Paying an Ode to the Shades of White and Black🤍🖤

Walk of Life ! 🖤🤍

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Well hope your’ll are doing well, well this week’s 5th post had to be the very difficult choice between the black and the white, and how we all live along the lines of this vivid reality, we somehow lack the contemplation at times to judge the things that happen around us, the time around becomes way too difficult to manage and maintain, yet we somehow introspect and carry on,

Well some little Funny humour is always a necessity ! So laugh, oh btw the Penguin bag totally enjoyed being out and about, I on the other hand, well maintained social distancing ! 😊😂🤣
Look at you with Wonder 👀😊

I am personally of the belief system that life isn’t only the shades of black and white, but it always helps to find the balance between the two, I find finding balance in things tricky, yet comforting, because somehow it gives us a better judgment,

Looking up in the sky and being thankful for my Fathers love and guidance ! ☁️🙏🏻
On Somedays when you just smile for no reason ! 😊💕

People live by the belief of maintaining and managing their life without these shades of introspection, and again somehow we find ourselves puzzled,

Watch your step ! One step at a time, a long journey ahead ! 💕😊
When the sun shines on your face and in the winter weather you are just thankful ! ☀️❄️☁️

The idea of juggling the philosophy is to first understand the need for the Yin and the Yang, I started my year with the post Grey, little did I know that 2020 itself will find its way to bring the Grey along, the Yin and Yang are very important representation of the balance and harmony the two bring, these two well balanced male and female elements find a way and means to bring balance and decorum within our atmosphere, it also is a representation of the harmony that lives within the idea of the right balance and ofcourse the better half to your half,

Mirror images just wondering the black and white finding the balance through !
Hmmm……! 🖤

Any relationship in your life whether be it with your parents, your friends or your spouse can bring this balance and harmony into your life, for insistence, the idea of true reality lies in justifying the idea of apathy, we can’t loose kindness yet we have got to become cut throat in our ways, we all need someone, but only the right balance can bring this required peaceful energy in our life,

Oh wait a minute ? A rickshaw on the loose ? Watch your back ? While keeping the Peace alive ! ✌🏻🖤🐧
I have got my life sorted ! What about yours ?

Here I am totally bringing in winter wear a new twist and living by the minimal yet non-existent winter of our beloved Mumbai, but you can totally wear this oversized jumpers when your are out and about in Mumbai, giving away that, on that particular day the climate also helps,

Sun, sky and a whole of of blue feels yet happy ! ☁️☀️❄️🐧

So I decided to put together two different looks with my Zara Jumpers and White trousers as my ode to the black and white and carried my beloved Penguin Bag I purchased from Kate Spade last year since I love penguins and I was immediately attracted to this bag and I knew I needed to have it for my birthday last year, I did do a post with my very cute little bag and also carried it on my Singapore trip, it’s comfortable and compact and you can make good use out of it, while at it wore the new normal in place,

Mask on always, at least till the pandemic is around and hey you can take a mask off and smile too, only if you find the need and you want to ! 😊🐧🖤
Totally giving you that look, while smiling and wondering too ? 😊🐧💕

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While at it, taking your leave for today, but keep a mask on , stay safe, stay happy and keep love and peace alive, it’s all that we have ! ✌🏻💕😊💐

Outfit Details :

Black Jumper : Zara India

White Zipper Jumper : Zara India

White Trouser : Zara India

Bag : Kate Spade

Platform Heels : Nine West

Sneakers : Skechers

Mask : From a local Chemist Shop

P.S this entire look is a no makeup look and post, it’s fresh face with minimal styling !

Tryst with Nature 🌱

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Well hope everything is going great with you all, well this week’s fourth post had to be my tryst with nature and my love for the organic way of life, not in product wise, but the way the nature feels, the beginning of this year I found myself in the lap of nature, I have always been inclined towards the green side of life because of my parents,

My parents have always been fond of gardens and plants and the plant life in general, in fact my dad use to find getting the plantation at home maintained as therapeutic, my mother on the other hand lived the green life ever since childhood, my grandmother use to grow organic plants a home since they had a huge space for the gardening section since they lived away from the crazy city building life, in front of their house they had an amazing beach, I spent my entire childhood gardening with my grandmother, climbing on trees, walking through the jungle around and ofcourse play in our personal garden and walks on the beach and finding sea shells and making sand castles with my grandfather, oh what amazing and soothing childhood memories,

Thought in today’s time our city life has totally taken away from us the organic way of life and of course the more natural ways of living, we are though limited to our nature exposure through local Gardens, which btw are well maintained,

If someone would ever want to know my energy then I would say, take off your shoes and walk on the grass, that would be my energy, I find it extremely Therapeutic and healing in sense unknown, this year while I went through a lot personally and professionally I found the need to get closer to nature even more, though my love for nature actually comes from my parents and more importantly my mother, she loves to take me out in the open to a open garden space or the natural green life, even on her this birthday when she turned 60th we decided to take not so far away trip to the outskirts of mumbai, where we did find the peace and quite we needed along with a nice long drive,

This is purely a simplicity post when I decide to take a walk in the park after long days of COVID quarantine we all spent at home, it was refreshing and rejuvenating in ways not expected, all I can say it was calmness and a lot of happiness mixed with a lot of green, what more could have I asked for,

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Outfit Details :

Top : Designual

Jeans : Zara India

Bag : Michael Kors

Platform heels : Aldo India

Watch : Michael Kors

P.S this is a complete No makeup look , it was one of the days when I was extremely upset after some very personal crazy threats, so the look here was comfortably lazy, this look is all about enjoying nature and finding the much required peace when your clothes aren’t In the best styling and your hair is all over the place and you have a no makeup fresh face !

Ho,Ho,Ho December !

Well hello there ! How have you all been ? Well the 3rd post this week had to be about Christmas Vibe and celebrations, December is special for me because of the celebratory mood and of course the Christmas spirit, I haven’t yet decorated my home for Christmas, but surely is in the process of it all, the reason I started Amore also in December is the same, I absolutely love Christmas, it’s my favourite festival, not just because of Santa, the tree or the Vibe but also I find the life of Jesus and what Lord Jesus inspiring stand for humanity ,

I attended a Catholic School, so the Bible and Christmas both played an important role in my life, my mother also attended a Catholic school, my Parents helped me decorate a Christmas tree ever since I was a little girl and my mom and dad totally played Santa for me, for a very long time I believed Santa exits and since I was a good kid he would leave me gifts, which would obviously be put There by my parents, my mom would make sure to buy me the right Christmas ornaments, even last year she helped me decorate the Christmas tree and our celebrations were intimate and Special,

So while I was out and about some days ago, I paired my Uncle Scrooge T-shirt from Zara with a Really old Red blazer that I purchased form Mango some year ago, along with my trusted ripped jeans and Skechers Sneakers and while the Sun was still shining I decided to protect my Eyes and wear my Ray Ban’s well ( well actually my Dad’s Ray Ban’s) , and carried my Mom’s very lovely Gucci Marmont along with it and since it was a sunny day with a slight bit of winter feel, I decided it was time for a hot cup of cappuccino, so well the trusted Starbucks with a Christmas spirit worked out completely well, Starbucks totally goes extra during Christmas, you have got to hand it over to them for that, soo Tada here I am posing away to glory with Christmas feel and whole lot of Style, hope you enjoy this Beautiful, yet understated but , well , comfortable look,

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Outfit Details :

T-shirt : Zara India

Blazer : Mango

Jeans : Zara India

Sneakers : Skechers

Bag : Gucci Marmont

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

P.S this again is a no makeup look and I have only applied Lipstick !

Makeup The No-Makeup Look !

Well hello there lovelies, how are your’ll doing this evening ? Well I hope everything is fine and amazing with your’ll, today’s vibe is all about peace for myself, I couldn’t be more relaxed, well I informed your’ll yesterday as to how I will be sharing a daily post this week, since I’ll be completing a year of my beloved Blog <Amorebyshonadewal> on this Sunday 13 December 2020,

Well the second post surely had to be the no makeup post, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to manage my skin during the lockdown days, we all are accustomed to clinical procedures and love what it does for our skin, I for once love the natural look, I chose to wear no makeup and only apply lipstick and keep my skin fresh at all times,

Happiness is a personal choice, your face Glows when you are at peace with yourself and can keep it simple in life too, so I decided that in this lockdown time I am going to not apply any makeup and keep my skin away from any products, and shot all my post ever since February with no makeup, it made complete sense to be and it kept my skin healthy and glowing at all times and my skin got to breathe and the natural freshness it needed,

Usually I would give at least 2 days a week to my skin to rejuvenate and to let the skin breathe and not wear any makeup, my mother has instilled this no makeup belief in me, it’s her favourite skin care routine, I even shared a post during lockdown for how she has taught me to maintain my skin with utmost low maintenance, and as you can see I don’t regret that, after all your mom is always right,

But when the lockdown opened, skin care clinics and dermatologist started operating again, I chose to still maintain my no makeup life and keep things as natural as possible, so decided to find my balance and only applied sunscreen and moisturiser on my skin when I stepped out along with the right lipstick shade,

Not many people know that if you choose not to wear makeup it should be fine too, it’s just got the glam effect too and so that your skin doesn’t look faded apply a nice bright shade of lipstick and you’ll be good to go, it will brighten up your entire face giving it a look and finish as though you are wearing makeup,

But now that we are in the last month of 2020, I finally decided to start wearing the very well preserved make up since we women love to spend on makeup, don’t we ?……hahahaha… I decided to do a detail no makeup post of my no makeup skin and why my pre lockdown looks have been without any glam, but to be honest I did miss my winged eyeliner and my matte finish makeup glow, I don’t choose to contour, or even use as shimmer or difficult intricacies,

I will still follow a much healthier makeup and skin routine and will keep you all posted, keeping yourself and your skin hydrated should always be a compulsion, and your mood and stress level also affects the skin, so rather keep it calm and manage things well without stressing, whatever it is that is troubling you will always find a way and you will find your peace,

So keep glowing , glow queens, after all its the women of our society that have found the right balance of things most of the time right ?

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it informative and love and understand my perspective or maintain a healthy skin and rejuvenation of your skin and your mind, body and soul, remember in this world everything needs time to heal, so as always give time sometime and it will all find its peace, lots of love and happiness to you all, and If you like this post, then please like, share and follow and feel free to give your feedback, Thank you 💐

P. S I posted this picture on 19th May 2020 on My Instagram Account: @amorebyshonadewal ( with my Mother) // Familia 🐻 ( NO MAKEUP SELFIE). .//I get my NO MAKEUP HABIT from my MOM, it’s the BEST NATURAL TREATMENT you can give to your skin, your skin requires to breathe too, sadly our everyday LIFESTYLE and WORK LIFE doesn’t allow us to follow a complete week of NO MAKEUP ROUTINE , I completely used this QUARANTINE time to REJUVENATE my skin, and let it breathe, that’s the reason that for the last 2 MONTHS I haven’t worn any makeup NOT even for Instagram POST and STORIES , instead of using total FACE PACK CARE you can also choose this CARE , the secret to glowing skin is the same as NATURE , in order to NURTURE NATURE you have to LET IT BREATHE , the same applies for your skin, the SECRET also depends on how you feel, your personality reflects the way you feel, so in order to achieve a GLOWING SKIN , allow it to BREATHE stay AWAY from PRODUCTS for sometime or at least ONE TIME in a WEEK and always stay POSITIVE REGARDLESS OF THE SITUATION ! :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites .

P.S this entire post is a no makeup look and you can totally spot my skin and my look this particular post and it’s also about healthy image and not body shaming or objectifying women in general, it’s all about maintaining a healthy balance and keeping it real and simple at the same time, oh btw I am totally randomly posing with my favourite roses !

Bomber Black

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Hope you all have been good and doing well and wonderful, well my personal life has been quite shaky for the past few weeks, about two weeks ago I got another Rape threat, it’s like I don’t even know what’s happening here, it’s like suddenly for the last 6 months it’s been raining Internet threats, for once I took some time off and chose to not post much, though I did post one daily post on Instagram, while everything going so weirdly weird, this week is very special, because on Sunday the 13th December 2020 I will be completing one year of my blog, I will be sharing an everyday post for these coming days on the blog and focusing on posts that didn’t make it to the blog, but were surely write ups,

While at it, it’s also an amazing accomplishment of sorts, with the pandemic in place and all the upheaval caused in this particular year, it was a tough year for everyone, nevertheless but I haven’t ever expected life to be easy, I am of the belief that I can take on the challenges in life, what happens and how it happens isn’t in our control, but we can surely have our actions in our control,

2020 bought along a pandemic, a deadly virus “Corona” to create and provide us a world that we never thought of, our life saw such turns that we probably never expected, an entire worldwide lockdown and a lot of introspection in the way of home quarantine and of course 4 months of complete cut off from the world, I chose to not post on the blog for the 2 months of lockdown and only started posting when the first phase of the lockdown opened up,

My home quarantine series saw a normal life of any other regular girl, who was following the rules and making the very best to work from home, this year also got us some and probably many financial awakening that we probably needed, in the way of financial crisis, I personally saw some myself, but my job calls for keeping up with the latest trends and styles, although I am clearly proud because I didn’t shop for an entire 10 months this year, only recently during Diwali I stepped into a mall, and also refrained from online shopping,

But I did keep my Instagram post very active with daily posting and keeping my feel alive and awake at all times, I put ACORSS my words and point in the way of my writing, as an introvert it was an amazing thing to do, I frankly enjoyed every bit of it, loved every bit of the simple styling and more importantly simple life, of living without no makeup and giving my self and my mind the necessary time to distant as I wanted to,

As an introvert I lived the quarantine life even before quarantine came along……hahahahaha I choose to keep a little distance and I am not very social or a party person, so it’s home, work and my own quite time for me along with some nice quite drives with family or my pets, I prefer life to be sorted and simple,

Personally this year my Instagram life and my opinions definitely got me some very good amount of hate, but people are lucky when it’s a direct attack, I have received this rubbish in my Instagram DM, keeping my dignity and my stand in mind I chose to deal with it in a clear manner,

My personal dispute also took a different turn, I learned the hacks of social media and of course that gave me a different prespective as to how social media works, whatever I witnessed I handled it the way it was supposed to, my perspective and USP of the blog and the fashion and lifestyle was definitely suppose to be about Awareness, I kept up to the point of bringing people one step closer to my life and kept opinions and words very transparent,

Social awareness definitely opened another door altogether, it made me write my perceptions on Women Security, their personal peril and struggle, ofcourse I also wrote on what Mental Illness can Do to someone and how mental health awareness is Needed in our society, how of-course Plagiarism( the mother of all issues that started it all ), along with a personal issue of a triggered individual who started an issue for no reason,

Very important part of my blog was surely the Travel prospects of my life, I travelled a lot in 2019 and well realised what a luxury travelling is and how you can miss it from time to time, I loved every bit of the comfort it bought, I was suppose to share my remaining travel post of last year 2019 to Jaipur, but since I travelled to Jaipur in December I totally waited for it, but my travel last year actually began with Singapore in August 2019 , which finally got a completion with my Trip in January to the Northern Himachal and Uttarakhand Mountains of India, and then arrived Corona !

I put this look together a week ago and it was all about comfort with a lot of fashion and a little of my own twist, of pairing a long skirt with a cool Bomber jacket and our very trusted companion The Mask, which got added as a “ New Normal” or rather a wardrobe essential,

So get ready for a lot many looks and a lot many post this week, as every day this week I will be sharing a special post, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and this post, so do let me know via comments and don’t forget to, like, share and follow , and Hope you all have a fabulous Week ahead, Thank you ! 💐

Outfit Details :

Bomber Jacket : Forever New India ( a really old one)

Black Skirt : H&M India

Sling bag : H&M India

Mask : Purchase from a Chemist store

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

Flats : Zara India

P.S this is complete no make up look and I have only applied my trusted Lipstick, as you know I chose to do the lockdown Looks without Makeup and keep it as Natural and Simple while being comfortable as Possible ! 💕

Time of Life ! ⌚️🌟✨💫

Well hello there Lovelies ! How have you all been ? Hope everything has been splendid and happy as always, well today Indians all over the world celebrate Dhanteras, Dhanteras is suppose to be celebrated as to thank Goddess Laxmi for all the good health and wealth she has showered upon us, It’s a day when people buy something special as a token of good luck, be it GOLD, COMMODITIES or whatever their heart or their way of celebration speaks,

This made me realise of sharing this post with all you guys, of the gift I bought for my mother for her 60th birthday on the 4th of October, since I wanted to keep the gift and celebration simple and wanted to buy for her something that’s special and precious and full of memories,

I opted for two watches, the first one TITAN RAGA COLLECTION since it was the first WATCH BRAND that my mother got a gift from my grandfather and the other one CASIO VINTAGE COLLECTION since I would love her CASIO watch as a child and roam around with it, both of them simple, classic, elegant and WITHIN THE PRICE RANGE IF 15k,

It’s classic and Timeless style inspires us all, and these brands for all the love aid to the living style of each and every individual, I for once loved each one of them and so decided to shoot this series with MY MOTHER’S Gucci and her favourite FLOWERS, ROSES,💐

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed clicking these images, you can provide your feedback and follow, like, share, subscribe, and wishing you all a very HAPPY DIWALI, hope all of your dreams and aspirations come true, and the gift of TIME favours you all that’s pure and Truthful Each day of the Life ! ⌚️🔱

Outfit Detail :

Top and Jeans : Zara India

Bag : Gucci Marmont

Golden watch : Casio

White Watch : Titan Raga

P.S this is a complete NO MAKEUP LOOK, and the styling is SIMPLE AND CLASSIC at best ! thank You !

Rise to the Roses Of your life ! 🌷🧡💓💐

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Well things have been fabulous, life has been a beautiful parody of what should be or what could be, the idea of truth remains un-beatable regardless of the outcome, I for once love that ideology,

Fashion is an expression of thoughts and your personality, fashion makes freedom of expression more liberal, it gives out the way to bring our artistic side out in the open without the hassle to worry about survival,

For me personally living your REALITY isn’t ever a problem, living your reality provides you freedom, in gives you the strength and demeanour to walk the walk of life, I have a lot of other shades in my life and like any other individual I go on with life as per the usual,

This particular look celebrates the aesthetic of being yourself, I am comfortable in my body and have been proud of it, though I got body shamed completely and got asked to not wear dresses, I wore this particular shift dress without a SHAPE-WEAR, as I wondered what was exactly wrong with my body ? Being hateful doesn’t justify your bad body shaming attitude, I for once respect and love the idea that women come in all shapes and sizes,

Eating healthy and more importantly staying HEALTHY and MINDFUL should be your particular way of life, your SIZE can differ due to your own personal reason, but no matter who you are or what you are, no one and I REPEAT NO ONE has the right to INSULT you or body shame you and pull you down, or make you feel bad constantly by taking JABS at you, no one is perfect and don’t ruin your body in the process of proving a point to someone, live your life with HAPPINESS and CONFIDENCE in being WHO YOU ARE, and don’t comprise on your SELF-ESTEEM AND SELF-RESPECT,

I celebrate the idea of WOMANHOOD by understanding that WHATEVER SHAPE or SIZE we are, WHEREVER YOU COME from, what ever CASTE , CREED , RELIGION you are, it’s your life , the world and the universe gives you the freedom to make choices and decisions as whatever you choose to make, SO BE FREE, BE YOU, and celebrate this wonderful gift called LIFE !

P.S This is again a Nomakeup look, and I have kept the look basic and natural and only applied Lipstick, and remember to always WEAR A MASK when Out and About !

Outfit Details :

Dress : AND clothing

Tote Bag : Micheal KORS

Oversized Jacket : Zara India

Sneakers : Skechers India

Sunglasses : Emporio Armani

I shared this post on Instagram on the 14/10/2020, the day I Shot this particular post, and I immediately after sometime received some unusual DM’s on my way Instagram asking me to JOIN a GYM in order to have 6 packs !
On the 16/10/2020 I shared this post on my Instagram about body shaming and how bad it actually is and that there are women indulging in such BEHAVIOUR which is SHAMELESS : CALVIN THAT CASUALLY HANGS on the MAT ! 🖤
This is how you wear Calvin’s at Home, Unlike the one’s that sell them, but if it’s my-antra, they might go ahead and put the same YELLOW,GREEN and PINK on A specific BODY SHAMING Disha-Heen(Direction-less) woman ! #amorebyshonadewalwrites #amorebyshonadewalbeingwoman
// If you have LOVE HANDLES or a slight Tummy and an imperfect body without a Pack of abs does that make you un-attractive ? No, it makes you perfectly HUMAN And a unauthorised FOREST SAHEB and DISHA-HEEN can continue SHAMING AND PLAYING PR GAMES with People AS LONG AS THEY ARE ALIVE, because the truth remains TODAYS WOMEN DON’T Care, these FAKE WOKE WANNA SELF BELIEVING CELEBRITIES who just casually WALK OUT OF restaurants for FAKE PR ? I mean it’s high Time we all start doing that too, so may be these TAKE-OUT BUDDIES get a REALITY CHECK ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #nomakeup #curvyandproud
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Another Monday, Another Shade of Blue 💙📘💦

Eye Contact ! 👀
Looking At You Like 👀

Well hello there Lovelies ! How have you guys been ? Well it’s a Monday Sweety ! What better way to start the Week by adding a little Blue to it, to be exact powder Blue and some nice bright flowers, this look can totally qualify as a This and that of a personality, some piece in our wardrobe are classic, we invest in those piece because of its timeless value, like say a Blazer ?

Smiling through it all ! 😁
Hey Gucci where are you off to ? 😊
There I took the Mask off and Smiled ! 😁

So I decided to take my Powder Blue Blazer out to roam, and decided to give it a Twist of its own, for one look I paired the Blazer with shorts and the other look I paired with ripped jeans, the one with the jeans I paired it with my Mother’s Gucci and her Titan Watch,

Details and some more details !
I love the idea of Fresh Flowers 🌹 💐
Soaking in some Vitamin D, while dressed up to the T ☀️

My mood has been quite Numb for the last couple of days because of work and some personal differences, things can get quite unnerving when it’s out of your control, but let’s be honest how much can we even have in control ? So here I am adding a Fun element to start the week with Fresh flowers and a whole lot of Positive Blue,

Okay alright I have my mask on, let’s get to work !
Some details of how to Not Carry a Bag 😊😂
Always keep your Peace, remember nothing is worth risking your Happiness for !

Hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it, it’s short and sweet and totally in sync with my mood, You can like and subscribe, and give your valuable feedback if any, lots of love and happiness to each one of your reading this, Thank You ! 💐

Oh my oh My, here we go again Look !
Hey hi 20’s Baby, just a Few months Away from bidding 20’s Goodbye ! 😊
Okay alright here I am living some last Few months of my 20’s like……👀

P.S this Entire Look is a No-Makeup Look and only applied Lipstick and Kohl , the imperfect skin is the proof that no one is perfect , no I haven’t sworn off makeup, I’ll soon post a detailed post about why I have personally chosen to not wear any makeup for the last 6 months and I have kept the styling SIMPLE AND COMFORTABLE classic ! and please wear a Mask when out and about !

Outfit Detail :

Powder Blue Blazer : Zara

Shorts : Guess

Ripped Jeans : Vero MODA

Singlet : Zara

Stripped T-shirt : H&M

Blue sling Bag : Aldo India

Off White Bag : Gucci Marmont

Sneakers : Skechers India

Platform Suede Heels : Zara

Pearl Hairband : H&M

Hoop Earnings : H&M

White Pearl Watch : Titan Raga Collection

Beauty 👸🏻🖤

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Hope all has been going well with your’ll, well for me personally it’s been a roller coaster, the reality of the Situation hits differently when you have been troubled on many levels, sympathy and empathy becomes words, the truth rules out the LIES, and somehow we find ourselves juggling the weird ideologies of the society,

After celebrating Navratri ( Indian festival ) at the end of it I found my self contemplating many things per se, where I filed a long pending police complain, the harassment I have gone through these past months have been disgusting, I can’t believe how much drama the so-called rich and famous and Bollywood weirdo’s can bring into this mix,

I have noted about the plagiarism issue that happened in February in the middle of it all, it started showing up again and after creating so many troubles indirectly with the help of their friends, now went ahead to prove me wrong ? Like what the hell ? Mental harassment is a serious crime, you can’t just strategically place yourself and I might just spare you, though to be honest I didn’t have the time to attend to this 5 days ago because I was busy, but I did put up a post today on my Instagram, I’ll soon speak on this matter in Detail, because I have had ENOUGH of it, you can’t just keep GOING ON AND ON for your GOD DAMM EGO,

And while I am at it, on MOTHER’S day I was out and about with my mother when I wore this black MAXI DRESS, which I paired with my trusted NIKE SNEAKERS, and frankly I didn’t know what could make me feel more like a WOMAN ? Like a Weird lady made a comment that I am not a WOMAN, because I don’t have a man that can make me feel like one, I don’t name her, rather I have a special name to women belonging to this mindset, and it’s called DISHA-HEEN ( meaning directionless ) because frankly what kind of mentality is that even ?

But any way regardless on the matters going on in my LIFE, I prefer to keep things REAL and TRANSPARENT WITH EVERYONE, I don’t like living a LIE, I find THE TRUTH MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE, and that’s why I have decided I am not going to TOLERATE EVEN SLIGHTEST bit of DISRESPECT or any sort of DIRTY, DISGUSTING, DOWNGRADED NAME CALLING OR GAMES,

The idea of beauty remains in the True power of being your CONFIDENT SELF, and I don’t think there is anything more empowering or endearing than that, I am UN-APOLOGETICALLY myself and I can totally SAY I AM PROUD TO BE MYSELF !

Instagram Caption : Fashion and Style is Your own Charisma (I don’t know who said it before but I believe this sincerely ! #amorebyshonadewalwrites 💕
// JMD🙏🏻// #throwbacktodaugthersday

Outfit DETAILS :

Maxi Dress : FOREVER NEW




This is Not Louis Vuitton, It is “ BEING HUMAN” 🚫🛑!

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all Been ? Well life has been getting back to normal, nevertheless things seem to be more bright and clearer than usual, what happens to be a mystery is what might the future hold, and would it be worth existing in any sort of understanding ?

This look I put together last week, when I was out and about and decided to pair white denims with blue denim shirt, well my health has surely been under the weather, but don’t worry it isn’t corona virus, well as splendid as it may seem I was on a shopping spree,

I decided to buy a random T-SHIRT from a brand called BEING HUMAN, well I found an interesting individual who took a dig on me on my mother’s birthday for her present not being a LOUIS VUITTON, well I wouldn’t dare name him and give him the attention necessary For him , but I surely thought it would be a nice take on things for a post, where shaming would find a new low, and I definitely thought that this BRAND PIECE would do justice to the SAME and I could make my point clear,

Nobody in this world wants to BEG for MONEY, when you stop someone’s FINANCES by indirect means that isn’t called BUSINESS, that’s considered as FRAUDULENT activity, I have lately found crappy wanna be politicians indulging in such behaviour, where they pretend to be GENEROUS in front of the whole world for PR, and then go behind a person’s back and STOP THEIR INCOME using local GOONS,

What remains a mystery to me is how can one fight such PR STRATEGIES ? Well it’s easy don’t believe in them and give them a taste of their OWN Medicine, you may be a superstar or a celebrated powerful individual, but nothing gives you the right to SHAME someone And Make them feel less of something,

For me individually things have been more clearer than usual, when I went for SHOPPING I wore a GREY T-shirt under my Shirt since I was feeling cold, I wore the SAME LOOK out and about where I DECIDED TO BE HUMAN and remind some people to be kind and stop DEMEANING WOMEN EVERYDAY,

The T-shirt I bought is the RED AND WHITE ONE, I have also posted that look, I paired it with my MOTHERS GUCCI MARMONT which I bought last year and a VERY SPECIAL WATCH that I gifted my mother this year, this post is dedicated to my mother’s LOVE and SELF RESPECT of truly been an EXCEPTIONAL HUMAN BEING, and not giving materialistic things that much VALUE,

The pandemic surely thought one the meaning of life and the value for life and how your materialistic goods don’t add value to your life, instead its your approach and reproach to life that does, and this year I decided to give my mother gifts that would add more personal value and a timeless memory of a life time, I’ll be sharing that too in the upcoming post, after all it’s necessary, why not flaunt what needs to get flaunted instead,

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and find it interesting, if you have any necessary feedback then you can surely provide them and like share and subscribe, THANK YOU ! 💐

P.S I am not wearing any MAKEUP in this look, it’s fresh face since I have not been wearing any MAKE UP ! 🙏🏻🤷🏻‍♀️❌

Outfit details :

White denim Jeans : VERO MODA

Blue denim shirt : Zara India

Grey T-shirt : ZARA INDIA

Sneakers : Skechers

Tan Tote : Michael KORS

Red and white T-shirt : BEING HUMAN CLOTHING

Off white bag : GUCCI MARMONT

Ripped jeans : VERO MODA