely beautiful people, hope your’ll are doing well, well life has been hectic, as usual, for me personally I prefer calm and quite environment although the political scenarios lately have been making things quite chaotic , and disturbing, I’ll be sharing more about those issues later, coming back to the post here, MonochromeContinue reading “Monochrome Chic”


OF ALL THINGS LOVE AND SPARKLE “ HOPE IS A PASSION FOR THE POSSIBLE” — Soren Kierkegaard Hi everyone Welcome to my blog, “Amorebyshonadewal”……oh wait, I am so sorry I forgot to introduce myself……… So let’s start with getting to know each other first, let me begin again with introducing myself, Well Hi everyone IContinue reading “AMOREBYSHONADEWAL”