— Soren Kierkegaard

Hi everyone Welcome to my blog,

“Amorebyshonadewal”……oh wait, I am so sorry I forgot to introduce myself………

So let’s start with getting to know each other first, let me begin again with introducing myself,

Well Hi everyone I am SHONA DEWAL a.k.a VARSHA DEWAL !

Oh you must be wondering about the a.k.a well I am sure we all know it stands for (also known as) but why is it there in my name ? And why does this girl has two Names ? Well so officially my Name is Varsha Dewal, but all my life, my friends and family have called me SHONA , so I went ahead and Named my blog with my more personal name, because after all aren’t we going to be friends too ? Well of-course Via the blog but that should do too.

I am a Graduate GEMOLOGIST FROM THE GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA ( GIA ), I am also an ACCREDITED JEWELLERY PROFESSIONAL FROM THE GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA ( GIA ) , I am also a Graduate JEWELLERY DESIGNER FROM GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA ( GIA ) , I attended College at Instituto Marangoni in Milan for 2 weeks, for my MASTERS IN FINE JEWELLERY DESIGN, ( but sadly I couldn’t complete the course because I had some personal reasons and had to return back then, and of course because of this I couldn’t get my course fee refund either, I will surely share this incident with you in future over the blog, considering it was a major life lesson )

“AMORE” in Italian means “LOVE”, well I went ahead and named my blog AMORE because I love and believe in the idea of love, love universally is a rejoiced feeling, it somehow plays a very important part in every individual’s life, personally love for me isn’t synonymous to only between two people or lovers, love for me is your love and happiness for everything that you are creatively passionate or sensitive about, love for me is love for your family, love for me is love for fashion, love for me is love for jewellery, love for me is love for all things bling and sparkle, love for me is love for food, love for me is to be in love with the idea of life, love for me is love for your friends, and more importantly love for me is love for humanity,

So “ AMOREBYSHONADEWAL” is going to be a LIFESTYLE BLOG which would be including my love for FASHION, FOOD, TRAVEL, BEAUTY, JEWELLERY and YOUR VERY OWN WELL-BEING, it’s going to be about my personal approach and experience in life and my love for all these things, a space where I’ll be sharing all my views and my experiences with you and of- course my knowledge on these things and hopefully even learn more on this journey with you,


This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

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Life isn’t the Same shade, and Thank God for that !

Well hello there, I know it’s been a while and I am very well sure you all must have missed me terribly……..hahahahaha……I have been very regular on Instagram though,

These past 6 months I but naturally took a sabbatical from the blog and only maintained Instagram post because I quite naturally found myself in a political tussle like no other, I celebrated my birthday in jan, I lost my Nado in feb, I kind of got into a war situation, I also got harassed in the middle of the street, I quite well challenged the who’s and who’s, though I have been doing that for 2 years, but this year I surely have a much needed raise to the horizon and I also saw and witnessed brutality as I saw someone harming my Nado deliberately, I also now have a much damaged and vandalised home, a car that doesn’t work because it’s broken to the extend of being beyond repaired by people who wanted to intimidate me and give a rather absurd molestation, rape and physical harm threat, and have also witnessed sexual harassment for stating the rather obvious truth of the now government ( BJP ) while defending the rather under privilege of the society ( because they claim I belong to the LEFT WING IDEOLOGY AND THEIR RIGHT WING……imagine the being right and wrong has officially died ) and well in between all of these I also got in a tussle with the world leaders, my Instagram has been limited by the government, I haven’t shot for any looks in the past 2 months and so now here I am posting the last leg of photos of these last 2 months, ( which I couldn’t share because of the chaos I was trying to sort rather keeping and figuring out as to what I would want AMORE to be moving forward ) because guess what ? We are revamping and surely coming back with an all new and better AMORE…..AMOREBYSHONADEWAL with more looks, content that matters, write ups ( as #amorebyshonadewalwrites is rather recognised for it’s brutal truth and rather well stated facts ) that speaks the truth and rather states the far more obvious and I am surely here to stay, because who said so ? Well I DID !…………

So here we go with the collection of photo post of the last 6 months while maintaining the accord and record of the old AMORE of being only of basic, real fashion and lifestyle photos,………..

Hopefully you enjoy these looks as much as I enjoyed shooting them…….

While I look to state the rather obvious with my write ups which now also have a place on my Instagram, ( and people have also understood my deliberate typo mistakes ) while maintaining the stature of amore ( of being real and candid at and being rather regular and rapid with the posting about food, leisure, wellness and lifestyle,……..so STAY TUNED !

An endless Ending to 2021 : December 2021

Posted on Instagram on 9th December 2021 :Winter Morning Sun And Pink Glow…..A Love-Story Untold…….💕🌸😊❄️
I Swear These are the last Set of pictures from this Series…..I just love them…..💕🌸😊

Well hello there we are officially in the first week of a new year January 2022 to be exact and I just thought I wanted to share my amazing experience of living the last month of the most horrible year 2021,so here we go with a collection of my write up and my Instagram post,

Posted on Instagram on 5th December 2021 :Reality Delusion ! 💕
// To all those wondering that how did we land up in these situations…………//
Posted on Instagram on 11th December 2021 : Doe-Eyed…….Send-Me-Flowers……A Whole Garden ………..🌸💐🌺🌷🤷🏻‍♀️💕 #justsayin #ifnotthensendittoyourself
Posted on Instagram on : 5th December 2021 : We are a Whole Lot of Grey………Baby !💕❄️
P.S Swipe to see the entire look in Colour….
Posted on Instagram on 8th December 2021 : A Heart Felt Reality ! 💕
// To all those wondering that how to keep it real when justifying your emotions pertaining to life or death, the only way is to keep it genuine and as real as possible, because the sentiments involved are more real than one can imagine………….
Posted on Instagram on 8th December 2021 : Hey Who Got You Smiling like that ? 😁😊
Posted on Instagram on : 9th December 2021 : It’s Officially Happy Vibes Season ! 💕🌸🌼🌷💐🌷❤️
Posted on Instagram on : 6th December 2021 : 4am Something Musings……☀️
earlymorning #earlymorningmusings
Posted on Instagram on : 10th December 2021 : Season Of Happiness 💕🎄❤️
//To all those wondering whether being a child and sometimes enjoying the happiness of keeping the child alive is good or bad, let me tell you it’s good…..and you won’t be regretting it…………..
Posted on Instagram on 14th December 2021 : Concealed Concern 🌸
// To all those wondering if it’s easy if your emotions and your suffering hasn’t been addressed today then it won’t be addressed ever……it will in the due time,it’s all about keeping hope………..
Posted on Instagram on 16th December 2021 with the caption : Love in the times of COVID can be simply enjoyed if one remembers to keep to their life and table and not go lurking and invading on others……social distancing guys…..now now don’t blame COVID for your mismanagement now that’s a old trick, use a new one and rather blame yourself……..these are mad mad times guys….so stay safe…..Swipe to see me enjoy a glass of thumps up after a long long time and no it wasn’t a MERCY It’s my LOVE ………💕🌸🎄🍹🥤💕
Posted on Instagram on 15th December 2021 : So what’s your TRUTH ?
// To all those wondering is their truth will ever get accepted or will they have to continue with the lying game as long as they can continue………..
Posted on Instagram on 17th December 2021 : As escape known…..to the Unknown….Isn’t Unknown Anymore…….🥤💕#nofilter #noedit #justme #andacoffeeicouldafford #imaginethingsintoexistence
Posted on Instagram on 17th December 2021 : Beyond a point …….💕🌸🌷
// To all those wondering whether to deal with their feeling of hatred or love……….#goodmorning
Posted on Instagram on 19th December 2021 :

My December 2021 included putting up my Christmas tree in time for the glorious time, taking some walks around, keeping my feet together, and making sure to exploring my city all over again, a vibe in its own and definitely not An experience one would regret,

Posted on Instagram on 18th December 2021 : It is what it is……🤷🏻‍♀️
// To all those wondering whether or not to listen to those moving lips that claim to think they somehow CAN comment or even have something to say where your life is concerned………..
Posted on Instagram on 23rd December 2021 :
Posted on Instagram on 19th December 2021 : Know YOUR PLACE……🤷🏻‍♀️
// To all those wondering if an iced coffee is a good idea in the winters, absolutely yes, if it makes your soul happy then do it, death would be sweeter to experience when it’s without regrets…………

I Definitely made sure to share my daily Internet anecdotes and also shared some very unsavoury experiences, and ofcourse my blog anniversary celebrations too, which I just thought would be very important altogether some I shared on my post and others on my Instagram stories, all in all a eventful December 2021,

Posted on Instagram on 22nd December 2021 : Some-How……🤷🏻‍♀️
// To all those wondering how to handle the floating facts about themselves that are difficult to accept through………this is debatable because there are some who actually like to create a fiction of their life to get away with things……..so yaa it’s sort of a difficult situation……but nevertheless a two-sides to a coin situation…….#goodmorning
Posted on Instagram on 25th December 2021 :
Posted on Instagram on 24 December 2021 : Lonely-Streets-of-Alone-Peace💕🌸
// To all those that are confused between the difference of being alone and being lonely……..either way it’s a difficult choice to make……..

So here is a simple review/recap post of my Instagram post shared in December 2021 which if you would have missed along with my daily write up of my experiences on various things and situations,

Posted on Instagram on 25th December 2021 : Just Love ❤️🎄
// To each and everyone of you………..
Posted on Instagram on 25th December 2021 :
Posted on Instagram on 26th December 2021 : To Whomsoever it May Concern ……..( Although it’s quite evident…….Swipe to see )
// To the one’s that are wondering how much is too much and what can be tolerate and what can’t…….it would become an evident priceless reality though……I am more Vocal than the word vocal…..Swipe to see my this evening drama and how I have state it loud and clear how I feel and how I should be feeling………..
Posted on Instagram on 29th December 2021 : Privacy Decoded 🤷🏻‍♀️
// To all those wondering or twisting privacy with the fake reality of misguided fame……( Swipe to also see my story post…….)
P.S ( individual*)
Posted on Instagram on : Here I am wishing myself a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE……
After all I made sure to give FOOD TO THE NEEDY that were actually needy and I made my Donation and charity not known to others, here’s to giving people GIFT OF LIFE………oh btw it’s just one month for my birthday on the 25th JANUARY …….so here’s counting…. and well my CELEBRATIONS BEGAN WITH PERFECTION……….💕👸🏻❤️
punintended #ifyouknowyouknow
Posted on Instagram on 30th December 2021 : Just Dm’s I thought I’d like to Share( Swipe to check them out….after you are done reading of course )
// To all those wondering why I don’t care……….
Posted on Instagram on 31st December 2021 : Goodbye 2021……….🌸💕🌹
// To all those wondering how I am so direct with my choices, because it’s more important to be aware of your truth before even coming to terms with others………..

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and new year, I have a Christmas article too coming up as you know I don’t miss to share my Christmas experience on my blog, and of course a nice and not so welcoming grey experience, along with a very sweet colourful Christmas !

Posted on Instagram on : 14th December 2021 : Baby It’s Your World….. It’s 2 Whole years now……and well well well…..it just got interesting…….hahahaha ❤️💕🌸💐🌷🎄👸🏻
// So here’s to an amazing day…..and a fantastically perfect vibe….a whole lot of me…..along with some Balloon surprise……bursting the bubble quite literally…….lots of love AMOREBYSHONADEWAL!
amorebyshonadewalreels #amorebyshonadewal
p.S then YOU isn’t a typo mistake it’s a deliberate Satire….more on the terms of being sarcastic…..” you know grammatical error and all joke ? “ #ifyouknowyouknow
P.S song used on Instagram High School By Nicki Minaj ( verse Baby It’s Your World )

Hope you enjoyed this article and my little recap of the last month of 2021, here’s to an amazing 2022, hope it’s as beautiful as one would have hoped for ! Thank You ! 💐

Posted on Instagram on 31st December 2021 : Baby It’s Your World ? Ain’t It ? 💕🌸
// Reflection and knowing your self is perhaps more important than necessary someone can try to be you, but if you are uniquely you then well much doesn’t need to explained there, ending the year on the Note that is more necessary than ever ! :byshonadewal //
P.S a no makeup and in my element video just dedicated to thank for all the love and accepting my imperfections, that’s the sweetest thing I could have asked for !

Baby We are 2 Years old now……..WITH a whole lot of PINK AND WHITE / WHITE AND PINK 💕🌸🌷🌟

Looking at you like…..we have come a long way……❤️
Just smile and blush….since you are wearing pink, looking pink and are winter cozy ready with whole lot of happy festive vibe ! 💕🌸🌷🌹❄️

Hello there, AMOREBYSHONADEWAL has officially completed 2 whole years today and like any other epic story it’s not been an easy journey, I know people view a blog as a reality undone, in ways that a blog gets considered and titled just like any other influencer, but AMORE wanted to do more than just being an influencer, 2 years of not running after endorsements, and creating amore for the genuine content it was suppose to be, it’s as REAL as it can get, the BLOG, INSTAGRAM page and a lot more……..

So here we are ! Ho……Ho………Ho……❤️
Yes Looking at You like ❤️

I am going to share an entire recap of my this year, it’s not been a good year for me personally and I have been very vocal about it, I even posted of my harassment, my financial struggles, and different kind of issues that we face as a society, I have been very vocal about issues concerning human rights and I didn’t budge even after many many threats, one must be wondering why ? Well because I always knew that somehow and in someway if you can ever do and help someone then you surely should, the idea of one living in dictatorship is nonsense, and the power of individuality plays a key role in such scenarios and somehow that becomes more important than necessary,

Yes that’s me and our very sweet little Christmas tree 🌲🎄❄️❤️
You did bring a smile on my face….❤️🌹🌷
It’s winter season officially and I am Happy ! ❄️🌲🎄

My goal for future would surely be to give Amore the most amazing meaning of love and humanity along with adding a great vibe of undone and unsaid romance and my take on how and where life takes me, after all that’s the best one can sign up for, for now all I can say is I am so immensely grateful for the love I have received and the happiness I have found within even after witnessing such dark moments of my life, my mother has been my constant support, she is practically what encourages AMORE and frankly it’s a strength that’s kept it together, thank you for giving my write up’s the appreciation and acknowledgement that was needed and more importantly respect my PRIVACY and understanding my need to keep my growth and my Instagram followers organic, though I would surely want to reach more people and touch more life’s for sure, but for now I can say that I am HAPPY and AMORE COULDN’T have asked for a better 2nd year, I mean what could be better than writing your story and letting the world into your own chaotic world, where some appreciate and some don’t, and those who don’t I really don’t care about it because then again it’s not like they are living it so what’s the point !

Just gazing and finding my Star…….
My word…. and Feelings…
Oh sometimes it’s good to have some Monochrome Grey in your life, you wouldn’t regret it, for all you know it would Save You ! 💕






Perceptive Deception : A Week Gone By ! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Posted on Instagram on the 1st of December 2021 with the caption : Hello There ! 👋🏻💕🌸🌲🎄🌹⭐️💫❤️
Posted on Instagram on 28th November 2021 with the caption : soaking up the sun….. the vitamin of nature ☀️🍃

Well hello there ! How have you all been ? Hope all is well and good, well it’s finally DECEMBER the best time of the year and I am sure you have got an update on the new variant of the virus ( talk about a bummer ) and here we thought that things were getting fine, while with me things have been quite alright, just the usual, oh wait I did have a massive level controversy, commando level to be exact, you guys must have remembered when I mentioned about the commando post I had posted on the series of complains I posted here on Instagram, imagine they now have dragged that entire matter and kept calling political shots on the same, talk about irony, the main villain and the cruella in them MISS RUNOUT ( yes that’s what everyone fondly choose to call her) was just out and keeps entertaining with her conspiracy theory and comparing herself and calculating made up scenarios at best on the behest of someone else’s understanding,

Posted on Instagram on 28th November 2021 : with the caption : To all those who were contemplating and finding themselves in a mix of emotions understanding where to draw the line…….
Posted on Instagram 30th of November 2021 with the caption : awake 🌸🌼 #artmimicslife nobodywantstobelikeyou #everyonewantstobethebest #iwantedtobemyself #youchosetobewrong #nowweareeven #iratherrunoutthanberunout #makeyourchoicewisely #dontcomebarkingatmydoor #idontenjoyyourkink #itssexualharassmentseasonagain
thisisrunoutmirrorstyle #whenyouwanteveryonetobeyou #atleastknowtherealyou #runoutnationallevelstyle
Posted on Instagram on 30th November 2021 with the caption : to all those wondering on those dark days to rather swim along with the tide of drown in the sea of emotions……
Posted on Instagram on 4th December 2021 with the caption : So Dark it is to Even Imitate the Dark, Imagine Living in it and being a QUEEN of the DARK 💛🖤 #artmimicslife
// The kind of world she imagines is where fire blossoms each day and then she looks beyond all things beautiful with the desire to burn every bit of it,
for the forsaken reality of her shattered dreams she looks with a wide eye of wonder to make sure she creates an ugly reality of the simple world,
she has mastered the art of camouflage,
and within the dark of the world when she spots a wonderous light all she wants to do is burn it to ashes,
when she was asked why would she choose to be so terrible and a reality so unforsaken ? She said because she is the QUEEN,
and only she can be the MOST POWERFUL, even if it requires bloodshed,
or crashing someone down to smithereens,
or stealing an identity of another,
she was willing to do it all,
because well she wanted to be the QUEEN AGNI,
who didn’t want to control her TEJAS,
in fact was sure that this made her look DHAAKAD enough to re-incarnate herself as MANIKARNIKA OF HER OWN IMAGINATION RUNOUT so that she could create a better world of her own GANDHI ! :byshonadewal //
Posted on Instagram on 4th December 2021

With all that kept aside in a world where personal security, cyber security, online snooping, data stealing, don’t be surprised if someone even chooses to steal your identity, hey I have had these wanna be actors do that for a long time, just because you seem to have a name and an established bought accomplishment, doesn’t mean you can steal from others, somehow these so called rich and actually desperately famous people start to think that they can play their ploy and create and act characters even in real life, I mean most of these actors are real life actors, but pretending to be someone else and taking credit for someone else’s work ? That’s a bit much,

Posted on Instagram on 29th of November 2021 with the caption Slap with it !🐬 #youneverknow
Posted on Instagram on 30th November 2021 with the caption : all hail the tube-light light !// to all those who are wondering if and how to answer to unreasonable situations in your life, specially when they are of criminal origination……….
Posted ( and incident occurred on )Instagram on 30th of Instagram with the caption : Swipe to See What’s Going on………
It’s amazing how we can file several complains and get no result in our country,
The cops can show up at your door for a complain after 6 months( till that time the individual would be dead,
The government allows goons to have a chair and pull money out of the innocent,
The last two years have shown us a pandemic,
But can your day to day life be manipulated for political or personal enmity ?
I believe not,
Today was on another level when to handle a Adani matter they have sent a commando, now imagine who the terrorist here is,
As usual I am sure excuses will be ready,
But then again who is even counting,
This is what happens when you give free funding to the one’s that you back and in return their ego becomes to large for their heads,
Seems like putting our faith out in the open and bringing people to justice is going to cost a lot more than just Gandhi Ji, but I am sure it will still work,
Irony has taken center stage, and the centre is missing a stage !
amorebyshonadewalwrites #harrasment #withproof #factscheck #thisafternoon

Imagine as a starlet only bringing damage to people’s life and getting hate for it along with damage but then still taking credit for someone else’s work, I have witnessed that first hand, imagine getting someone else to do the job ( when you haven’t hired them and you can’t even hire them ) for you by violating them and threatening them only to label them as terrorist just because you think you can, that doesn’t mean you should, I wouldn’t let anyone get away with something like that at all,

Posted on Instagram on 29th November 2021 with the caption : redemption or karmic cycle ? ☯️// To all those who somehow wondering and questioning if their criminals would ever answer for their crimes…….
Posted on Instagram on 3rd December 2021 with the caption : portraits of love………Baby 💕❄️

So my last week has been all about putting these missing pieces together and guess what that pissed a lot of people out and also bought the electricity drama and shocks I was receiving at home to light, don’t worry to some it’s like an episodic drama and a series of my suffering, but I look at it as the best investment of my time ever, because imagine what will happen to these guys when the entire truth will be out,

Posted on Instagram on 2nd December 2021 with the caption : Baby it’s cold outside ❄️…….
Posted on Instagram on 3rd December 2021 with the caption : Sending lots of love 💕
Posted on Instagram on 3rd December 2021 : with the caption : Saturday musings 🌸❄️ // To all those wondering if they probably made the right decision or chose the correct path ………!
Posted on Instagram on 3rd December 2021 with the caption : portraits of love…….baby 💕❄️

Yes I know some say it’s an effort to harm your life, so doesn’t that mean they are trying to kill you? No I don’t think so, it’s more like they want to threaten me ( and the likes of me who basically speak against the rich and the so called powerful ) because well you and your truth has become trouble some for them, in return these runts only have the “you have gone crazy” drama, but while I have proof to show, all they got is WORDS which doesn’t even match up to their actions, so all in all, it’s a REALITY AT BEST, but imagine the only difference is I am Living it and the only reason I am sharing it is, because I think I should, after all I have given so many complains up until now,

Posted on Instagram on 4th December 2021 with the caption : know. Stupid. Known 🌸 // To all those trying to understand whether should they be knowing it all or would not knowing make them look stupid………

So hope you enjoyed reading this article which also includes a winter look since mumbai became chillier and mind you I am not regretting the weather at all, I mean rains in December and now it’s a proper winter in years and don’t feel sorry for me, only wish strength for me and my family and the will to manage things well, well because life can get challenging from time to time, but we shouldn’t loose hope, and never give up, no matter what, that’s what my motto is ! So I hope you wish me courage and I wish you all happiness and lots of good wishes as it’s December and it’s all about the glee that matters ! THANK YOU ! 💐

P.S here is a collection of my this week’s look and write up along with my simple yet elegant winter fashion post, along with an inspired look from a life is a starlet led into the dark, hope you like the post, Thank you ! ( the white look is without makeup and the black sweater look is with make up )

I posted this video on Instagram with my post on the 30th of November, I am again posting it here “ in Hindi I am asking him as to why are they creating a scene and what with the commando and why not handle the matter according to their government laws and court issues ?” ( to which he replied that he wanted the key and I just refused to open the door for them because any fool who is educated would know that this action is clearly illegal and is a proof of what these people Have come to!”

Reflecting Ideas of Last week….💕

Posted on Instagram on with the caption : 20th November 2021 // A Faded Reality…..🕊❄️
Or an Absolute Fantasy…..🍁
……..To be Continued 🍂
………..P.S I Hope Not 🐚……….

Well hello there….. So how have you all been ? Hope all is well with you all, well I definitely made a promise to be more active and post more on my blog, as I am inching closer to completing 2 years of my blog, I thought to change things up a bit, I have always chosen to mix my write up and views with fashion, whether it’s my view of the day, my musings or rather my opinion, I have always made it known, and frankly I have also gained recognition for the same, not on a big level, but a good enough level for it to matter,

Posted on Instagram on :
Posted on Instagram on : 20th November 2021 // Saturday Morning Decoded ❄️
Posted on Instagram on 21st November 2021 : // Intrigued //

So this week I changed things up a bit on my Instagram with my write ups and now I am posting them individually rather than posting them with my pictures, so well there is now fashion, style, makeup, cooking, daily routine, wellness, and of course my write ups too, whether it’s your day to day life or what surrounds our surrounding and our day to day experiences , it’s all there, and I am not too eager for it to become an immediate hit, but I would appreciate some appreciation ( which I receive so things are good *touchwood* ),

Posted on Instagram on 21st November 2021 : A Gift ! to all those struggling To Make Peace With Their Past………
Posted on Instagram on 22nd November 2021 : Glow Up !
Posted on Instagram on 22nd November // Defiant 🍁 To the one’s Wondering what it feels like to be torn apart ……….

I also posted my glam pictures this week, well I finally decided to apply some makeup, get ready, ( as if you have been following me you would know that I haven’t applied make up for over a year now ) but frankly it’s off to a good start, and good enough for it to make me happy, what I begin to think, when you are in my position and you live a life so public, somehow people get the impression that they can have an opinion on everything about your life, it’s frustrating but I am surely use to it, so it’s a mixed review and positive experience,

Posted on Instagram on 24th November 2021 : Shimmed and shine !
Posted on Instagram on 23rd November 2021 : Manipulative Deficit ! 🕊
Posted on Instagram on 24th November 2021 : Keep It Simple ! 🐚

I have also activated Instagram Ad just now so that I can reach a wider audience, I just thought it was time I got serious about the business aspect of Instagram, I cannot just keep using it as a TateL Tale guide, while I shot for some amazing images and also posted them for the famous Black Friday sale( this week(Sephora look ) ), as to doing my Instagram bit as a influencer, somehow I welcomed some very strange reaction, exactly what did people think ? Am I suppose to be running your country or flying a rocket ship ? No right ? I have always been in love with my blog and frankly I am so glad to express so much about it, I use Instagram as a add-on and an extension of my blog amore itself, and frankly I couldn’t have made it more clearer,

Posted on Instagram 24th of November 2021 : Auto-Correct 🖌
Posted on Instagram 24th November 2021 // A reality waiting to happen
Posted on Instagram 25th November 2021 : straight up !

On that note here are some mix and match of the images of the days gone by (I.e last week ) and I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and find it helpful if you are looking to stay positive and do what’s right for you, my blog, my life and my outlook is all about that,

Posted on Instagram on 26th November 2021 : 6Am Glee !
Posted on Instagram on 26th November 2021 : Reflect Growth ☮️
Posted on Instagram on 27th November 2021 : it’s a Saturday kind of state of mind !
Posted on Instagram on 27th November 2021 : mechanics of manipulation !

Hope you liked my post, please do feel free to like, comment and follow, you can also provide me constructive feedback , I would appreciate it ! Thank You ! 💐

Enchantress : A dATe Everyone would Remember 🌸💜🌼

Well hello there, so how have you all been ? Hope all good, so my previous post must have explained your’ll well as to what my current situation is, and frankly i am keeping it quite well together, but here is a recent Instagram post of mine that created quite the stir in the coffee cup, yes yes I have spoken about this on Instagram but about 2 years ago there was a snarky comment about a “bra-less” painting I posed in front of wearing a purple shirt, and well that clearly gave many people the tongue to wag and frankly the entire incident went out of hand to the extent that people didn’t refrain from even creating PR,

Posted on Instagram on the 8th of November 2021 with the Caption // Pin Up, YOU SAY ? or That’s What YOU SEE ? 💛🤷🏻‍♀️💙
influencerwithart #mondayblues #mondayvibes #earlymorningmusings
Posted on Instagram on the 9th November 2021 with the caption // Done ✅ 💛💙🍯
ilovemyinstafeed #afteralongtime
// It’s amazing how much we contemplate and expect and how much remains unsaid between the lines, sometimes the truth is harsh and brutal but it is what it is, it’s better to let your point, anger and displeasure known when someone fails to acknowledge their mistake of riding you through the mud, it’s not the same and the feeling of feeling ridiculous transcends well then, it’s more like a sorry not sorry attitude and your bodily strength and grace along with your work and aesthetic remains, if a man loves his work, so does a woman and when HARRASMENT crosses the line, one must take a stand, it’s not your WORDS that could kill, it’s the REALITY IN THOSE WORDS that becomes too difficult to live by ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #amorebyshonadewalsocialawareness

A frustrated model even became a part of this show parade knowing very well it didn’t have anything to do with her, but then again it did involve her boyfriend and his shady mouth along with his boy gang comments, and you know how it is right when these girls get rides and living off their boyfriend so very little is left there after,

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// It’s like you would want something so much that you might end up creating so much that wasn’t even there in the first place, but it’s fun to come out of a painting, but still not a reality for the one that would truly hope Right ? :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites
P.S I bought this sipper a long time ago ( so I am still using it, even if it’s not environment friendly all of a sudden, but keeping the climate change in mind I am thinking I’ll rather buy Starbucks instead, I would love to have my permanent name on it ! 🤷🏻‍♀️ #justathought #sarcasm
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// It’s weird how normal it’s become to invade in people’s privacy that they forget to even keep up with themselves, like I really don’t need middle aged uncles and aunties lecturing me about Instagram , rather I find it amusing that they somehow feel that they AREN’T crossing the line with me, which is amusing to me, because why limit my posting as a normal content creator or according to my wish ? But then what can one do when some MEN/ WOMEN HAVE GOT THEIR BALLS STUCK somehow ? It’s like a sadistic paradox, they(men) fall in a NATIONAL LEVEL TRASH CAN and then expect you to be completely okay with their shamed character, and want to ignore the shame they have bought to you in return after parading their WHORE , but hey somehow you have to deal with UNEDITED, NON-ANSWERABLE and SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOUR and government oriented issues, because hey it’s a POWER GAME AFTER ALL, last I checked I OWN a blog, I haven’t earned anything since it for the past 2 years, but somehow being a BABY to an OVER GROWN BABY would settle me up ? Like if I wanted that then why would I even put so much effort, and go through so much suffering, and let’s not forget my current financial state, my house arrest, my vandalised home, my brought down dignity, and the fact that my mother and I have got reduced to zero privacy, and the WHORE JOKE IS FAMOUS WORLDWIDE, honey if a MAN WAS FUCKING ME,UNDERSTAND HE WOULDN’T be so fucked up and HIM and his PEOPLE WOULDN’T be so Hostile, so yaa it’s time for some REALITY CHECK ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites
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// My last Night involved a Whole lot of Greasy home cooked delicious noodles made by me, with some cold drink in a Starbucks sipper and a whole lot of casual Sunday, the only thing missing was the idea and reality of a perfect BAE, which in my case many have already found in their assumption land, what I began to think right about then was, are we so desperate by a woman’s single status that anyone would do as long as we can link up ? Or are we intimidated by a woman who hasn’t shown any man’s existence directly or indirectly ( you know like mention on social media or affiliation in the form of twitter conversation ) that we can use her body to threaten her ? “ like some days back I got a weird threat saying that if I show even the slightest bit of skin I could be Raped ? Like what even ? Everyday I put up with the world where my voice definitely gets heard but the non-existence of a man gets questioned to the extend that I get asked to match up with imaginary guys that probably are more suitable like a perfect hallmark card, the baby buttered blue itself becomes awarding, right now with the current scenes, being a SLEAZE Ball can get YOU AN award, which now sounds more like NATIONAL-SCOUNDREL-AWARD and the ofcourse PADMA-SLEAZE and us mere mortals should even know our place before we match up to some crazy NAWAB or a AMBANI-TATA-BIRLA KE BACCHE ( The Know common Mumbai saying for the RICHFUCKS OF MUMBAI OR RATHER INDIA ) before even ordering a bloody Starbucks, so much has changed and yet so much to be witnessed ! :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites #mondayvibes

Of course to me it was uncomfortable to frankly what life has shown me in the last one year it’s nothing compared to this particular incident, so of course I decided to finally shoot an amazing dinner date night sneaky bra outfit look and frankly I didn’t regret a thing, though I must admit that I quite enjoyed this after a long time feeling in sync with my confidence and sexuality, I mean 2 years ago I had my liberty and now all of a sudden I feel I have actually moved to Saudi ( even though I live in mumbai, and I use to rarely dress like that ) , not that I am advocating this look, but it’s surely nice to be this carefree of the judgements I lived even without doing anything wrong just because a political whore wouldn’t keep her mouth shut, and decided to politically objectify my body knowing very well that she is setting me up for objectification, now that’s what I say cunning ideology along with manipulative move is, but then again I did settle that score very well,

But I want to say this very well that women who cover up for these shady men, like the model and the political whore who came to play coy for wealthy business men and boys are to be blamed too, like how can these women stoop so low just for some “ CHARITABLE BUCKS” I mean what a shameful act, and where young girls are concerned don’t tolerate bad behaviour from anyone, and be confident in your skin regardless of the objectification, I got a Rape threat on Instagram saying that if I show even a little of my skin I would get raped, I posted these pictures and the next day outside my house while I was out for a walk with my mother and my dogs, I had a ugly incident of eve-teasing and bad behaviour where I defended myself and didn’t just give up and protected the well being of me and my family on my own, by giving a TIGHT SLAP, I should have done that long ago and even given that political whore a slap who wanted me to CRY ? Like grow up, imagine in this day and age there are people like her, what an insult to her existence altogether , so no one is coming you have to defend yourself so you better do that, the world out there is quite shady little darling and you’ll need to first buckle up your own courage before expecting these men to behave ,

These are the original post with date and when in 2020 (15th May 2020) I posted the picture and even a year later I was harassed, and then this year in January (18th January ) before my birthday I chose to address this issue head on, and well now almost a year later it’s floating so instead of throwing in the towel I decide to wrap it ACORSS their neck ( it’s a satire, no need to get literal )
Posted on Instagram on 11Th November 2021 // the incident that happened with me a day later when I was out and about that too after 6 months !

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you are wondering about the look then it’s just a simple singlet top with a lacy bra paired with some very comfortable torn jeans while I enjoyed a dinner night at home, cooked by me of course, yes a lot of my food content will also be on the way, till then take care ! Thank you ! 💐💕

Well Well Well……HERE’s to Another Year of AMORE !☀️💗🌕( Though Official Anniversary is on the 13th December….But….🤷🏻‍♀️😉🎉! )

In life we never know what turn it might take and where our life might take us, the last few months did different for me too, I haven’t posted for a while now and I thought it’s finally important to let things known,

Well somehow I found myself on a house arrest because of my voice and write ups of course, from the Start of July and well I thought it would be never ending, I managed the scarcity of food , emotional and financial difficulty and well I didn’t budge, well why should I ? I haven’t done anything wrong and the one’s that are wrong are roaming freely,

Instagram post dated 27th September 2021

On September 29th I finally decided to let the world know what was going on in my life and that has been my truth, through it all I posted content on Instagram in the form of pictures and which I clicked at home and I also posted some blog post fashion content , and of course daily update in the form of my write ups, well why not go about casually like any other day,

Instagram Post Dated 29th September

Here are the screenshots of my complains and I have mentioned the people directly or indirectly responsible, because of them being powerful I could not pull them up judicially but after I had enough I put these complains on Instagram, but then again taking an action isn’t an option available in our strategised government, and well the backing they come up with is too much,

Instagram post dated 1st October 2021

But I chose to post on Instagram rather and let the world know of the chaos in my life, I did it with interval of several days one after the other, and now I am back to my normal life, though 2 days ago I actually got into a physical assault when I finally decided to stepped out after months and was surrounded and had to defend myself against the verbal and emotional harassment which became a physical tussle ( though I never thought I’ll find myself in such a position ), again I mentioned the entire incident on my Instagram along with details and proof, imagine in a time where you have details, proof and still cannot take an action,

Instagram posted dated : 6th October 2021 // These are the Posts I posted about MISS Kangana Ranaut ! ( Posted on stories Dated from 13th September 2021- 6th October 2021 )
// The reason I thought of posting this on my posts today was because I wanted to make it clear that I had enough of this lady’s indirect Jabs and her constant Ranting, for the last 8 months ever since in December I spoke on the farmers matter this lady went crazy, even then she gave a threat of gauging my eyes and breaking my leg, she somehow thought that on the name of a BLIND ITEM she can pass DEROGATORY COMMENTS, I on the other hand didn’t pay any heed to her, she even insulted my Mother and took an indirect jab, and in January when Snowy got admitted she didn’t leave a stone unturned, she somehow made up some REALITY in her own mind, from calling me Draupadi for selling and giving away my Gold because of financial crisis, to actually saying that I should get burned as Sita as I was called the Mother of dragons, on the day Snowy was hospitalised in April 2021 she ranted continuously on TWITTER about his sickness and asked me to BEG for his life again an indirect jab, I still have her posts, months later she still didn’t stop and her brother’s goon started harassing us around our house, and verbal abuses outside my door, to misbehaviour and threats of killing my dogs, I finally took on her after they strategically put me on a house arrest by stoping my WORK, she went ahead and tried to put labels of being a TERRORIST(anti-national)( which she is ) for not supporting her party and standing up for farmers, and then wanted me to deliberately comment on the taliban matter, when I gave a neutral comment she again started to use bad language, now she is finally caught, as you can swipe and see after I outed her intentions, her behaviour, and BLOCKED her PR BOTS, she used the BJP IT CELL AGAINST ME( which again I outed )She now went ahead and BLOCKED ME, so well the STALKER CAT IS FINALLY OUT OF THE BAG ! :byshonadewal ( Swipe to the last slide//

But this ( my experience ) isn’t going to bring me down as the start of this month bought a renewal of my blog and I was able to renew it, which I waited for and I knew there was no other way than renewing it and on DHANTERAS ( an auspicious Diwali day I renewed my blog for the coming year and nothing made me happier than this )

Instagram post Dated : 17th October 2021 // My Befitting reply to Miss Disha Patani & PR ! ( stories Dated : Jan- October 2021 )
// I have been facing issues with miss patani ever since she has been shooting for the movie RADHE and I wrote a very public complain against Salman Khan, I even mentioned the car( Instagram ) which on many occasions was following me and it had Miss patani and her GOOD FRIEND mr Tiger Shroff, again miss patani is very popularly managed by Sohail Khan and his PR company, who were also the producer of RADHE, but her madness with Name calling and PR activity become strangely weird after I mentioned Aditya Thackeray in my police complain which I submitted to the ACP, DCP last year in December, turns out she is his GOOD FRIEND too ? I wondered why am I even putting up with this woman’s stalking ways and her sisters pure filth who is also her manager and claims to be from a Army background, some how this turned into Body shaming and Sexual Objectification and constant Bullying & Harassment, they said they can physically assault me ( for writing about them publicly ) and I should not underestimate their power, obviously I wasn’t going to be the one to tolerate such VAGUE OBSESSIVE BEHAVIOUR, and what I found strange is she behaving like that for SALMAN KHAN, I in turn didn’t hold back and got her PR NONSENSE out in public, from defaming me, to using and capitalising on my name, to getting shallow behaviour to the T, she also turned it into some competitive nonsense,( which is plagiarism) and clearly the Dopey behaviour and her crazy way was known, while she chooses to not say anything in public ( is because she is quite dumb ) she is quite crazy on the field, all I can say is, At all times I keep my distance from these people, but when they resurrect I find the need to answer, and frankly the whole point doesn’t make any sense, but I am not one to take cheap desperate attacks in the name of their MADNESS AND ANXIETY, yes I am on a outing spree lately, it was high time I Address this, and yes I would love to pull this one to court and file a defamation and harassment suit on her too along with stalking and vandalism charges which I have proof of ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewal//

All I want to do is walk towards the future with the idea of love and happiness for my family and I, while taking a lot of me and the experience I lived, yes things have changed too, but I have never felt better, it’s like I have taken strength from the ugly experience of my life and The willingness to not PUT up with the people and their bullshit have become more clear, I always had gratitude and love for food, and frankly even in my darkest hour food did not fail me, I have had people fail me and I live in the middle of threats, but somehow I can’t listen to those people anymore, may be they aren’t there, or perhaps their shameful existence have made me omit their voice, yes my simplicity would require an avant-grande life, but I am going to take a whole of grounded-ness into that too,

Instagram post dated : 9th October 2021

While I want to personally THANK those who have supported and encouraged me through out this Journey and frankly the last few months I saw many making an indirect or direct approach in order to keep me going and that’s when I realised that with so many unknown faces being so kind, why would it even matter if a handful have chosen to be brutal and insensitive ? So I chose to walk the Journey and carry on myself, well because NO ONE IS COMING…..AND IN LIFE YOU SHOULD KNOW TO RESCUE YOURSELF, I learnt that a long time AGO,

Instagram post Dated 9th October 2021 !

P.S THESE ARE screenshots of my Instagram complains and of course with dates and details, and I kept them causal and to the detail and point of understanding, once again I want to sincerely say this THANK YOU for taking the time to read ! 💐🌸🌹🌷🌺🌼🌻

Instagram post dated 11th November 2021

Here’s to


B’Cause Baby You Are Gold 💰

Well hello there, how have you all been ? hope it’s been all good, I haven’t posted on the blog for a while now, and frankly I have deeply regretted that too, though August has been a hectic month, and for me personally the last one and a half year has been nothing but a testing time, but the last month became a bit more dangerous than usual and things got more real than one could have hoped for, though I kept myself regular on Instagram,

This particular post is to revamp a bit of fashion and style, since I haven’t really been anywhere for a while and I shot this in June 2021 and frankly didn’t get a chance to post it, it’s my take on your regular day blazer, when I decided to add a belt to it, well I have done a blazer look before in 2019( All black look with Pink Fila Sneakers ) , I am posting those images too, but this surely is a another take into a formally casual style, which I choose to not take too seriously,

It’s understated, classic and stylish with a touch of bold pieces and modernity, I thought it would do the apt justice to your regular oversized blazer when you mean business but what if you want to use it more informally, like I don’t like the idea of thinking blazers are only meant for office use, I find that entire idea too much to take, may be it’s just because I like to have a sense of your own aesthetic style, which frankly adds to the overall look and appearance and I like it to be a bit unfinished and more relaxed, because otherwise it looks just too made up,

You can totally pair your blazer with just about anything, if it’s a regular colour well then you can choose your desired style but if it’s more fun and bright colours, then surely choose to have fun with it,

On a social awareness note I would like to say that women’s role in the business world is highly critiqued, we have surely come a long way from the stone ages, but I feel there is a lot that needs to be achieved, the society looks at a woman a certain way and tries to put her in a box that they deem fit for her, which frankly to me is too much to bear, Eventually put up with daily sexist attitude and behaviour patterns which if used on a man he would find it demeaning and threatening to his position in his business structure, but somehow the ball game for women in the business remains entirely different, not only we have to adjust with our family life and live by society limitations but even our work life keeps asking for a certain way and outlook, a man can excel at one and sometimes in fact fail at both work and home, but a woman has to strike a forever balance, and that’s a sad reality of our world,

Photo posted on Instagram on 2nd August 2021 with the caption : // Amore-Chino 🖤🤍
// For an instance we were ready to write the best story and yet somehow we got lost in the unsaid reality of a unpredicted life that probably one did not sign up for and yet we stand at a point where being so close and yet so far apart makes all the right difference that one didn’t hope for, how lovely the story would be if it just got interpreted right in reality and didn’t only make it to scripts, when you see your life written away from the real and on a script or in a skit you just laugh at how probably you lived what you didn’t even choose to ? Right ? How is that for inspiration ? :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites

Going forward with changing times a ahead we must focus on how we don’t try to limit a woman in the made up world of male chauvinist behaviour and rather approach their take with equality, and to not objectify a woman or sexualise her only because we can’t match her strength and work ethic, sadly we live in a male ego bubble and somehow we always find ourselves dealing with men and their irrational egos, for us it’s a conversation or rather than approach, but for them it’s a battle of the sexes and we have to accept the odds and maintain our calm at all times, even when we want to yell, scream and shout,

So I hope you find this article helpful and the views stated are my own and my own take on women empowerment, I feel there is a lot to discover where this reality lies and when it’s business formals it becomes far too uptight and when it’s business casual it becomes far to extreme, somehow it’s all about striking the right balance and maintaining your grace, dignity and your demeanour along with your overall existence,

Posted on Instagram on 8th September 2021 with the caption : // You’re Not Me,But here’s the news update, you don’t have to be, so rather keep up with the Originality Instead !💰
// In our busy lives we can get carried away with all that is happening around us that we start even believing what’s not around us, keeping up with facts should be a priority, never get too carried away with your actions that you can’t redo them in the coming times, permanent damages is too much to tolerate, no one wants to run away from their responsibilities, while assessing someone else’s life see your own situation and take a better look, nobody wants to become a KABIR SINGH ki crazy PREETI and love that sadistic charitable and vulnerable life in reality , and pretend more than required, play a role but don’t start hallucinating and living a ugly reality, keep it limited to only skits and plays, screens, real life functions differently, be KHUSH in life but don’t get carried away by being sensitive, you may be a FOOL but people aren’t, sometimes the judgment isn’t on your actions but on your associations and that is the worst reality to put up with, a DISHAHEEN woman can make foul comments and threats but that’s what they get zeroed up to, fighting a real battle requires strength, it’s easy to sell your dignity but it requires far more courage in order to save it, life and people aren’t kind but somewhere god is the true strength and courage shows up, so keep yourself in check and rather than assessing others actions, assess your own and understand how to keep yourself and your ACTIONS in CHECK ! :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites//

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it fashionably social on a society awareness level, please do like, share and subscribe and you can surely provide constructive healthy feedback , thank you for your time, have an amazing day ahead ! Thank you ! 💐

P.S the black and gold look is shot in June 2021 and the black and Pink sneaker look is Shot in May 2019

Outfit details :

Entire outfit :Zara

Bag : Love Moschino

Sneakers : Fila

Heels : Zara

Sunglasses : Ray Ban


Well Hello there ! How have you all been ? Well hope all good, this is basically a MOMENTS and thoughts ORIENTED POST, where it’s better to be clear rather than be delusional and keep believing some magical Theories that doesn’t really matter,

This post is about owing your life and your existence while keeping the aesthetic of your reality alive, I have suffered a lot and been very vocal about that suffering and the past few days my silence bought along many questions from around, while there was a hush rush of those questions they weren’t direct, why though ? The fear of witnessing my WRATH ? Or the subjected callousness of just thinking perhaps that It would make me ANGRY ? Either ways those two emotions can become the subjected change that one didn’t probably hope for !

What I begin to feel here is that a woman can be dragged as far along as one wants as long as you can hit her finances and business’s, well you might feel doesn’t that go for a man too ? Well not really, because as a society we are somehow gamed to understand and fear a woman’s power, it becomes an instant reason of displease and men seem to think they’ll have a better control over her if they can control her finances, men loose a Job, but a woman losing her work can also be altered in being a losing part of her dignity, malicious games get played that way, our very kind generations gone by of powerful women stated that in the past, but now that I have witnessed it first hand I understand, it’s a good thing I have always kept myself financially, emotionally, physically and more importantly mentally independent,

The sexist Community that perhaps comes from the old stone ages may get a SHOCK after reading this article, while I have come to crazy terms with life and understood the reason of witnessing a sadistic reality that perhaps I wouldn’t put up with in the first place, and now I can more affirmatively declare that I DON’T GIVE A DAMM about being a open minded conservative woman who doesn’t exactly think that she needs to agree with a man’s terms, and if I find myself on a negotiating terms with a man, well I hope he enjoys HIS RIDE TO HELL,

This may seem a bit too aggressive, but it’s how a woman feels when she is cornered and forced to do something she doesn’t want to, and we should be kind to even some men in this case who go through this exact behaviour and not spare the one’s indulging in this mental torture behaviour, it’s a good thing we all are Build strong because of the Middle Class Values, but the world is surely a brutal place and the RICH and Powerful and the Nawabs of the society take the CAKE, THE BAKER and THE BAKERY in this department and madness,

Your body, Your Sensuality, Your Sexuality, Your Personality, Should be your power and not something that limits you on a daily basis, we may fight, disagree within ourselves but somewhere we all battle these emotions daily, it’s not what you wear sometimes , sometimes in a world of a male dominated attitude it becomes easy to pull a woman down on a foul trick of CHARACTER ASSASINATION, as the old books go, if you are a TRUE man with true intensions even if a woman is NAKED you would keep your EYES DOWN, it’s all in the upbringing and the ways of your life, and being a independent woman in a world that belittles you it transforms into a lifestyle, so perhaps it’s more about a collective approach rather than just becoming selfish and yet we find ourselves on the shores of life pulling and fighting through the tide to win what’s rightfully ours but not by being unfair but by being fair and just, it’s all like a silver lined cloud, it shows when it’s required, it watches deep from the sky and only appears with strength when the suffering becomes TOO MUCH to tolerate, it’s called life and by no means does it mean to be easy, there will be daily struggles and battles and you’ll come across many who silently will try to cross the line with you, but that’s the thing about being a woman, a woman can carry herself with dignity even when she is SUBJECTED for being wrong when she has been RIGHT all along, the rivers flow far from the east but somehow true power finds its peak, you want it to end daily and yet somehow we find courage to put up with the delusional reality of life, it’s not EASY because IT’S LIFE,

I shot this look in JUNE( 27th June 2021 ) , and man what months JUNE AND JULY HAS BEEN, but still we all have a long way to go and I hope we all can come to TERMS with our reality that we have all been living while some have chosen to go blind eye to these realities, not hoping for a PRINCE CHARMING or a KNIGHT in shining ARMOUR, well because in my case I’ll choose to be the PRINCE, POWER AND THE KING….ALL BY MYSELF !

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it informative and easy to understand what’s wrong with our society image and what can we do to uplift our community collectively, on that note you can LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE, and also give CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, THANK YOU ! 💐

P.S this is a no Makeup look with minimal styling and the wardrobe is ZARA INTERNATIONAL !

Update : Instagram Post Posted explaining the emphasis of Don’t Go This Green ! ( 05-08-2021 ) // From “Go Green” to “ Don’T Go This Green” 💚❌
Confidence is Resistant !
// Well how one must wonder, oh it’s easy it’s what you embrace, somehow the idea of unsaid love is lost on us,the same way the idea of truth is, truth is based on 3 points, your truth, the opposite person’s truth and then the actual truth, and this somehow gives one the power to manipulate the situation as they might want, when I wrote “ Don’T go this green” it’s not a declaration of colour, the colour palate of green ranges from light to dark, it’s the signature colour of our nature too, but like all realities this colour also has its good and it’s bad, “ Don’t go this green emphasise on the importance and tolerance to choose what you agree with and what you don’t , by no means it’s a declaration of the colour, camouflage green belongs to our Forces and well Olive green here that I am wearing is a very honest and easily available green, so well there are many greens and well even your vegetables are green, my take of “ Don’t Go this Green” is a satire on the on going “ Go green” event and somehow it’s my take on how some elements of our society are the darker aspect of the colour green, like jealousy, envy, bad eye and in general disrespectful behaviour, so let’s not reasonate the colour rather just embrace the emerald feeling into our life without having tolerance for the envious Green in our life, it’s as simple as that ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites

Dumpling Baby 🥟

Well Hello There……! So here we are again discussing another food post and my eternal love for Dumplings, oh how I love them, these one’s are actually homemade and not one you are going to regret, you people must have already checked out my Chilli Oil recipe and now here is a quick post on my fave pan-Asian dish that I fell in love with, so much to the extend that I wanted to try to make it and man it turned out great, I have followed the work and cooking videos of many chefs and this mind you took many efforts from my end to having to master it,

I preferred watching videos of Marion’s Kitchen and Seonkyounglongest ( if you haven’t checked out their recipes then you are missing a great deal of good food content, they create Korean and Pan Asian Cuisine and I sometimes find watching their simple recipes therapeutic, you can check out their Facebook, Instagram or their YouTube Channel ) and I was left more inspired than ever but I chose to try to variate this recipe as my own, and add my own twist and taste to these classic dishes, well it’s always better if the dish matches your taste and more importantly your palate, so while cooking that’s one or two note that one might want to take,

And some days ago when I created this delicious recipe I was more thankful than ever as I enjoyed every bite of it all, all it required was some dumpling wrappers, some nice stuffing and then ofcourse drizzled with some nice chilli oil, I also tried the Indian and a very popular version of the dumpling called as Momos, Though Momos have a Tibetan origination they are perhaps the most famous street food of all times, and it gets served with nice tang tomato chutney, and man it can make all the right difference,

The vivid idea of enjoying a nice delicious and loving plate of meal is that food can bring instant joy along with a lot of good vibes and specially if you are a foodie you wouldn’t regret a thing, it’s not an imaginary feeling but a more relatable feel of taking enjoy a hot plate of delicacy without burning your mouth, because once you love something you wouldn’t just stop right ?……hahahaha….. same with life I guess, but any kind of addiction is dangerous, and consumption or dedication both should always be monitored in limits and boundaries, that’s the beauty of enjoying a nice peaceful life,

So here are some nice pictures and shots of the deliciousness that I got to enjoy and I am also sharing the video I posted on my Instagram Reels of enjoying the first batch of these dumplings and then ofcourse creating this fusion and confusion at best recipe, they may look the same and taste the same but in different contingents they have different meaning, in my case these Dumplings or Momos are Vegetarian and a whole lot of veggies stuffed in dumplings wrappers can make a difference, though my mom preferred to roll them up in the round shape, the rectangle one’s are my Courtesy, I clearly wanted to have more fun with this amazing Dish, and I enjoyed making them as much as I enjoyed eating them,

Hope you enjoyed reading the post and of course the homely and very real pictures of me being a random dumpling eater, mind you at this moment my life was and kind of falling apart, but still I chose to look at the bright side and kept going with indulging in behaviour and things that actually matter and that one might enjoy, oh how crazy life can get and yet giving up just doesn’t seem to be an option, so thank you for the time you took to ready this post and you can definitely provide me constructive feedback I’ll be happy to receive any, have an amazing Week ahead, Thank You ! 💐

P.S this is a No makeup on my way to Dinner at home post, and my wardrobe is Zara International !