Chilli Oil 🌶 : An Original By Amorebyshonadewal

Hello There…….So presenting my very own experimental Homecooked #Amorebyshonadewalrecipe simple Chilli Oil recipe……Hope you enjoy watching and reading the entire Recipe……….up on the blog……

I love pan Asian cuisine and this one has been on my list forever to learn how to make it, I never really enjoyed the packaged ones and wanted to try to make my own authentic version that could be as close to the real one, I did check various videos of different ways of how to make a chilli oil, but I knew I wanted it to match upto my very own taste, after all, it should meet your taste palate too, A perfect Chill Oil makes a whole lot of difference to a warm Dumpling/ Wonton Dish or a Plate full of Noodles or Noodle Soup, honestly it goes with everything and there are various ways to make one, I preferred to keep it spicy, simple and amazingly delicious and added my very own touch to this very ORIGINAL Recipe, it’s not Plagiarised , or copied but my own very take, with spices and condiments out of your kitchen and to add the correct spiciness to the entire recipe by cooking the onion and garlic along with the spices, some spicy chilli flakes and a whole lot of Schezwan pepper corns, with some Chill paste and of course Star anise with Cinnamon Sticks, it’s easy quick and you can store it up for the longest period of time, but mind you it will surely get over quick…….hahahaha

Ingredients :

Chilli flakes

2-3 cloves of Star anise

Schezwan Pepper corns, or the ones you find,

Some Bay leaves,

Some Cinnamon Sticks,

Some Cloves,

Spicy Chilli Paste( according to your taste)

2 large Cups of Oil

1 medium Cup of Soy Sauce according to the consistency

1 Dish Finely Chopped Onion ( I have used the Onion part of the Green Onion, because it will add the spiciness to the Chilli oil, but you can use the red or the yellow onion as per your wish)

1 Dish Finely Chopped Garlic

2 Whole spoons to Powdered Sugar

A Little Lay our for Video 😊
A Large Cup of Soy Sauce and Powdered Sugar 😊

P.S Cooking Hack use an OLD NON-STICK PAN, so it would cook well and won’t Stick and have the required Crips too, remember to not Burn your Onions and condiments, Just wait till the Onion becomes Brown,

While serving the chilli Oil you can add Sugar or Soy Sauce according to your taste, but with my Variation it won’t be necessary and it would turn out just fine,

Hope you enjoyed reading and Watching this entire article and enjoyed this really Simple and classic Recipe of my Own, all Copy rights belong to me here……hahahaha…..but you can surely try this and let me know…..Thank you !! 💐

Some homemade Dumplings Drizzled in Chilli Oil, a plate full of Yuminess 🥟🌶
It goes perfectly with a simple plate of Noodles and a perfect Companion for Wontons 🥟🍜🌶😊

P.S I originally created this Recipe on 30th May, but waited a while to share it with you guys, hope you enjoy readying it and try your own Version and I also posted a Wonton with Chilli Oil Video on my Instagram though !

Vada Pav, A Mumbai Lifeline !( And Side Mumbai Style Bhajiyas and Bhajiya Style Sandwiches) 🍔❤️

Vada Pav and Indian Style Sandwiches Anyone ? 🍔❤️😊
A Vada Pav Mood Board ! 😊
A Close up of the deliciousness ! 🍔

Well hello there ! So how have you been ? It’s been a long time since I posted ? Hahaha no not really, the last post I posted was about looking towards the RAINBOW, though after the Uttarakhand post this was suppose to be the next post, but I waited this one out, I shot this weeks ago though, hope you all enjoyed reading the previous post and my travel diaries too , this post is a little off the charts and the first one of it’s kind because it’s a home-cooked( Maa Ke haath ka khana and also cooking done by me) in this case it’s cooked by my mother, so this one is the first of it’s series food related post, I have often posted my Food post on my Instagram stories and as my post too,

Hayeee Vada Pav ❤️😊🥰
Okay a nice yummy Quick Bite ❤️
Let me stare at it, after all food is my One true Love ❤️😊

Last year during the lockdown with everything shut and a sudden shock everyone chose to create our classic daily recipes at home, and one of the Mumbai specials is surely Vada Pav, Vada Pav is every Mumbaikar’s ( People living in Mumbai are often referred to as that) life, it’s often a joke that in Mumbai we have more Vada Pav then blood in our body…..hahaha kidding it’s just a Feel and a Vibe in on it’s own, it’s also been a classic recipe from my mom’s kitchen, and mind you A Vada Pav is a must for me,

So just me sitting and chilling with my Vada Pav 😊
Again Just !
Okay peace out ! ❤️

During the lockdown I really missed eating a Vada Pav from Anand Stall Opposite Mitibhai college in Vile Parle, these stalls that are there outside these colleges are very famous for their fast food, and they take good precautionary measures too normally, in fact this particular stall has been there forever, even when I was in college, I would go from my college with my friends back then to grab a Vada Pav from Anand stall, and outside my very own college there is a famous stall of the best Sandwiches ( known as Jay sandwich) i’ll speak about that some other Time,

This image was Originally Posted on Instagram on 11th April 2020 with the Caption // Home Cooked Vada Pav Kind of Saturday 🥪
// Swipe to see how happy I am right now after eating this street treat at home, if you have been following me you must be already knowing my love for Vada Pav, and tonight I finally had it for dinner and a Homecooked one even better 😊// P.S I am NOT wearing any MAKEUP here too, well after all I am at home, so just skipped the glam time🙈😂//
This Image was Originally Posted on Instagram on the 20th April 2020 with the Caption // My regular Day 💖🐼
// Clicked currently at home, Was missing coffee so thought of having some, along with some onion bhajiyas, yes you can’t get more Indian then this, evening snack as dinner 🧆🥤😊❤️// P.S Swipe to see more pictures and please ignore my NO MAKEUP look, I am as casual as one should be at home lots of love ❤️💋// .

So but obviously during the lockdown down last year I was missing this very important food, so I asked my Mother to make it for me and boy was I Glad, but then I didn’t have the green and the red chutney to go along with, which I made up for this year, along with nice and not so spicy green chilli,

Just me Enjoying a Nice Indian Style Bhajiya Sandwich 😊🥪
Indian Style Aloo Bhajiya Sandwich 🥪❤️😊
Peace out ! 🥪😊
A Sandwich Mood Board ! 🥪❤️😊

It’s a funny story but Vada Pav is vey easily affordable, it’s a often known As a Poor Man’S Burger and frankly it is indeed Mumbai’s burger, everyone enjoys eating a Vada Pav in Mumbai whether you are Rich or Poor, it’s a equalising element of our society, and all prefer to eat it from our classic Mumbai stalls, I once had someone say something really mean to me in a slang “ that he’ll get me to my Vada Pav ki Aukaad” which means he’ll make me a beggar, hahahah little did he know that my Vada Pav ki aukaad( status) will cost him so much that all he would want is for me to buy him some Vada Pav, but frankly I took it in a right manner and till date haven’t given up on my beloved Vada Pav,

Okay Vada Pav !
Just Being !
Happy Smile ! 😊

So Some days ago I asked my mother to make this extremely delicious dish along with some Indian Style Aloo Bhajiya Sandwich ( made with Vada Pav filling in a sandwich style only deep fried using Besan flour for coating ) and I am also posting pictures when last year I asked my mother to make Bhajiyas for me( oh they are onion, potato, spinach fried in Besan Flour ) and every Vada Pav stall has Bhajiyas too, you can eat it like that or with the Pav as you like, and you wouldn’t regret it, it was totally on spot and delicious, I couldn’t have asked for better, so here are some pictures of me enjoying this delicious food item and well I hope you enjoy my food story !

Mirchi 🌶 #greenchilli Yum 😊❤️
Look this happy while posing with your Bae ❤️😊
Just being like Hayee ❤️😊🥰
A close up into a Biteful Vada Pav 🍔😊

Hope you enjoy reading this Post, please provide your valuable feedback and this is a no makeup post but still not lazing around wearing causal and just being me, oh yes I am a big Foodie and my love for food knows no Bounds, Thank you ! 💐

Happy Dance pose is a must after an Amazing and Fulfilling Meal ! 🥪😊
Post Originally written and edited and readied on 20th June 2021 🌸

Rainbow Of Emotions( Moments)🌈💕💐

Pic posted on Instagram On 30th June 2021 with the Caption // It’s a Matter of PRIDE 🌈
// It’s an amazing feeling to walk into a Rainbow of your love and the possibility to witness and live the life you wish to, sometimes life throws a spin around and you just keep up with it, no matter what consistency takes people a long way ahead, not many can master that, but that should be mastered, life is a learning process, and while at it adaptability increases better results, and on that note here I am just being myself while celebrating the idea of life while living my daily life challenges and I also thought to take my old mask out for a spin, it’s old and worn out but could make a difference and while at it take Pride in however and whatever you do and live and create the most amazing life for yourself, keep some positivity alive, I know it’s difficult but it’s not impossible ! :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites
Sometimes it really Doesn’t Matter !

Hello there ! How are your’ll ? Hope all good, this post is surely a special yet not so special one, it’s on my random moments and of-course my feeling and belief’s In life and of course what I have been feeling and going through, the last few days have been more than unusual, it’s just me being me, but I have surely found a different way of dealing with things and ofcourse the approach matters, and all that kept aside I realised that some things and matters need to be dealt with the way they deserved to be dealt with,

Just Smile !
Hello there !
Walk into the Rainbow ( in this case a wall just used to specify the importance of walking into the Rainbow ) ! 🌈

Empathy, love, grace, kindness and Peace can only be an option till and when someone chooses the same as you, if not then it’s as useless as it may seem, because whether or not someone will have a change of heart isn’t guaranteed, and while at it we have to carefully learn to deal with things and only choose grace when the time and need calls for it, and most of the times these emotions are situational than most situation,

Ok !
It’s my irritated face clearly !

Conversational reality is probably the best one, it’s like you are living the conversation with an individual but nothing really comes out of, it’s all good in voices and words but it’s never put to use, so it’s sort of a negotiating agreement between two people till they come to point of dealing, until then it’s just status Quo, and somehow we seem to live this Conversational reality in our day to day life, and put up with the difficult To-Be(futuristic) Situation and ignore Fatal circumstances not only for yourself and your family but for many others,

Mask on !
Peace out panda ! 🐼

I used these images for the Pride Month ( which was last month) frankly the idea of celebrating a certain victory in the society specially the one that celebrates liberal views on Love only for a month is sadistic but it’s better called for as it’s more appreciation and respect for the deserving, while at it, I love the idea of celebrating love, and frankly my views remain more liberating and approach somehow is justified, the pride symbolism of Rainbow itself shows the possibility of a together and forever love and a love that celebrates all,

Tie your own Shoe Lace ( in short be responsible) 😊
Pic posted on Instagram on 4th July 2021 with the Caption // KICKING HIGH UP IN THE AIR LIKE A NINJA MOOD, Can you tolerate my MOOD ? 😉//💕💖🖤🐼
// It’s a reality that makes us livid at times , like the possibility of a fandom, like the possibility of creating their Obsession for the colour PINK and then taking the credit to themselves, like the obsession to involve their daily CHAI drama and then me just existing, it’s these little things that made my life hell( in their eyes) for the last one and a half year and man have I tolerated so many of these, you know they are a Fan because simple they can’t be without, their MERE existence is a JOKE to them and THEIR KATTY-NESS becomes more and more EVIDENT , and whatever you do it’s going to get COPIED or PLAGIARISED, and let alone you have to call them out for the silly behaviour, I refrain from that, I now have the most amazing treatment for these WANNABE’s and I simply marvel and enjoy at that reality, YOU speak on something that in their eyes makes you a better human they have to come around and start lurking and showing their DESPERATION, let me be clear, it’s not a COMPETITION, and definitely a one that aren’t WINNING at, the easiest way to my HEART is to be REAL AND BE A GOOD HUMAN BEING, which these days is a RARE quality, and while at it I couldn’t have made myself more clear in the UNDERSTANDING of the situation of my life, people love to earn some POINTS FROM ME, the worst is when they start to think I’ll let them take CREDIT for my work, ( In the name of being an IMAGINARY QUEEN of the RUN-OUT or so ) so I quietly WATCH and don’t let these things get to me, the DESPERATION is more hilarious and vivid to LIVE by ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites

So here’s to many more words, and victories to come and of course the understanding the grace that probably requires us to be more well aware than necessary, we can never be too sure and yet we can never be to relaxed, it is a two way road but you can choose whatever is necessary and you shall find the Rainbow at the end of the Tunnel and while at it celebrate life being the Power, Love and Empathy that you can be, because clearly it’s not vanished yet and somehow these strong emotions does help us in our day to day life, while keeping your choices and your dignity in tact !

Pic Posted on Instagram on 16th June 2021 with the caption // Take Pride In Being Who You Are ! ❤️🌈#pridemonth
// Blended among so many colours, looking for acceptance for their Love, living through the Subjection of Society, the racial Slur, the insult and more importantly the objective attitude to categorised them, a yin and yang is assigned to all, so who are we even to choose whom we love, I stand with the idea of celebrating love Throughout the Struggle of being who you wish to be, it’s like a crippled love story for the once lacking behind, how can we even stop Love from growing and not finding its foothold in people’s life, this picture here represents the idea of not living in a objectified way and more importantly celebrating the idea of living through the kaleidoscope of the Rainbow peaking through the Dark shadows of the World, They Say Love is Blind, thank god for that, at least it doesn’t judge then ? So here’s to celebrating Love, as showing my most humble gratitude and Love, though I would love for all my friends belonging to the LGBTQ community that they don’t necessarily need a month dedicated to them, but it’s deserving because well the world did not make it Easy for them and Yet here we are celebrating the Idea of Love, so be who you want to be, love who you want to love and don’t let anyone dictate the idea of your life, well because it’s all about LOVE ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #pridemonth2021
// P.S I hope you like this little Art work of mine, well I wanted it to be blended within those colours…..//

Hope you enjoyed Reading this article, you can follow me for more on Instagram and Facebook ( @Amorebyshonadewal Page) and like and share them too, and provide constructive feedback if necessary, I am grateful for the time you took for reading this article, Thank You ! 💐

P.S this is a Complete No make up look and the styling has been kept simple and understated at best, because this was going to be a just Being Post, and I Used my Old Mask which is clearly worn out, for keeping the post at real as possible , that it’s been a along time but Corona is still around, so Stay Safe and Follow the necessary Guidelines and Precautions and only Step out when necessary, like here I was out after 2 months for getting some stuff !

Mussoorie: Into The Uttarakhand Mountains

At the Top of the Mountain just Feel the Air !
When it Rains, It pours ! (Originally posted on Instagram on : 18th Feb 2020)

Well hello there ! So have you all missed me ? Hahahaha I believe not……hahah just kidding, well with the Corona virus living it’s life and making sure India witnesses its Nightmare here I am putting this blog post together, well I thought I should finally get done with these pending travel post, the life before Corona, oh what a relief it was right ? The good old days after all…..

Take a Flight, Once in a while You might not Regret it In fact might find something precious on the Way ! ( originally Posted on Instagram on : 9th May 2020)
Flight OOTD should be all about comfort !

For me personally back in January 2020 a travel plan Included form travelling to musoorie after Shimla, it’s almost two different states and it took a total of 8 hours for me by road to reach musoorie from shimla, shimla is in Himachal Pradesh, whereas musoorie is in Uttarakhand, I always wanted to travel the north by road and witness its surreal beauty, I will share the videos and pictures here for you to know what exactly I am talking about, oh and the January time was a perfect weather to visit these places,

Sometimes, Just sometimes calm down, Sit Down and Observe the beautiful View ! ( originally posted on Instagram on 12th March 2020)
Oh Dammm…..Quiet Literally 😂
Oh hey Bae, Mom clicked this picture of me being me, and hey you can totally spot my mom’s sneakers there too…….hahahaha 😂( originally posted on instagram on 4th March 2020)

Though Uttarakhand had other plans for me, the weather forecast and the Gods definitely made sure I witness the Rains and Snowfall together and know exactly how it snows and get to see it, I looked up in the sky and thanked the god’s for fulfilling my this dreamy wish,

No No I am not going to Jump, but I am surely Walking Towards Something Unknown and I have Never been More Sure !
The View of the Mountain Brings me Peace, I left my heart high up in the Mountain Gaze ! ❤️
Boo- You ! ( doing a throwback year Ago post )

After leaving from shimla and travelling by road in our comfortable tourist vehicle with our very responsible driver as Thomas Cook India took care of my Travel plans and made sure I was safe and had my schedule perfectly planned, I reach musoorie after an 8 hour road drive, and man was I glad to witness the mountain life ? Well totally it’s the kind of place you take off to for some peace and quite, the mountain life isn’t for us city folks though because it’s slow and definitely different, and musoorie isn’t exactly an over populated place though, they are the simple people living on the simple slopes of the twirling mountain roads, I wonder how the hybrid’s from Mussoorie that have moved to mumbai from Uttarakhand turn out to be so bitchy ? Or is that a sense of insecurity or an inferiority complex that gets to them ? God knows what, but the people there are surely kind and friendly so don’t judge them on the bitchy entitled fools from Uttarakhand or the Mountains that you would find here( In Mumbai ),

Life before Corona, when I decided to travel and explore the world, and then the world turned upside down for me ! ( Originally Posted on Instagram on 19th April 2020)
Yes there,There is my Trademark the Peaceful Heart !
I am just Cosy here !

I chose the JW Marriott Walnut Groove for my stay while in Uttarakhand, I was there for a total of only 3 days and I believe that was perfect, because there is nothing to do there, expect for local activities such as mountain trekking or just some wellness centre, I specially chose musoorie for my mother and well the view from hotel completely made for the spectacular mountain life there is,

This was Captive in the mountain Resort while the weathers plays the spoil sport Picture ! ( originally posted on Instagram on 5th April 2020)
Oh the View, just wanted to flap my wings and Fly, little did I know what was sneaking around ! (Originally posted on Instagram on 16th April 2020)

Well the first day I got there was already evening time so couldn’t do much so I had dinner in the hotel and then chose to go to sleep after a tiring journey the next morning the rain gods surprised me and came in falling so I couldn’t do much though I still made a trip to their local market, and it was just about fine, and visited a Buddhist temple which was shut because of the rains but I still got to see lord Buddha and seek his blessing and turns out it did turn out for the right, after getting back to the hotel I chose to stare at the amazing mountain view covered in fabulous rain oh my the beauty,

Okay I am ready, did someone say Food ?……hahahaha ( Originally posted on Instagram on 12th March 2020)
Happy Baby Pose, when you find my this happy know that I am truly happy then !
I am not even going to lie, I somehow know what I know ! ( Originally posted on Instagram on 5th June 2020)
If I had a Bae would take him away to the Mountains when you would want to truly disconnect from the world and connect with each other ! ( Originally posted on Instagram on 18th March 2020)

The next day I was in for a more stern surprise because this time the gods chose to make me witness snowfall which I was totally craving for, oh how I loved watching the snow fall, my mom was superbly happy for me that the god’s were so kind and fulfilled my this wish, though it was a bummer for tourist because the road was blocked with snow, I still went to the market area, clicked some pictures and in the hotel had an amazing dinner, well the third day I had my flight so there wasn’t much but if you find the chance to visit musoorie and want some peace and quite and want some fresh air and closer to nature it’s the place to be, it’s the key for rejuvenation, of your mind and soul, I had the perfect company of my mother and nothing could bring more happiness to me,

Yes I was just happy to take in some Sunlight here as my face was frozen with the cold temperature, no it wasn’t forgiving ( Originally Posted on Instagram on 7th May 2020)
Snowy mountains and frozen face ! ( Originally posted on Instagram on 22nd April 2020)

The next morning after breakfast I was off to the Dehradun Airpot to take my flight back home as my Darling Nado, Tia and Snowy were waiting for Me, it’s such a fond memory, because I lost my Snowy( my Persian cat) on the 25th of April 2021 and nothing can ever fill that void in my heart, and these memories bring back so much and make me just have a smile on my face thinking of how my babies were safe in my absence back then, and now I have to worry of sadistic venomous vultures eyeing them and their peace, not the best place to be in emotionally, but I am holding up strong and nothing brings me more joy than looking at all these memories and smiling and trying to be hopeful, hope we all get through out tough times as at this moment the entire world is suffering and kindness, humility, humanity and Hope is the only thing that can help us get through !

Asian Food is my Constant for sure !
Dinner Ready inside the hotel ? Well no where else to go, but all for the beauty and calm of the Mountain ! ( originally posted on Instagram on 4th April 2020)
Break a Bread like Jesus and then say Amen ? Can I get an Amen ? Yes I know I am chubby…..hahaha ! A Pink Panda Vision for sure ( in this case food Vision )
Breakfast is a Must ( and the most important meal of the day for me )
Just the food- gram along with food- coma……..

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found my travel diaries and my mountain experience helpful and positive, it’s an amazing life and place to visit, thank you for always being kind and supporting me, please like and share and follow if you like this post, Thank you ! 💐

This was when I was done and ready to head back home, mini who would surely find her Mickey ? Hahahaha yes I like to be childish as times….oh btw that’s a lot of luggage for a week’s trip but then what can I one do ? Blogger life is difficult, and serving looks and Real content becomes necessary, oh btw that’s my No makeup face,and I don’t care look !
A Quick Reel of my Insta Travel update of the Mussoorie Trip, you can check the highlight on my Instagram ID( Amorebyshonadewal)
A Quick Reel of my Insta Travel update of the Mussoorie Trip, you can check the highlight on my Instagram ID( Amorebyshonadewal)

P.S post originally written on 6th May 2021 and the travel diary is from January 2020, this is a Throwback Post !

Lockdown 2.0(May Diaries-2021)

Instagram Post, Posted on : 29th April 2021 with Caption : Ice Baby 🍦
// On a Hot summer afternoon while you seem to contemplate that have our ozone layer completely given up or have we surrendered to the idea of slowly killing ourselves to the idea of facing the reality, I finally understand wherever you look people are back again giving each other the required strength, but what can we even do, rather than helping someone lift their spirit up ? I mean you couldn’t afford to be a narcissist or shallow and only respect your own emotions while others peak through a dark glass, so here I am hoping that we find some relief in the coming times, my life doesn’t exactly give me reasons to be preaching hope, but then I just wondered that it wouldn’t hurt either, so here I am hoping and being hopeful ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #picclicked
Instagram Post, Posted on 1st May 2021, with Caption: Mortal World Trying to Find an Immortal Solution ! 🌍
// At the peak of the Golden hour this evening, understanding the unsaid truth of life, that while it may matter or it won’t, it will remain unexplained, 2 weeks ago when the world came collapsing down asthetic pictures on Instagram transformed into the need of an hour for some, I thought why not pay a homage to the insensitivity or perhaps lack of self assessment of some, empathy and kindness gets shown in action, celebrating suffering never transcends into happiness, in fact it’s one step away from inviting sadness, the Sun knows and remembers to shine, you can’t give up on your responsibilities and life goes on and we carry on, but perhaps what we forget is that the emotions and mistakes we carry with us into our future are or may be will become the foundation of our choices, so be careful and look closely into your own actions and rectify what’s done wrong, or the universe will keep going into a time loop, and all hope will be lost for those who probably were ready to try and drink the Unsaid poison of long lasting pain, after all it only takes a minute to destroy and become destruction but it takes a life time of love for building the foundation of life expected ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #imperfectskin

Well well well Hello There ! Aren’t we all already familiar with the Corona Epidemic that refuses to leave ? And now it has daily drama to provide, so last month I lost my baby boy Snowy( my Persian Cat) and well of course ever since then things were a bit hay wire for me, but then life goes on is what one would say, I did keep posting on my Instagram regularly though and I thought what better then now sharing those amazing post as my Lockdown moments and breaking them down just for the sake of Diaries ? Here is an entire collection of my moments spent, and of course my caption which are by the way my write ups as you all know by now I prefer writing and these are purely my views stated and my original work, hopefully people maintain DIGNITY AND DO NOT COPY OR INDULGE IN PLAGIARISM,

Instagram post, posted on 1st May 2021 : Mortal World Trying to Find an Immortal Solution ! 🌍
Instagram Post, posted on 13th May 2021 with the Caption : If it was a Armani, We didn’t Make an Exchange 👜🌸🌷🌹! #punintended #1000thoughts
// A little here, a little there and a very little everywhere, what even did we do to witness what we witness ? Why the eagerness to prove others as a beggar ? Are you casting your own fear ? Does the fear fathom beyond the lies that have been created, again an attempt to favour genocide by the result of genocide it self, what a shame and a sham at the same moment, talking about privatisation and money making machine Instagram is and then getting paid by your owners to use the same platform ? Has self respect and shame died in some people ? Why the eagerness for a ban ? Creating a controversy and featuring on digital news media in order to earn your livelihood and then crying over spilled milk and sometimes butter milk, regardless it’s a cat and a cradle that couldn’t meet the needful situation, finally putting it straight, well why not, you can’t let such scums breathe and survive when they have proved their ugliness time and again, not being political here just being a human enough and advocating humanity on that note I am glad to not be a failure and I hope that the so called man/men in our society are able to live their shame well ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewal
// Posing with this Armani exchange bag that I purchased in 2019 for 10,000 bucks exact, oh my those were the days, we went about our lives normally, the stupidity didn’t rule our land, the non existent and fame hungry didn’t kill for PR and a pandemic or an epidemic didn’t think it was okay to be celebrated as a heinous virus that will keep multiplying since it’s conveniently Air borne and some are so stupid that they are saying we weren’t warned and didn’t know it’s nature ? :byshonadewal
Instagram post, posted on 13th May 2021 with the caption : If it was a Armani, We didn’t Make an Exchange 👜🌸🌷🌹! #punintended #1000thoughts
Instagram Post, posted on 2nd May 2021 with caption : Many Moods 🧿
worldlaughterday #smileevenifithurts

So here we go a complete synopsis of my Lockdown dairies which involved being busy with my day to day life, clicking some moments, not wearing make up, hair done up usual, reading books, watching series, and of course so many more things such as cooking (cooking series would be a complete separate post since I have enough to share) , playing with Nado Tia, spending some fun moments with my mom, basically making a lot many memories, along with keeping up with my work life and managing my finances for the possibility of the pandemic creating a havoc,

Instagram post, posted on 10th May 2021 with the caption : Bae 🌻🌷🌹
hereiamtalkingaboutmyself #vibes
myarmsarebigger #andiknowit
Instagram post, posted on 13th May 2021 with the caption : I want you to Remember always ! 🖤🕛
// As a person I wouldn’t ever want anyone to compromise on their dignity for me or stand in a questionable position with their integrity at stake, I don’t believe in parading someone on the beach on Diwali for an unproven sadistic point, I detest people who indulge in such behaviour and acts and to glorify this madness in the name of the public controlled image and PR tricks is surely folly, so next time take proper notes and don’t be DIRECTIONLESS enough ever in your life to indulge in such classless and tasteless behaviour, I am not exactly kind and forgiving with such actions, I will always keep the respect and decorum alive and choose to act peacefully and deal with matter exactly how they are suppose to be dealt with, here I am purely stating facts and making sure that someone somewhere doesn’t wake up and start gloating to others because apparently some would rather hide their mistake under the carpet, and then rather choose to make many which would be enough to destroy someone’s standing, but remember when such acts are taken place, god takes charge and there mercy isn’t just a word but a declaration, and strength becomes the greatest tool ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #amorebyshonadewalbeingwoman
Instagram post, posted on 9th May with the Caption : Eat Some Pasta 🍝
// Yes I know there are people dying, I know we are suppose to do something, if you aren’t doing something then start doing, without the much hoo-haa, Today is Mother’s Day and there is nobody in this world who would be worried about your food more than your mother, she will pester you, ask you to eat, cook your favourite, and nothing in this world will match to your mothers cooking, even the simplest effort and love makes a mother happy, and her cooked food would satisfy your heart and your soul, so Eat for your mother, Eat for your father, Eat for your family, keep yourself healthy and happy, in times like these it’s your health that matters too, and your loved ones couldn’t focus and highlight this more, stay positive, Stay healthy ! :byshonadewal
// And here I am eating a healthy Pasta, yes Pasta is healthy well because it meets the need of the heart and it’s been my eternal favourite, it’s also something I cooked for Maa and I don’t mean to brag but My mother quite enjoys it, and well so do I, my face says it all, doesn’t it ? 😂 :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites #amorebyshonadewaleats #relaxedathomelook
Instagram Post, posted on 9th May 2021 with the caption : Maa🌹❤️🌍🧿
// Maa my Beautiful and Powerful Mother, I think the one thing you cannot ever come close to being is just like your mother, well because I know no matter what she is the best at everything, for me everyday is Mother’s Day, for all the sacrifices she has made and for all the victories she has received the universe stands justified to her, I hate doing this writing about what your mother means to you, it’s like writing something that is more obvious than your own existence, I find my self at standstill and crossroads that protecting and putting my arms around her comes naturally to me, she often did that when I was a child, but somehow I feel that is the beauty about life, it’s full of surprises and more so ever Love, laughter and moments of peace and tranquility, which my lovely dear mother has instilled in me, my best friend, my confidant, my guide and more importantly my teacher, she totally took that part on ever since my dad left, and I am sure he is proud of the way she has stood so tall in his shoes…….hahahaha he always believed in her, only worked on for her to believe in herself, and well This Mother’s Day I’ll take a moment here and wish all the fabulous mothers out there who are actually the foundation stone of good and love in the world, as they say, a birth of a child is a Birth of a Mother, wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day again, hold on to your mother tight, worship her, love her, fight with her, argue with her but remember she is your Best friend in this world, Nobody could be her, that’s one reality to Live by ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #happymothersday #mylove #candidshots

This also involves getting in trouble for stating my opinions, being more vocal about my opinions and thoughts VIA INSTAGRAM STORIES , encouraging and accepting more hatred for that, along with some very usual to Unusual tussle with the cops, and of course witness my CAR PROBLEMS again as it magically gets some new problems over night ( yes I am aware someone is messing with my car since it’s on a road parking, and there is no camera surveillance, and I realise that it has been opened, no I haven’t filed a police complain, don’t know still what exactly I should be doing, since I don’t know the culprit, whoever it is, is definitely a wuss and wants to PHYSICALLY harm me,

Instagram post? Posted on 22nd May with the caption : Whatever ☕️⏳♟
sundaymood❤️ #realasrealcanbe #beaconofhope #lightoftruth #keepitreal #shinethrough #chailover
Instagram post, posted on 18th May 2021 with the caption : Don’t Craze Over Something ! 🥭
// I like how one floating thought wandered around so many minds, while it was dancing in the rain and getting some humour together, while trying to “kill at it” and along with it finding still “soulmate’s” around, one living thing and so many emotions, what could one ask for ? Was it “redemption” ? Or the “shame” of not living it through the time ? Or the vulnerability of your own fears forced to embark upon others, nevertheless I enjoyed these moments and just smiled thinking of how many hearts and eyes just silently watched and did nothing ? Oh how stupid of me to expect anything else ? Oh wait did I even expect ? No I didn’t, but one thing one can be sure off I am enjoying all these fabulous joys of pun and humour Thrown around, I like the vulnerability and more importantly the sadness, that a next to nothing living thing mattered enough to shriek fear into the hearts of the brave Lions, that today they find the need to Humour themselves ? How is that for depression topped with anxiety with a hint of panic attack, transformed into extreme Delirious Delusion ? Hahahaha it’s time to Smile and make sure it’s a Wide one 😃😁 ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites
Instagram post, posted on 24th May 2021 with the caption : What Day is it ? 🤷🏻‍♀️☕️
// That’s how these days are passing,somewhere we somehow question so many things in our day to day life, our stand on various situation and outcomes ? The idea of behaviour, the retaliation ? This one month has probably been a more numb feeling than usual, sometimes life makes you question your stand and understand exactly what’s right and what’s wrong, there an indefinite stand needs to be taken, kindness goes a long way in life, but there are many that can abuse and take that KINDNESS for granted, I for once understood that the VALUE for life stands above everything, above association, relationship and many more things, it’s a dangerous road of realisation, but perhaps it’s more comforting, and the more closer you get to REALITY the far away you are from the LIES, a tiny ray of HOPE is enough to LIGHT your world up, we highly underestimate the power of light, and the power for love and light requires to accept the truth no matter how UGLY, or how DANGEROUS it could be, it is what it is, and whether someone likes it or not, one somehow in life somewhere has to answer for each INNOCENT life lost, it’s the declaration of nature and how the world and UNIVERSE works, these rules aren’t made by humans, I don’t think we are even close to being capable of getting so close to being justified ? :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #randomshots
Instagram post, posted on 18th May 2021 with the caption : Don’t Craze Over Something ! 🥭
Instagram post, posted on 24th May 2021 with the caption : What Day is it ? 🤷🏻‍♀️☕️
Instagram post, posted on 28th May 2021 with the caption : Tea Conversations……..☕️💫
// I find it absolutely appalling when I find people who abuse the right to being a Fool, like in the case of reference of calling a community as a terrorist or creating religious Racism, I find the oppressions on the Muslim community wrong on so Many levels but I also understand the councils dilemma of dealing with them, I have personally faced( and still face) racism from (Some)Muslims in my area when I spoke about the harassment I have been suffering because of the Local Area MLA, and he for some reason exploits his religion and abuses his power on the majority of his communist boys and followers, but at the same time there are many of them who are kind and respectful, I have even got eve teased and harassed and what not, and I wondered why the idea of bringing up and grouping and collecting his caste boys only ? Why the discrimination ? I then understood, this is what happens with terrorism, we never understand who is who and they camouflage around the innocent and ask us to make a choice, I think this Community needs a Council to act upon its action so that something can be done sooner and people aren’t left confused in wondering what side to Choose, after all choosing Diplomacy when the terror threat is real is absolute stupidity and it’s not one I would advice, I am all for maintaining peace, but I am not one to forgive wrong doings, and surely Religion or religious discrimination isn’t going to stop me from doing what’s right, because as you all know by now I am secular in my beliefs and humanity stands above everything, but stupidity has no place in my life ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites

I have also got a new bunch of people giving me threats that just doesn’t make any sense, and of course a complete roller coaster life, Basically one month and many emotions, and don’t even ask me about vaccination as I have completely ignored that process and like any other citizen waiting along with lines,

Instagram post, posted on 17th May 2021 with the caption : Drenched In the Rain of Time ⛈☔️🌊
// While the Cyclone tries to find it’s way within the Arabian Sea it’s the intense feeling of Shudder that we witness, it’s times like these that mark the end and the beginnings of many things, after all end is the beginning, Nature somehow always finds it’s way, all we can do as mere mortals is just Bow and respect and offer our prayers and wait, what else can one expect ? Can one even challenge nature and it’s course of time ? What is ? What was ? And perhaps What will be ? Only time could tell, till then all we can do is get drenched in the reality of the love that lies within hope ! :byshonadewal
// I decided to enjoy the rains in my balcony and got some clicks while keeping it natural with my hair drenched with this windy rain, and being in sync with the reality of life, which by now should be the perfect chosen lifestyle, it’s perhaps what one needs to do, given the hour of time and the situation we find ourselves in ? :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites
(P.S these Photos are Cyclone Sarcasm at best, please don’t think too much )
Instagram post, posted on 18th May 2021 with the caption : Glorious 🌹🍎
arosefrommygarden #monsoonseason #flowersblooming #flowersbloomwhileitrains #prespectivematters #innovationrequiresourperspective #positivityisalifestyle #positivityisnotignorance

Nobody is important and every life matters, this statements itself is a tragedy waiting to peak through, as we enter a new month with a series of a lot of emotions and preparing for the rains, I find myself at the crossroads of emotions that nothing will ever be the same, and whatever takes turns and vibes in the future will purely depend on the actions and judgments made today, of course sharing your activities and keeping it real is surely the motto, so here I am keeping it aesthetic and as real as possible with my hair let down and keeping the FASHION AND STYLE natural and more DAY-To-Day life, where it’s all about simplicity and COMFORT, with ELEGANCE OF-course and not capitalising of any situation and being of good use , so yes a lot of emotions and not many to state, if you ever miss me, you can check my Instagram, I am very regular there and update as much as I can and when I can as I have a life ahead of the social media too !

Instagram post, posted on 23rd May 2021, with the caption : Power-Bowl 🍉♟
// I think the idea of life is highly subjective to the idea of actually living it, we somehow contemplate of what could be a little more than it should be, it’s never too late to rectify what’s done wrong, but sometimes it takes a lifetime to come to terms with the reality of our own truth, that’s why one must first find peace with being who they actually are, good, bad or ugly, it is, indeed what it is , and it becomes highly stupid to ignore something that is rather more obvious than usual ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #sundaythoughts #fruitbowl
pyjamastyle #nomakeuplook
Instagram post, posted on 23rd May 2021, with the caption : Power-Bowl 🍉♟

Hope you enjoy this post, and pictures with my Instagram captions along with it, it does perfect justice to the whole idea of reality chosen and understood ! Thank you ! 💐

Instagram post, posted on 29th May 2021 with the caption : Coffee ☕️
coldbrew #itsavibe
// These days with everything going around, I am more sure of what I want and how I want it to be rather than just contemplating of the perspective nature, defamation becomes a highly subjective adjective when life is at stake, most people in our country exploit the basis of a defamatory statement, yes the public lashing and outlandish slurs can kill someone personally and professionally, but can we all agree that defamation case is nothing but a joke in our country, a by law created by many in order to somehow twiddle through the reality of resorting to law measures ? If that was the case I by now would have sued many, over the conjectures and rumours created, I choose to treat them with the same treatment they are giving, If someone thinks they can get away with defaming and creating a public outlook and see me not react ? Wait for it then, while I bring the party to you, so yes I will gladly accept a defamation case and answer it, and even get one case on someone, but only after thoroughly defaming the one that didn’t think about how their actions would affect my personal and professional life, I prefer to be a peace loving person and act with diplomacy, but I am not stupid to forgive and ignore life altering actions of an individual ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites
Instagram post, posted on 29th May 2021 with the caption : Coffee ☕️
coldbrew #itsavibe
Instagram post, posted on 26th May 2021 with the caption : My Early Morning Bliss 🌷🌸🌞
// While I gaze out of the window this morning after witnessing the beautiful full moon, I wonder what even has life come to ? Have we become so vulnerable as human beings that we find the need to harm innocent ? Or was it just the comfort of our homes and our limited life knowledge that shielded us from the ugly world ? Have we exposed ourselves to some unknown threat ? Or Was the unknown threat lurking around all along ? You know somehow we get the impression animals can’t speak so we can’t hear them ? Can they sense the danger to their loved one’s ? Yes indeed and that makes them attracted to the psychos of the society, that’s why they can catch the ones that mean you harm sooner than anyone else , it’s not like I am not watching, it’s not like I am not attentive, but I definitely believe that I’ll gladly allow them to follow their instincts, I choose my love and my responsibility above everything as I know and am aware of what needs me and what doesn’t, it’s somehow the usual choices we make, I saw another life break one day at a time and screaming for help, that’s not going to be the case ever again or around, it’s simple I don’t know what moved, what changed but surely I have learnt that people somehow cannot live their own torture and reality, and for some reason I relish that feeling, it’s satisfying and I choose the path of truth because it may be difficult but it’s surely wakes up many along, and on that note wish you all a very Good Morning ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites

Shimla : Queen of the Hills( oh Btw Happy Earth Day ! 🌍❤️🌹

Frozen Face ❄️
We look at each Other While it Matter !

Well hello there people ! How have you guys been ? Hope everything is treating you guys well and life’s being good ? Well life isn’t going to be just smooth ? Is it ? No right but can we make most of the time that is granted to us ? Well hell yeah ! While at let’s go into a flash back and state what actually matters ? Well ya throwback to a year ago, when I decided to celebrate my birthday(25th Jan 2020) up high in the Himalayan hills, as memorable it has been it also shaped me into the person I am today, which is anything but easy……..hahahahaha

Oh hello there !
Ok I got to the Mountain !
A good breakfast Never Hurt No One !
Chai !

So well I chose shimla for its beauty and frankly I travelled there as a child, I wanted to take my mother to shimla since she never went to shimla, my bucket list for 2020 involved travelling around India, well life had obviously different plans for me, my life still requires me to put my foot down and stay homebound,

Oh Hi there 🌹
Pink Candy Floss Clouds !
A whole lot of Pink ! 🌸
Somewhere peaking through !
A Small little girl in the Big thundering World 🌸🤍

Well my arrival in the snow capped mountains and the lovely Oberoi Wildflower hall shimla was anything but a quick trip, since it took quite a lot of time to get there, and I enjoyed every bit of my road trip with my mother, it was peace and calmness, which is what I exactly needed, my life knew better, as the pandemic bought a lot of personal struggles for me, my 29 definitely warned me and got me my much required peace and calmness that helped me through out the 2020, my beautiful experience shaped me into the marvellous person I am today ?…..hahaha ya 10 years of experience brings this and I can comment and promise that I am still learning,

Okay I Got this one, Thanks, and oh BTW it was worth all the Trouble !
What an amazing and sweet Gesture ! (By the hotel ofcourse……hahahaha )
Happy fucking congratulations Birthday to Me 😂🤣

Shimla is a quite and quaint city, it’s famous for its natural beauty and I can guarantee it did not disappoint me, it was every bit the Marvel and wonder I expected it to be, great people, kind helpful and smiling faces and great hospitality, in one word I wasn’t disappointed by the amazing Queen of the Hills !

The Walk Of life !
Yeah yeah I am little person !
Nothing Better Than Snow Caped Mountains !
Ok hi There !

My fashion choice was ofcourse fashionable yet comfortable and yes I wasn’t the only one who resorted to long comfy coats, but I saw quite a crowd that stood out, although my all white look to the market stole the show…..hahahaha I had quite the look on…..well I am sure by now you all know my love for all white, though I celebrated my birthday in my house before leaving for Shimla,

You know This is What I Look at you like ? Right ?
Just some Deets !
Oh look !
So this is Shimla’s famous Mall Road, I don’t regret this Trip One Beat !
Little Shona Shining Bright in the Sun 🌸❄️
No I am not waiting for anyone, was just on my way for dinner so thought to get some clicks !
White and so much more White for my 29th which was last year !
Whoever Said you Can’t wear your Pyjamas Out ! 🤍
A nice glass of wine and Pasta, is what gets me everytime ! ❤️

I chose an all white outfit both times, and later I did invite some controversy too, so here is post my look and the pictures of the absolute picturesque Shimla which has a Mall Road to shopping for locals and great atmosphere, it’s the kind of place you should be in when you want to get in sync with yourself and nature, it’s beautiful, clam and amazing, a different life from the city life,

Somewhere in The woods !
Oh hi Up in the Moutains !
Yes I did get there, and what a view, oh btw this is a really famous lord Hanuman’s temple with the tallest statue there, as you can see the statue peaking through in the previous picture !
Blue clouds and Small tiny houses ! That’s Shimla for you, but the people out there are quite nice !
Candy Floss Dreams !🌷🍦
The famous Shimla Church, though I didn’t get to visit because when I went it was Shut ! 🤍

These trips are more like a trip you would take for the amazing beauty of the mountains, a road trip that was pending, the understanding of my heart was lurking for, was it the roses or the thorns that would make it to my life ? The moment of understanding for contemplation, and frankly It didn’t disappoint, I was ready to take on my life and I had a better understanding of my heart and my choices, and I can happily say I have turned 30( This Year ) with NO REGRETS of the choices I have made, they have been tricky, but nevertheless soothing, which has bought me a lot of personal peace to my heart, I am glad I have found what I was looking for, and probably have a better understanding in the matter of heart and the battle of the heart and the head,

Yes I saw that, and let me tell you I don’t care !
You better be as good as this Wine, or otherwise it would just be other way !
What a View !
Looking At You Like ! ❄️🤍
In the woods !
This was the Most terrible Experience of my life, I came sliding down the ice mountain, thankfully a nice kind man held my hand tight and caught on to me the last minute, I only did this for my mother, she just wouldn’t resist the idea of not going up on the mountain, it was slippery at its best, but all’s well that ends well, but this picture is clicked on the 26th of Jan a day after my 29th birthday and well what can I say I did not Die, still breathing, and hopefully hopeful !
This was my Outfit when I went up high in the Mountains !
Somewhere !

PRO-TIP : what’s yours will always remain yours, don’t fret and don’t regret, today’s struggle will mark the amazing sunlight and sunshine awaiting you at the end of this ugly chapter of life, a trip to the mountains bought a lot of peace to me, and I definitely left my heart somewhere in the mountains, may be now the mountain could bring me those amazing Roses…………hahahahah doesn’t hurt to expect love from this amazing puzzle called life ! 💓

P.S Originally written on 23rd of January 2021

My last Day in shimla !
Aye aye !
It was a good stay ! Thank you Shimla 🤍❄️🌸❤️


Well hello there, so here we go again, it’s March 2021 and we are entering another lockdown due to Miss or Mr Corona, the pandemic surely pulled a hard and a score on people by suddenly surprising them that while take became easy going, Corona decided to multiply, all that said Aside I frankly feel it takes a huge toll on people and their financial state while Corona lurks around,

Smile like a flower and Bloom 🌷☘️🍀
Watch while you can ! 👀☘️🍀

I have been Missing in Action well because I caught food poisoning and had to rest at home for 3 full days, I have literally not taken so much rest before, definitely not having the best of my health scene, while at it I promoted a post on Instagram and all hell broke loose, because apparently the post seemed Sexy ? And kind of accentuated my Body, I wonder where were all these people the last year when I literally went through living hell and nobody found one single fault back then, Apparently Booty is a problem, oh and also A hint of your Bra showing is, but some section of the society found it absolutely normal in targeting the Booty back in February 2020 and commenting on a woman’s cleavage ? Was that even ok ?

I posted this picture originally on the 17th September 2020 with the caption // Oh My ! 🐚🌷🕊#followersdoesntsignifytalent
// When VANITY becomes an ADDICTION And FAME becomes a LIFESTYLE, COMPASSION jumps out of the WINDOW and you are left to wonder ARE WE ALL on SOCIAL media just for EARNING FOLLOWERS, does our WORDS and EFFORTS mean nothing, ARE WE ALL puppet to the FAME psychology, where the RICH whenever QUESTIONED speak about FOLLOWERS and the MEDIOCRE honest living person is made to look like the BEGGAR (GAREEB) on the street ? I mean what has life even come too ? How will The silently watching and patiently judging MIDDLE CLASS and LOWER MIDDLE CLASS ever last these harsh words or REALITY DEFAMATION ? CAN YOU EVEN give a REALITY check to the person who fails to SEE AHEAD OF HIS OR HER POWER ? I wonder………:byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites//
Nature aha ! 💚☘️🍃

As usual I haven’t payed any heed to such Garbage, because well frankly it’s Garbage and Garbage should be tossed outside, rather than collecting it, I keep myself sorted under all circumstances, I don’t find the need to justify myself in any god dam way,

Eye Contact ! 👀🌷🦋
It’s a reality ! ☁️☘️

A woman/Women in the society somehow find themselves being questioned each day on their actions, their body or their sexuality, we celebrate women’s sexuality and at the same time look down upon it, when men lurch on a woman nobody thinks what it does to her, but when the same woman finds foothold in the boldness she starts to get questioned, comfort should always be an option for every woman, and giving her the right to freedom shouldn’t be a choice which has to be made, instead we live in a free world and freedom was, is and will always be a choice, anyone who tries to curb that freedom should be punished,

On somedays Just ! 😌

Asking a woman to adjust with you for work purpose is nothing but exploitation, buying a woman’s body and soul isn’t sex trade then what is ? Promising success to a woman instead of her body is like giving her a poison and having sex with her living corpse, many woman find their solace in such acts, some find thrill, but to some it’s unbearable, asking a woman to give up her power and adjust with the shame of a Man’s glorified Penis isn’t Manhood, so if a woman is dealing with something like that, well then you know what it is, no woman wishes to have a man on top of her body who would say to her if you agree with me I’ll give you the world, might as well live in that world alone,

You’ll Laugh when Something is Funny 😁😊🤗
Don’t get Distracted ! ☘️

Where as the lockdown is concerned I have very less to say there but I’ll finally choose to say, a Weekend lockdown was the first to occur to me, COVID cases need to be controlled because the doors to travelling hasn’t opened up and it’s not about one life but many, a human rights situation would always be a human rights situation, nobody is above the life of the people, and while at it in a fast pacing city like mumbai where shopkeepers earn their daily wage in the name of daily sales we need better systematic laws, I am not questioning the management here but just trying to come up with better solutions, up until yesterday people were earning and today only essentials are open, so may be a COMPLETE WEEKEND LOCKDOWN should be a option and a normal human being should be allowed to EARN ON THE WEEKDAYS, while maintaining the Night CURFEW, here I am not just CRITICISING but as usual coming up with my own point of VIEW, I was out and about even yesterday to buy the groceries thank god I got done, but let’s have COMPASSION, it hurts me to see so many lives suffer just because of circumstances, and while at it the NEEDS AND WANTS of the people should be above anything and no I don’t have any problems with the government, well why would I it’s not like they owe me anything…….hahahahaha,

Peace out ! ✌🏻😊😁
Walk the walk of life with Pride ! 😁✌🏻😊

So while at it this post is not a RANT but just how LIFE HAS BEEN and I feel these kind of post become absolutely necessary once in a while, while at it, I am at home following the laws and obeying the lockdown rules, Stay safe and Stay happy, peaceful and kind always !

Smile through it All ! 😁
Ok alright Corona ✌🏻😷

Well I shot these images last year and didn’t end up posting up on the blog, tough I posted two pictures with a caption of ongoing crises, and well my life hasn’t been an easy one, but who even lives a easy life ? While at it have fun and Keep smiling everyone lots of Love and happiness and Kind wishes to each one of your’ll, Thank You 💐

I posted this pic on Instagram on the 13th September 2020 with caption // Oh Hi There ! 👋🏻 #notmissingthesemoments
// Some days are to be the person you want to be, some days are for gratitude and some days are to face the difficulties and complexities of life, for once I have learnt to bounce back from whatever that gets me, it’s sort of an attitude fix, I like that sort of vibe, whatever the problem just face it, deal with it and move on, people are strange in today’s time, they have all the time in the world to plan and PLOT, in my opinion all that gets very tiring, for me the agony of life lies in understanding that LOVE somehow will feel AND remain CONSTANT even if you are MISSING in action or RATHER THE WAYS OF LIFE ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites//
Originally Shot in the first week of September 2020 and edited on the 15th September ! ✌🏻

P.S that’s my Pet Fur on my Sweatshirt, and I am proud of it, it’s before I got these shots taken, because I had taken them along with me for a drive, and frankly it’s every PET PARENT STORY, I thought it’ll be a right feel of ACCEPTING THE REALITY, and how we live along the lines, so clearly not the MADE UP TYPES…..hahaha hope you like the posts !

Outfit Details :

Old Jumper : Vero Moda

Denims : Zara India

Sneakers : Nike

Mask : Local Chemist Shop

Slithering Bold Serpent

Okay let’s Begin this one !
Oh Damm…..! Hahahaha 😂
Just slithering through the woods hoping to save my self from the real life Snakes ! Pic originally posted on Instagram on 10th June 2019 !

Hello there lovelies, the idea of love is totally difficult yet dangerous, but on some pedestals of life we find ourselves questioning our very existence, I haven’t been able to pen down my personal life on my blog, my write ups of Amore has been more about fashion and lifestyle, but I’ll be now putting up my write ups, it’s a collection of sorts and I hope you guys would enjoy it,

Let me take my Glares off !
Okay, Ok, Okie !
Peace out ! ✌🏻
Half heart + half heart = full heart ! ❤️

This evening I am sitting in Starbucks and writing this amazing article that sort of is the contemplation of what can be and what remains, as you know I have taken over the Animal Kingdom Prints of the world, it’s my way of understanding the co-existence policy of the human world, are we really getting along ? Or are we all heading to the bundle of emotions and a direction that probably wouldn’t make much sense ?

Mask on, peace out, smile away !
Watch every step !
Okay stop bothering !

Animals/ Reptiles have a better understanding Than humans and they happen to understand the rules and law of the land better than most, it’s probably more balanced than we could ever achieve, no wonder that we find ourselves often driven towards them in ways unknown to us,

Hmmm… it could totally be on point !
Again it’s just me !
Snake……Nagin………somehow in the concrete Jungle !

In our daily life we take these prints for an out and about of sorts, we have allowed these prints to dominate our wardrobe, it’s an amazing feeling, I don’t know what’s the feeling like, but surely it brings a Fearless and a more in control attitude, these prints are bold and fabulous and frankly a lot to tolerate, today’s print is a special one, my take though on it is more out there and basic, one is out and out look created last year and the other one is when I clicked these images to bring a more balanced and neutral feel to them, I think these pieces if paired and styled well can bring a good style and understated yet perfect vibe,

Ok alright let’s start !
Well you were saying ?
Future so Bright !

Well welcome the Bold-Est print in the animal kingdom, the Snake print, well the Faux one of course, I am absolutely against animal cruelty, it’s a miracle that pulling away their skin is now banned and quite something to be thankful for, I cannot imagine anything more painful, the Shedding of the Snake skin is seasonal and it means rebirth for the Snakes, they are Referred to as Nature’s true Guardians and these beings are anything but sartorial, they are rich in their ways and they instigate Fear with their presence around, Snakes only prefer to live in their wilderness and are not comfortable with Human life, it’s a peace somehow chosen by them, they are grounded and represent Power and Fear topped with mesmerising Hypnotic beings, they are celebrated, and this makes them good yet bad in their own way,

Curvy and Proud could be a title here !
Versions and Vision ! 😊
Smile just Smile 😊

I have often written about them, specially when I decided to give this print a try, I wore a Snake Print Dress for the first time in my life for my 21st birthday which I bought from French Connection, so somehow they print made way into my wardrobe very early, I am sharing that picture here too, where I am sitting in my Best friends lap…..hahahaha

Throwback to my 21st Birthday !

The first one was an all and all look that I purchased from H&M in 2019 and decided to be RAD and just wear the entire print, of course it was purely experimental,

Pic Originally posted on Instagram on 13th June 2019 with the caption : Welcome To the Jungle ! 🍃☘️🐍
Pic posted on Instagram on 25th July 2020 with the caption : Mannequin Camouflage 🐍🍀🌿
// Paused in a Time capsule, Dressed as the Nature’s true guardians, paying an ode(respect) to the Snakes representing rebirth and rejuvenation, The Nagas, The Sarpas, that clearly don’t advocate the Evil, the life form that represents the balance of good and evil, the existence of VENOM , and the idea of beliveing and keeping faith and remembering that VENOM cuts VENOM and choosing the right path and the decisions and outcomes of our own action ! :byshonadewal #nagpanchami #nagpanchmi🐍🕉️ #amorebyshonadewalwrites #fashiondrama #asthetic
// P.S it definitely took a lot of thinking to put this combo together as a print on print outfit, and surely I have no intentions of repeating it, and clearly it was an experimental fashion ! //#snakeprint #hm

The second one is of course my post lockdown look where I paired one Shirt three ways and the same look how it can make a different impact, we seriously lack creativity when it comes to reusing our wardrobe pieces, I like to take them for a spin of my own, and that’s what I did here provided a no make up and a normal go to look for any individual who is looking to add this bold print in their wardrobe,

The last one is definitely coming from a winter perspective where I decided to pair a high neck sweater top with the Snake Skin print pants and it’s more on the curvy, sexy, yet stylish style, it’s a little to out there when you just want to Accentuate your curves and give them the desired love and highlight you are craving !

Well hope you enjoy this beautiful and yet simple and classic post and yes I have posted when these particular looks have been shot, Via my Instagram, it’s better to get the timeline right ! And again like all the other prints this is again a special 12 Am post !

P.S the 2019 look is with make up, the October 2020 look is without make up and so is the November look ! I hope you enjoy reading this article ! Thank you ! 💐

Outfit Details :

Shirt : H&M

Pants : H&M

Denim : Zara

Tote Bag : Micheal Kors

Bag :Coach

Snake Print Sling Bag : Dune London

Heels : Zara

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

Moments 💐

Hello there………..

On one fine day when one wakes up, we find ourself in a place where we probably didn’t imagine life to bring us, I am right now standing at one such point in life, I never thought life would require me to be unkind and harsh, surely these times have changed me, but as always I will give myself the time I require, but I am in no mood to tolerate or forgive, all I want is my distance,

I have always forgiven the ones that have hurted me and move away from those people, but this is probably the first time in life where I am being asked to not only accept but tolerate the ones that I can’t stand, it’s a weird choice of life that I don’t wish to make, I am not okay with some people and I would want them to accept that too, it’s a place where you just walk away and accept the other person as dead,

These places and tough times brings us close to our own reality and makes us understand why those decisions were made and then you are unapologetic and you just know it’s what you want and what you wish to put up with,

I am finding my self more at peace with my choices, my rudeness, my complexities and somehow I am more accepting that probably I am suppose to have that attitude and ask people to walk away and not expect any greater for them out of me,

Life surely is changing and showing me shades that I probably didn’t think I would witness, my style frankly has changed and yet bought a lot of comfort along, I am not more balanced and understanding of my emotions, my needs and my wants, and my past definitely has no place in this present moving forward, I just know there are some I can’t choose peace with, not because there is malice or anything bad, but more like I don’t wish too,

I am ready to close the book, actually perhaps I have already closed the book and left almost nothing there, to understand, it’s a life post blog, full of emotions and understanding factors of one’s life, I am more and more closer to myself and getting far away from people, it’s a metaphor, I have often found people not understand metaphor, life is so many colours, for me it’s a spectrum of black and white, it gets more dark on somedays and on Somedays it fades, emotions is perhaps more fickle, it’s like a bullet out of a gun that left and you perhaps wished at that moment that it was you, but you know life is too beautiful and giving up isn’t even an option, even if the depths of the ocean is perhaps pulling you towards it, it’s not love that probably contemplates, but an unsaid reality that beckons, I read about the spectrum of love and colours of love some days ago somewhere and I just was amazed to find out as to how complicated such emotion can be,

Difficult or not but definitely difficult to live by , and each day you find yourself at the end of the ocean wishing that somehow it chooses to pull you away with it when you have failed to see the silver lining, but when born with the fighter spirit, death isn’t even an option, but calm and patience is perhaps more satisfying, on some days you find yourself spreading your arms and freely dancing away to glory, not because you feel free, but because you realise there is nothing that can perhaps bring the peace that your heart was wandering for, so many mood and so many emotions, just a heart to heart conversation the one you have with your friend over a cup of coffee, while I am sitting here with my cup of coffee, just asking you guys to live your best emotions and enjoy your fantastic life and steal those moments whenever necessary, well because you never know !

Lots of love and happiness wishing you all an amazing love and freedom of your soul, just a simple write up, GoodNight !

P.S these are random images with no make up and just being while I chose to get out and about for coffee !

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Let’s See, When I Am out on a Prowl ! 🐆

Posted this Pic on Instagram on the 6th October 2020 with the caption // Somewhere ☘️🍃🎋🌱
// In the chaos of the world lies a silent heart that beats through the darkest hour, we somehow overlook what seems so important, are we just accustomed to hearing our own thoughts and voices ? Does the testimony of others don’t matter ? Are we not allowed to feel how we feel or how someone makes you feel ? How can one expect you to be nice to them after you just got disrespected and dragged by the mud ? How much is too much ? Is delusion of emotions healthy ? Does the outlook of our own choices only matter ? Well somehow things might be seeming strange at the present time, but how far can it continue ? Will we be able to walk the walk of time ? Or are we just going to be standing at a standstill ? :byshonadewal //

Hello lovelies ! I can officially declare my life as a Busy chaos, I have lived out of the most unrealistic experiences the last month, and no I was very active on Instagram but didn’t care about posting any blog post, I decided to also take some time off just to unwind and do something, after a difficult January, I needed the time and I love how everyone has been so kind and understanding, I am going to post a summary of all of my post i posted in feb, but yes I know I can’t blame my situation for my absence,

But can you ever time your absence ? No not really you’ll never know why something took over your emotions or your life, you will never know what’s to come, or what showed up, I waited to know something for so many years, I find myself so closer to the reality today, the familiarity, the element, the anger and all that was shared is now a distant reality, it’s a distance I lived for such a long time, and now I want to change so many things in the past, but I know I have no control over it, have you guys ever found yourself in such a position ?

Imagine can you face your fear ? In the year 2019 I took a sudden holiday flight with my mother to Singapore, and since then my life was busy a travel journey, and some how Corona came along and took a hold of emotions and life that probably couldn’t find the standing, it’s not a one last flight, but a Flight to come, but probably I dreaded my entire life and something I knew 4 years ago, and probably more safe than anything one could expect,

This pic I posted on Instagram on 22nd October 2020 with the caption // Over Acting Delusion Called, I hung Up ! 🐆💛
// JMD🙏🏻// #nomakeup
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Doesn’t the unknown bring any fear to me ? No it doesn’t that’s why I went bungy jumping when I was in Singapore(2019), I even readied my sweet Shimla(2020) travel post In January I updated about that on Instagram, and no it didn’t make it, I saw my self being on a Prowl for a long time, but I have personally chosen to not travel or take any journeys ever since lockdown opened up, well I was right, we are in March 2021 speaking of another Lockdown, I want to personally lock up all those who travelled when the lockdown opened up and didn’t understand the seriousness of an Epidemic , but as always I handled things the way I handle them, and here I am sitting at Starbucks writing this post right now on 16th March 2021 at 9:15 pm and starting right where I left things, and I came to Starbucks after two whole months and decided to sit, my family hasn’t been out and about for long time, the last time I went to a Cafe was the first week of January and after Snowy( my pet Persian) cat got sick, I just consciously made this choice for my family, I have only limited myself and my family for take out, and groceries shopping, why ? Well safety and precaution better than cure, just 2 days ago someone broke my car Glass, I would never understand what people get by doing this,

Why do these things happen with me ? Well it’s because of my write ups, in the coming days you’ll find the answer to why I have riled so many people up, reality apparently becomes too much for these people to handle, and I choose to put them in words, I follow rules and regulation with utmost care, I have watched many people trying to frame me in these past months but they have terribly failed at it, well why so ? Well because truth always wins and yes yes my attitude helps too,

So this look has been shot many many months ago,…….hahaha I posted a sneak peak some months ago but never ended posting the look, and here I am bringing a whole lot of Catty Print, leopard to be Exact, yes it’s MORE ME THAN ONE CAN EXPECT, but to be honest I LOVE MY ANIMAL PRINTS, one look is posing while in the WILDERNESS (CLOSER TO NATURE) and the other one is while Posing in the CONCRETE JUNGLE ( City ) there is hardly anyone who can give me competition in that arena……hahahahah, you’ll spot me bringing a whole lot of animal kingdom prints and emphasising as how these pieces are fashion classic and you’ll find them in every woman’s Wardrobe, it’s one of a kind love,

Pic posted on Instagram on 5th November 2020 with the caption // It’s always Fun Un-Masking Lies 😷🐆
// The idea and true Reality of Strength lies in determining the TRUTH, it’s easy to hide behind LIES AND FAKE CONCERN, one should never under-estimate their OPPONENT, no one ever forgives a CRIME, you can’t become so GREEDY for something that you KILL anything that LIES in your way, what belongs to one and all doesn’t have any ownership on it, it’s easy to Call someone else a FRAUD when you are one yourself, it’s easy to indulge in WRONG ACTIVITIES and keep dragging someone because you feel someone somehow will SAVE YOU, but the true reality remains that the ONE WHO CAN TRULY SPOT A MASK, will not only pull it out, but will bring it out to JUSTICE, your victory isn’t decided by your STANCE it’s decided by your VIGOUR, remember when a WOMAN GETS SHREDDED in public, SHE LEAVES LITTLE TO IMAGINATION WHEN IS OUT HUNTING, it’s not animalistic, it’s NATURAL INSTINCT THEN, because it’s not REVENGE, it’s HOW THE WORLD WORKS, people don’t care about others for their profit, When you are shown KINDNESS respect it, don’t mistake KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS, don’t mistake SILENCE FOR DIFFICULTY, and most importantly don’t think that someone’s FINANCIAL DIFFICUTY MEANS that now that individual is UP FOR SALE, hardly, the one that survived every weather will SURVIVE AGAIN, so be careful and refrain from being a FRENEMY, or at least if you are pretending then get better at your PRETENCE, BECAUSE A TRUE ENEMY BEARS HIS Or HER SKIN, and a FRENEMY is a ENEMY PRETENDING TO BE A FRIEND ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #amorebyshonadewalsocialawareness//
Pic posted on Instagram on 26th September 2020 with the caption // Learn to Tie your OWN shoe Lace👟💛
// Well some out and about daily anecdotes, while today was surely something, but anyway I was wearing the mask here but this happened while clicking some shots for Instagram and what a candid I must say ! :byshonadewal // #candidclicks #leopardprint//

So make sure you stay tuned, as a lot of it would be coming up on this blog in the coming days, I have many many things and bytes to share with you guys, thank you once again for being so amazing and supportive, lots of love and happiness and good wishes to each one you reading this !

P.S this is a special late night post !…….hahahaha one of a kind coming up at a random time, not a decent one for Women ? Well let’s make it decent then, I am fed up of listening to how women can’t travel in the night, and how they are expected to be a certain way !

Outfit Details :

Both the T-shirt : Zara International

Leggings : Mango

Tote Bag : Michael Kors

Sneakers : Skechers India

Leopard Print Stole : Accessories India

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

Mask : Purchased from a Local Chemist

P.S these are makeup Free pictures and the T-shirt post is shot in September 2020, and the Grey T-shirt post is shot in October 2020 !