Tales from the City of Palaces ( Pink City – Jaipur )

Well hello there, so I am sure you have read the Hawa mahal and amber fort story, and I hope you enjoyed reading my experience, since it’s a lifestyle blog as I mentioned it before, I wanted to share with you my fashion, travel, dinning and my over all experience, well I welcomed my 2020 in quite a normal manner and it turned out to be a abnormal year of sorts, but nevertheless last year by the 2nd January in the evening I was home, but I welcomed last year working too, shooting content in Jaipur, travelling and doing what was necessary, I know good things comes at a cost, but that cost better be your work and your efforts for your work, not at the cost of your self respect, and I maintained that stance throughout the year and proved myself whenever I found it necessary and even stood tall through the difficulties that life throws around,

On the very first day of the year 2020 I was ready to have some scrumptious breakfast and then straight head to explore the City Palace and Nargarh Fort, I chose these two place for my very first day of the year, and Made sure to was up early since I was suppose to be ready by 9am, well since this was going to be my last day in Jaipur of sorts since the very next day I had my flight late in the evening, I wanted to make the most of it, and so I did,

Well I had smiling faces that welcomed me for breakfast and the first day of the year started on a good note, and as breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me, it was perfect, and yes after it I was very much ready to head to go and explore my amazing 1st of January experience ! And I choose an outfit of an entire set of Orange colour, too much ? I thought so too, but I went against my heart and chose the colour, since I prefer more of neural colours and so many colours were a little too much for me also, and decided to give it a try, as a gemologist I have studied colours in details and they play a very important role, so this time I decided to add these colours to my outfit, and i have got to admit it, my entire Jaipur wardrobe was a lot colourful than I originally hoped for, so I choose a orange palazzo pants, with a orange tie up sleeveless top, and I wore my pink leather jacket just because it was quite cold, but not cold enough to wear woollen clothes,

Before City palace we decided to visit Jantar Mantar since it is exactly opposite city palace, well it’s just artifacts made based on astrology, and explaining the old school methods of astrology and how the Moon and Sun signs depict our life and how it affects us, but the art pieces and architecture is worth the visit, since you’ll surely appreciate it, it has an old school methodology to it which you’ll surely appreciate , as usual clicked a lot of pictures of myself, after Jantar Mantar we decided to visit City Palace and we paid for the regular explore ticket, and didn’t go for the extravagant tickets and prices, you need to really be very careful since they definitely try to loot you, and the more not so causal you look the more the problems for you, So as soon as I entered City Palace it was crowded since it was the 1st day of the year, but never the less it was good enough since we made it early, and to be very honest it was one of the best decisions I made, so the City Palace is a Palace that belongs to the royal family of Jaipur, and they still live in one sections of the Palace and have opened the rest of the palace for public viewing purpose, since the palace is really old and has a lot of history to it, there is a palace museum explaining the royal family’s history and their old outfits are also put on display as to how they use to dress up, the other consist of a public addressing place and then you can finally see the four gates inside of city palace, these 4 different gates are famous for its intricate detailing and vegetable made natural colour work, well to be very honest I really found it beautiful and very well maintained at the same time, if you visit Jaipur you should surely visit the city palace, my experience was a beautiful and great one,

After the city palace and a quick stop for lunch and a quick change at the hotel, I decided to head to Nargarh Fort, I chose to wear a comfortable two toned dress I bought from Zara about some time back and paired it again with my constant favourite throughout the Jaipur trip my pink leather jacket, well not my best decision, because it was by afternoon 2:30 and it was really crowded because of the 1st day of the year, well just like amber fort, this fort also is at the top of a mountain and the slopes high up there could make Anyone uneasy, well again it’s an old fort and I wanted to see it for its architecture, I still managed to get to explore it but because it was overcrowded with young crowd, we decided to leave early out of there, but nevertheless it was a great experience,

Well after coming back at the hotel, late in evening by 7 we headed for dinner to Cinnamon restaurant at the hotel itself, since I wanted to explore the some local Rajasthani cuisines, but I went for my known dishes which was really good and worth the money which you wouldn’t regret for sure and I ended my night with a nice glass of wine and decided to call it a night,well my first day of the year was really good and not bad at all, now I was all ready to head home,

Well the next morning it was about breakfast and market visit until i could take a checkout, well after breakfast I took a checkout and until flight time, I decided to visit the local market in our hotel car itself, I had a amazing stay at the Taj Jai Mahal Palace, they were nice and kind and I enjoyed their hospitality, well I wanted to buy some souvenirs so I visited the market and spent my time well there, my local shopping didn’t include much except for some jewellery and precious stones,

After which I headed straight to our hotel to collect my luggage and head back to my busy life in Mumbai, my holiday was officially over and my life was awaiting me, it couldn’t have got better than Jaipur for New Years it was the prefect holiday I needed with my family and my world, it was all things beautiful and good and we came back, happy healthy and cheerful, and frankly it wasn’t still over because at the end of January 2020 another holiday was awaiting me, my birthday holiday, though I shared images on Instagram I didn’t share the detail post, but I’ll soon be sharing that too, and that one also turned out to be a good , happy and a very wanted experience, I will soon be sharing that experience with your’ll so stay tuned !

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Outfit Details :

Orange Monochrome Look :

Top : Vero Moda

Palazzo Pants : Zara India

Leather Jacket : Vero Moda

Sneaker : Nike

Beige and Black Dress Look :

Beige and black Dress : Zara India

Belt : Zara India

Platform heels : Aldo India

Leather Jacket : Vero Moda India

Dinner Look :

White Sweater Top : Zara India

Denim : Zara India

Stole : Pashmina Stole from a local market ( really old )

Sneaker : Nike

Airport Look :

Jeans and T-shirt : Zara India

Blue wrap Jacket : Rheson

Sling Wristlet Bag ( all three looks ) : Micheal Kors

Sneaker : Nike

When In the Pink City, Hawa Mahal Met Amber Fort ( throwback post of 31st December 2020)

Well hello there, so after a month long wait if not posting this post because of the corona virus pandemic, I am back with a impending post of my Jaipur trip, well this is a completely pending post, since I welcomed new year last year in JAIPUR, this year though We are still under curfew and people are refraining from travelling, I also chose not to travel and rather welcome 2021 at home itself, but here is a Major throwback post from how I welcomed 2020 while I bought in new year’s in Jaipur ( Rajasthan) only if I knew it would be the toughest year of our life, and this is complete travel post I am hoping at least this coming year I get to travel to the places that are on my bucket list, can’t wait for it, hope it works out well, so I am sure you guys have already read the part 1 of the pink city feels, and I hope I shared the experience well, now let’s talk about the day 2 !

Well so after a fulfilling trip to the Patrika Gate and GALTA Ji I was all ready in the morning to explore the Hawa Mahal and Amber fort, so my morning started with a full filing breakfast at the hotel, frankly For me breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I am a firm believer of that, the best part that TAJ JAI MAHAL PALACE had a make your instant egg station and frankly that’s the thing I love the most About buffet breakfast, Chef Burman who has been working with TAJ JAI MAHAL PALACE since almost 2 decades did complete justice to it, I got my eggs and breakfast just the way I would love them and the staff was ever so lovely and courteous, so basically I started each day with a really good vibe, what’s better than smiling faces ?

After breakfast I was already to head to the HAWA MAHAL, and I chose a Indian suit that I picked up from GLOBAL DESI like 2 years ago, I paired my suit with a biker leather jacket, just like any North Indian girl, and frankly I enjoyed my look, and it was comfortable, from 8 degree the temperature went to like 16 degree so that’s what is needed, so the climate was Hot and Cold,

So on my second day in Jaipur it was about exploring hawa mahal and Amber fort

Frankly it did live up to my expectations and I wasnt left disappointed,

Hawa mahal is an ancient Palace in Jaipur that consist one many many windows, known as “ jharokhas” in the olden times women werent allowed to attend the festivals so they watched all these festivals from their windows, and enjoyed every bit of it, Hawa Mahal again consist of many separate sections for the royal family and it has many many windows , its structure that is visible for photographers is usually mistaken as the front of the mahal, but it’s actually the behind of the mahal and the front is around the main market area, the entire area is known as “‘old Jaipur” since its consist of small street shopping where you can buy Rajasthani goodies, and mind you when you are around shopping in that area use your bargain skills well, since it’s like a loot, they are authentic but the shopkeepers charge people according to their judgment, so feel free to bargain and crack a good deal,

After exploring hawa mahal, I headed back to my hotel to actually have some tea and something to eat, frankly I didn’t want a heavy lunch so it was tea and some snacks and later I decided to head to explore Amber fort !

Amber fort is one of the oldest fort in Jaipur and frankly it’s one of the most important heritage marked by Unesco, I always explored it from the outside and attended the light and sound show that shows their history, if you visit Jaipur and end up to going the Amber fort you should surely watch that, now where the fort is considered it’s as beautiful as expected and completely lived up to the expectation, it’s ancient, and historic in all ways, I have always been more attracted to history in more way than one while growing up, it consist of various sections and rooms of the royal family and how in the olden time people spend their life, it totally emphasis on the meaning of life, electricity in the ancient times, from the mirrored wall room known as “sheesh mahal” to the of course the various other sections of the fort itself, it also has the court justice room where the public was addressed in the olden time, the tour guide around them kept saying “ it’s a wonderful and beautiful place”…..hahahaha…… well to be honest it truly was, and I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t crowded, since I visited it on a holiday so of course it had the locals and then of course the tourist too because it was one day before New Years, or rather the last day of the year , so well fair enough, so I did spend my 31st December looking around and roaming around a “ wonderful and beautiful” Place and it was a nice way to end the year,

After Amber fort I headed straight back to the hotel, where I was suppose to attend the gala dinner at the hotel, but because of some personal real I couldn’t, even after paying I chose not to go, since my work didn’t give me relief even on the 31st, I was suppose to pick up some gemstones, and since I was leaving Jaipur one the 2nd so I had to do it on that very day, I will be sharing the gemstones details also as soon as the designs are on their way at to production , by the time I got done with work it was really late, but I still made a little appearance and I bought in the new year in an all bling outfit this year, which is the complete opposite of my personality, frankly the “ sequins” did help me to brighten up my mood, and of course the next day was the day I had to explore the City Palace and Nargarh Fort, so yes I was really happy, and by around midnight I decided to call it a night and was looking forward to the next morning !

Outfit Details


  • Jeans: Zara
  • Jumper: Zara
  • Platform shoes: Aldo shoes
  • Shawl: Pashmina, bought when I am was travelling

Hawa Mahal :

  • Indian suit: Global Desi India
  • Pink biker leather Jacket: Only India
  • Wristlet Sling : Micheal Kors
  • Platform Shoes: Aldo Shoes

Amber fort:

  • White pullover: Zara India
  • Skirt : H&M India
  • Platform Shoes: Aldo Shoes
  • Wristlet Sling: Micheal Kors

New Years Eve:

  • Sequin Dress: Zara International
  • Golden Heels: Aldo Shoes

Merry Christmas ! 🎄❤️

My Momma Bear 👩‍👧❤️💕🌍🧿

Well hello there lovelies, wish you all Merry Christmas and a great lovely new year ahead, well I spent last evening preparing for the Christmas Eve-Eve, this years Christmas is definitely different as we all have to celebrate at home, well by now we have got use to this lifestyle, haven’t we ?

Well hello there Reindeer ! 🦌🎄❤️🌹

Well the government has imposed a night curfew post 11 pm, well that helps us in understanding that Corona is still around the corner hunting us…….hahahah……,

A reel that I uploaded on Instagram, of how I got my Christmas tree together !
Well hello there !

Well my Christmas celebrations like any other year was simple and I also recycled my old Christmas decorations, and also table setting, this year has taught us a great deal of emotions and also made us more conscious of the importance of our social responsibilities ? Haven’t it ?

I kept it simple and classic and Used my last years decorations !

Well I celebrated Christmas just like every year, with the hope and joy for expecting a great year ahead, this year has been a particularly difficult year for us all, and on a personal note I wouldn’t want to witness a year like 2020 again, and would love to regain the health, wealth and happiness we sort of lost because of this year, I look forward to witnessing the balance of nature and being thankful for being healthy and happy and surviving a great deal of a year, well this year also taught us how no matter what life throws at us, the great challenges of life can be taken on, only if we remember to find our own strength within, so this Christmas the biggest present of them all given to each one of us, is the present of LIFE, and I choose to cherish each moment of this life,

Cake and Wine, it’s as simple as that ! 🍷🥂🎂🥧🧁🍰

I haven’t posted a pic with my mother on my blog before, I even didn’t post her birthday celebrations, I shared pictures on my Instagram though, but this Christmas post is special as I am posting my picture with my madre and my very precious happiness, my world and my strength, she has truly being my Santa all my life, our celebrations were cake and wine and of course dinner, which I didn’t click…..hahahah….but nevertheless have your Christmas cake, and I am grateful of each day and moment that I get to witness and the love she showers on me,

Cheers to a great and happy life filled with lots of Love ! ❤️🎄🍷
Christmas Vibe ! 🥂❤️💕🎄😊

Hope you all have or had a great Christmas and also enjoyed reading this post, it’s picture and post of my quite celebrations at home, as homely as I am and celebrating with family surely adds joy and happiness to our life, wish you all lots of love and happiness and if you enjoyed this post then please like, comment and Share, and also follow for more, Thank you ! 💐

Just in my Thoughts being Thankful ! ❤️🎄

Outfit Details :

Pyjamas : H&M

Jumper : H&M

P.S I am not wearing any make up and I am absolutely fine with it ! ❤️🎄💕🥂🌹

Blackout Thursday !

Well hello there ! How have you all been ? How has this week been ? Well I didn’t post anything on the blog ever since Sunday, well I knew I wanted to work on my new content and post some throwback travel post, and shoot some nice style posts too,

Well this look i wore some days ago with no makeup when I was out and about and this look is all about how I prefer to keep things simple and look more understated,

Since it’s getting a little cold I thought that my kenzo Sweatshirt wouldn’t hurt and along with that I wore a sleeveless blazer and leggings, it’s a simple go to look for one of those days when you want to be comfortable and you also mean business,

I am personally of the belief that your personal and professional life should always be sorted and simplified, I don’t like complicated situations or rather people in general, it doesn’t mean I am mean to such incidents or people, it just means that I choose to ignore,

The past we live somehow plays a very important role in shaping up our present and deciding our future, like the mistake we commit in our PAST can affect our present drastically, and I am of the belief that some times you really need to look back in order to move ahead peacefully and rectify what has been done wrong, or rather answer to your KARMA, as human beings we all are responsible for our life and our family and an individual would do just about anything to save their’s and their family’s PRIDE and LIFE, not much can be said there or asked to be chosen, an Independent individual does whatever is right regardless of the outcome, it’s easy to DESTROY SOMEONE, but it takes a life time to make someone, so if your destructive actions has COSTED someone their LIFE and their PRIDE and SAFETY you have got to ANSWER for it at all COST, you can’t try to physically harm an individual just because your are DIRECTIONLESS in life yourself, a right BALANCE is needed in order to maintain the FAIRNESS, and well this totally represents my all black look along with a hint of a white, well monochrome with a touch of rose gold pink, as I said fashion is an expression, it’s an EXPRESSION of your life and your INTENSIONS,

So hope you all enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful and fashionable, if you did so then please do like, comment and share and also don’t forget to follow for more, lots of love and good health and happiness to you all, Thank you !💐

Outfit Details :

Sweatshirt : Kenzo

Sleeveless blazer : Zara India

Leggings : Mango

Sneaker : Dune London

Bag : Micheal Kors

Mask : Purchased from a local Chemist

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

P. S this a complete No makeup look, a Fresh Face working day ! Only applied my favourite lipstick !

Completing One Year of A whole Lot of Amore ( One year of Amorebyshonadewal ) 💕💐

Well well well…….Hello There ! How have you all been ? Well finally completed a year of this amazing blog Amorebyshonadewal, I am feeling so many emotions at this time, it feels amazingly amazing to not only write and maintain this lifestyle blog, but bring a lot of fashion and style too, Amorebyshonadewal Has officially Turned One ! And well it’s been a difficult yet a fantastic journey so far,

Life is a Celebration ! ✨🌟

I am so thankful for all the appreciation, support and well wishes I received from each one of your’ll reading this, I was sure I was going to keep it slow and steady, I wanted my blog to grow organically and happily, experience brings different colours in life, and frankly Amore bought a lot whole of colours for sure,

Oh my Love for Baloons ! 🤍( well I didn’t post my birthday outfit on the blog as a post, but soon I’ll be sharing my this years birthday outfit, where I went all out with the pink and white them and balloons😂🤣 )

My idea at the start of the blog was to maintain a lifestyle blog with fashion, style, home decor, food and travel along with social awareness, I knew from the very beginning that it wouldn’t be easy maintaining these various shades, but frankly I love to take a risk and challenges in life, Amore means love in Italian and frankly, I am a firm believer that Love plays a very important role in bringing the happiness in our life, 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, but I am glad I still survived,

Oh my have a Cupcake and if important you can look like one too ? 😉🧁 (cheeky right ? 😂)

Hahahahah…….well I lasted a whole year and frankly a difficult one, I made sure to write on my insta post daily even after taking some time off the blog, Amorebyshonadewal Tag line is “Keep It Real” which is now “ KEEPING IT REAL” ( as I have used the hashtag on my Instagram Bio #keepitreal) Well I did do everything in my power to keep it real and frankly As Candid as Possible, along with Style, Fashion, Class and Dignity,

Well well well, it’s time for some Tea and Cupcake and of course confetti and laughs and smiles and happiness…..hahahaha 😂🤣)

Well from here on I look forward to creating a better journey for my blog, well can surely say that, I have just started and while I have taken a non-conventional road until now, I have maintained my stance well and stuck to my instincts, I bear no Ill will towards anyone, I believe in the philosophy of Live and Let Live, I will keep posting amazing fabulous and enjoyable content even in the future and yes it will be various Shades of me,

Well thankful and grateful as always ! 🧁💐💕✌🏻🙏🏻💫

In this coming year you will also be seeing a lot of jewellery related post, I will be happy to share my knowledge with you all, and put some light on how the jewellery market functions and as I am a Graduate Gemologist from Gemological institute of America I will be sharing my knowledge about different gemstones and what they mean, Amorebyshonadewal will remain a lifestyle blog covering fashion, style, home decor, food, travel, and starting this year Jewellery too,

My many many moods and also how this year has been ? Hahahaha well if you know, then you surely know, hahahahah 😂🤣💕

Thank you to you all for being so kind and gracious and always been encouraging, thanking each and everyone who takes their precious time to read my posts and like my work, The images shot for this particular Blog are shot on iPhone as my Tag line has been KEEP IT REAL, now changed to “KEEPING IT REAL” thank you to all the kind brands for all the likes and encouraging comments, this website or my Instagram hasn’t been a business account, whatever I have done and posted up until now has been my own stuff, clothes, styling, hair, makeup, and every bit of decor and I am so happy that my simple efforts have been appreciated, and my words and thoughts are all my own, I believe in originality, and so I Keep it Real, Simple and Sorted, So with all my heart I Thank Each one of you 💕💐

Oh btw a Amorebyshonadewal got a new logo, since DAY ONE Amorebyshonadewal has been PINK AND WHITE and like the website itself, and hashtag on Instagram as #keepitreal , it’s kept it real and simple and created it without any haphazard……..hahahaha…… keep it PINK and WHITE or WHITE and PINK
either way it’s amazing as amazing ! Hahahaha lots of love 😂🤣

Outfit Details :

Dress : Cover Story

Heels : Aldo

Watch : Guess

Paying an Ode to the Shades of White and Black🤍🖤

Walk of Life ! 🖤🤍

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Well hope your’ll are doing well, well this week’s 5th post had to be the very difficult choice between the black and the white, and how we all live along the lines of this vivid reality, we somehow lack the contemplation at times to judge the things that happen around us, the time around becomes way too difficult to manage and maintain, yet we somehow introspect and carry on,

Well some little Funny humour is always a necessity ! So laugh, oh btw the Penguin bag totally enjoyed being out and about, I on the other hand, well maintained social distancing ! 😊😂🤣
Look at you with Wonder 👀😊

I am personally of the belief system that life isn’t only the shades of black and white, but it always helps to find the balance between the two, I find finding balance in things tricky, yet comforting, because somehow it gives us a better judgment,

Looking up in the sky and being thankful for my Fathers love and guidance ! ☁️🙏🏻
On Somedays when you just smile for no reason ! 😊💕

People live by the belief of maintaining and managing their life without these shades of introspection, and again somehow we find ourselves puzzled,

Watch your step ! One step at a time, a long journey ahead ! 💕😊
When the sun shines on your face and in the winter weather you are just thankful ! ☀️❄️☁️

The idea of juggling the philosophy is to first understand the need for the Yin and the Yang, I started my year with the post Grey, little did I know that 2020 itself will find its way to bring the Grey along, the Yin and Yang are very important representation of the balance and harmony the two bring, these two well balanced male and female elements find a way and means to bring balance and decorum within our atmosphere, it also is a representation of the harmony that lives within the idea of the right balance and ofcourse the better half to your half,

Mirror images just wondering the black and white finding the balance through !
Hmmm……! 🖤

Any relationship in your life whether be it with your parents, your friends or your spouse can bring this balance and harmony into your life, for insistence, the idea of true reality lies in justifying the idea of apathy, we can’t loose kindness yet we have got to become cut throat in our ways, we all need someone, but only the right balance can bring this required peaceful energy in our life,

Oh wait a minute ? A rickshaw on the loose ? Watch your back ? While keeping the Peace alive ! ✌🏻🖤🐧
I have got my life sorted ! What about yours ?

Here I am totally bringing in winter wear a new twist and living by the minimal yet non-existent winter of our beloved Mumbai, but you can totally wear this oversized jumpers when your are out and about in Mumbai, giving away that, on that particular day the climate also helps,

Sun, sky and a whole of of blue feels yet happy ! ☁️☀️❄️🐧

So I decided to put together two different looks with my Zara Jumpers and White trousers as my ode to the black and white and carried my beloved Penguin Bag I purchased from Kate Spade last year since I love penguins and I was immediately attracted to this bag and I knew I needed to have it for my birthday last year, I did do a post with my very cute little bag and also carried it on my Singapore trip, it’s comfortable and compact and you can make good use out of it, while at it wore the new normal in place,

Mask on always, at least till the pandemic is around and hey you can take a mask off and smile too, only if you find the need and you want to ! 😊🐧🖤
Totally giving you that look, while smiling and wondering too ? 😊🐧💕

Hope your enjoyed reading this article and also like this particular look, if you did so then please like, share and subscribe, and do follow too, Thank you ! 💐

While at it, taking your leave for today, but keep a mask on , stay safe, stay happy and keep love and peace alive, it’s all that we have ! ✌🏻💕😊💐

Outfit Details :

Black Jumper : Zara India

White Zipper Jumper : Zara India

White Trouser : Zara India

Bag : Kate Spade

Platform Heels : Nine West

Sneakers : Skechers

Mask : From a local Chemist Shop

P.S this entire look is a no makeup look and post, it’s fresh face with minimal styling !

Tryst with Nature 🌱

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Well hope everything is going great with you all, well this week’s fourth post had to be my tryst with nature and my love for the organic way of life, not in product wise, but the way the nature feels, the beginning of this year I found myself in the lap of nature, I have always been inclined towards the green side of life because of my parents,

My parents have always been fond of gardens and plants and the plant life in general, in fact my dad use to find getting the plantation at home maintained as therapeutic, my mother on the other hand lived the green life ever since childhood, my grandmother use to grow organic plants a home since they had a huge space for the gardening section since they lived away from the crazy city building life, in front of their house they had an amazing beach, I spent my entire childhood gardening with my grandmother, climbing on trees, walking through the jungle around and ofcourse play in our personal garden and walks on the beach and finding sea shells and making sand castles with my grandfather, oh what amazing and soothing childhood memories,

Thought in today’s time our city life has totally taken away from us the organic way of life and of course the more natural ways of living, we are though limited to our nature exposure through local Gardens, which btw are well maintained,

If someone would ever want to know my energy then I would say, take off your shoes and walk on the grass, that would be my energy, I find it extremely Therapeutic and healing in sense unknown, this year while I went through a lot personally and professionally I found the need to get closer to nature even more, though my love for nature actually comes from my parents and more importantly my mother, she loves to take me out in the open to a open garden space or the natural green life, even on her this birthday when she turned 60th we decided to take not so far away trip to the outskirts of mumbai, where we did find the peace and quite we needed along with a nice long drive,

This is purely a simplicity post when I decide to take a walk in the park after long days of COVID quarantine we all spent at home, it was refreshing and rejuvenating in ways not expected, all I can say it was calmness and a lot of happiness mixed with a lot of green, what more could have I asked for,

Hope you enjoyed reading this article if you did so, then please do like, share and subscribe, you can also provide necessary feedback’s, and don’t forget to follow, Thank you ! 💐

Outfit Details :

Top : Designual

Jeans : Zara India

Bag : Michael Kors

Platform heels : Aldo India

Watch : Michael Kors

P.S this is a complete No makeup look , it was one of the days when I was extremely upset after some very personal crazy threats, so the look here was comfortably lazy, this look is all about enjoying nature and finding the much required peace when your clothes aren’t In the best styling and your hair is all over the place and you have a no makeup fresh face !

Ho,Ho,Ho December !

Well hello there ! How have you all been ? Well the 3rd post this week had to be about Christmas Vibe and celebrations, December is special for me because of the celebratory mood and of course the Christmas spirit, I haven’t yet decorated my home for Christmas, but surely is in the process of it all, the reason I started Amore also in December is the same, I absolutely love Christmas, it’s my favourite festival, not just because of Santa, the tree or the Vibe but also I find the life of Jesus and what Lord Jesus inspiring stand for humanity ,

I attended a Catholic School, so the Bible and Christmas both played an important role in my life, my mother also attended a Catholic school, my Parents helped me decorate a Christmas tree ever since I was a little girl and my mom and dad totally played Santa for me, for a very long time I believed Santa exits and since I was a good kid he would leave me gifts, which would obviously be put There by my parents, my mom would make sure to buy me the right Christmas ornaments, even last year she helped me decorate the Christmas tree and our celebrations were intimate and Special,

So while I was out and about some days ago, I paired my Uncle Scrooge T-shirt from Zara with a Really old Red blazer that I purchased form Mango some year ago, along with my trusted ripped jeans and Skechers Sneakers and while the Sun was still shining I decided to protect my Eyes and wear my Ray Ban’s well ( well actually my Dad’s Ray Ban’s) , and carried my Mom’s very lovely Gucci Marmont along with it and since it was a sunny day with a slight bit of winter feel, I decided it was time for a hot cup of cappuccino, so well the trusted Starbucks with a Christmas spirit worked out completely well, Starbucks totally goes extra during Christmas, you have got to hand it over to them for that, soo Tada here I am posing away to glory with Christmas feel and whole lot of Style, hope you enjoy this Beautiful, yet understated but , well , comfortable look,

Hope you enjoyed reading this article, and the simplicity of it all, there’s a lot coming through this week, so stay tuned, while I share many more realities and my love for the simplicity of my life and different Vibes of Amore, if you liked this article please do like, share and subscribe, and of course follow, Thank You ! 💐

Outfit Details :

T-shirt : Zara India

Blazer : Mango

Jeans : Zara India

Sneakers : Skechers

Bag : Gucci Marmont

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

P.S this again is a no makeup look and I have only applied Lipstick !

Makeup The No-Makeup Look !

Well hello there lovelies, how are your’ll doing this evening ? Well I hope everything is fine and amazing with your’ll, today’s vibe is all about peace for myself, I couldn’t be more relaxed, well I informed your’ll yesterday as to how I will be sharing a daily post this week, since I’ll be completing a year of my beloved Blog <Amorebyshonadewal> on this Sunday 13 December 2020,

Well the second post surely had to be the no makeup post, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to manage my skin during the lockdown days, we all are accustomed to clinical procedures and love what it does for our skin, I for once love the natural look, I chose to wear no makeup and only apply lipstick and keep my skin fresh at all times,

Happiness is a personal choice, your face Glows when you are at peace with yourself and can keep it simple in life too, so I decided that in this lockdown time I am going to not apply any makeup and keep my skin away from any products, and shot all my post ever since February with no makeup, it made complete sense to be and it kept my skin healthy and glowing at all times and my skin got to breathe and the natural freshness it needed,

Usually I would give at least 2 days a week to my skin to rejuvenate and to let the skin breathe and not wear any makeup, my mother has instilled this no makeup belief in me, it’s her favourite skin care routine, I even shared a post during lockdown for how she has taught me to maintain my skin with utmost low maintenance, and as you can see I don’t regret that, after all your mom is always right,

But when the lockdown opened, skin care clinics and dermatologist started operating again, I chose to still maintain my no makeup life and keep things as natural as possible, so decided to find my balance and only applied sunscreen and moisturiser on my skin when I stepped out along with the right lipstick shade,

Not many people know that if you choose not to wear makeup it should be fine too, it’s just got the glam effect too and so that your skin doesn’t look faded apply a nice bright shade of lipstick and you’ll be good to go, it will brighten up your entire face giving it a look and finish as though you are wearing makeup,

But now that we are in the last month of 2020, I finally decided to start wearing the very well preserved make up since we women love to spend on makeup, don’t we ?……hahahaha…..so I decided to do a detail no makeup post of my no makeup skin and why my pre lockdown looks have been without any glam, but to be honest I did miss my winged eyeliner and my matte finish makeup glow, I don’t choose to contour, or even use as shimmer or difficult intricacies,

I will still follow a much healthier makeup and skin routine and will keep you all posted, keeping yourself and your skin hydrated should always be a compulsion, and your mood and stress level also affects the skin, so rather keep it calm and manage things well without stressing, whatever it is that is troubling you will always find a way and you will find your peace,

So keep glowing , glow queens, after all its the women of our society that have found the right balance of things most of the time right ?

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it informative and love and understand my perspective or maintain a healthy skin and rejuvenation of your skin and your mind, body and soul, remember in this world everything needs time to heal, so as always give time sometime and it will all find its peace, lots of love and happiness to you all, and If you like this post, then please like, share and follow and feel free to give your feedback, Thank you 💐

P. S I posted this picture on 19th May 2020 on My Instagram Account: @amorebyshonadewal ( with my Mother) // Familia 🐻 ( NO MAKEUP SELFIE). .//I get my NO MAKEUP HABIT from my MOM, it’s the BEST NATURAL TREATMENT you can give to your skin, your skin requires to breathe too, sadly our everyday LIFESTYLE and WORK LIFE doesn’t allow us to follow a complete week of NO MAKEUP ROUTINE , I completely used this QUARANTINE time to REJUVENATE my skin, and let it breathe, that’s the reason that for the last 2 MONTHS I haven’t worn any makeup NOT even for Instagram POST and STORIES , instead of using total FACE PACK CARE you can also choose this CARE , the secret to glowing skin is the same as NATURE , in order to NURTURE NATURE you have to LET IT BREATHE , the same applies for your skin, the SECRET also depends on how you feel, your personality reflects the way you feel, so in order to achieve a GLOWING SKIN , allow it to BREATHE stay AWAY from PRODUCTS for sometime or at least ONE TIME in a WEEK and always stay POSITIVE REGARDLESS OF THE SITUATION ! :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites .

P.S this entire post is a no makeup look and you can totally spot my skin and my look this particular post and it’s also about healthy image and not body shaming or objectifying women in general, it’s all about maintaining a healthy balance and keeping it real and simple at the same time, oh btw I am totally randomly posing with my favourite roses !

Bomber Black

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Hope you all have been good and doing well and wonderful, well my personal life has been quite shaky for the past few weeks, about two weeks ago I got another Rape threat, it’s like I don’t even know what’s happening here, it’s like suddenly for the last 6 months it’s been raining Internet threats, for once I took some time off and chose to not post much, though I did post one daily post on Instagram, while everything going so weirdly weird, this week is very special, because on Sunday the 13th December 2020 I will be completing one year of my blog, I will be sharing an everyday post for these coming days on the blog and focusing on posts that didn’t make it to the blog, but were surely write ups,

While at it, it’s also an amazing accomplishment of sorts, with the pandemic in place and all the upheaval caused in this particular year, it was a tough year for everyone, nevertheless but I haven’t ever expected life to be easy, I am of the belief that I can take on the challenges in life, what happens and how it happens isn’t in our control, but we can surely have our actions in our control,

2020 bought along a pandemic, a deadly virus “Corona” to create and provide us a world that we never thought of, our life saw such turns that we probably never expected, an entire worldwide lockdown and a lot of introspection in the way of home quarantine and of course 4 months of complete cut off from the world, I chose to not post on the blog for the 2 months of lockdown and only started posting when the first phase of the lockdown opened up,

My home quarantine series saw a normal life of any other regular girl, who was following the rules and making the very best to work from home, this year also got us some and probably many financial awakening that we probably needed, in the way of financial crisis, I personally saw some myself, but my job calls for keeping up with the latest trends and styles, although I am clearly proud because I didn’t shop for an entire 10 months this year, only recently during Diwali I stepped into a mall, and also refrained from online shopping,

But I did keep my Instagram post very active with daily posting and keeping my feel alive and awake at all times, I put ACORSS my words and point in the way of my writing, as an introvert it was an amazing thing to do, I frankly enjoyed every bit of it, loved every bit of the simple styling and more importantly simple life, of living without no makeup and giving my self and my mind the necessary time to distant as I wanted to,

As an introvert I lived the quarantine life even before quarantine came along……hahahahaha I choose to keep a little distance and I am not very social or a party person, so it’s home, work and my own quite time for me along with some nice quite drives with family or my pets, I prefer life to be sorted and simple,

Personally this year my Instagram life and my opinions definitely got me some very good amount of hate, but people are lucky when it’s a direct attack, I have received this rubbish in my Instagram DM, keeping my dignity and my stand in mind I chose to deal with it in a clear manner,

My personal dispute also took a different turn, I learned the hacks of social media and of course that gave me a different prespective as to how social media works, whatever I witnessed I handled it the way it was supposed to, my perspective and USP of the blog and the fashion and lifestyle was definitely suppose to be about Awareness, I kept up to the point of bringing people one step closer to my life and kept opinions and words very transparent,

Social awareness definitely opened another door altogether, it made me write my perceptions on Women Security, their personal peril and struggle, ofcourse I also wrote on what Mental Illness can Do to someone and how mental health awareness is Needed in our society, how of-course Plagiarism( the mother of all issues that started it all ), along with a personal issue of a triggered individual who started an issue for no reason,

Very important part of my blog was surely the Travel prospects of my life, I travelled a lot in 2019 and well realised what a luxury travelling is and how you can miss it from time to time, I loved every bit of the comfort it bought, I was suppose to share my remaining travel post of last year 2019 to Jaipur, but since I travelled to Jaipur in December I totally waited for it, but my travel last year actually began with Singapore in August 2019 , which finally got a completion with my Trip in January to the Northern Himachal and Uttarakhand Mountains of India, and then arrived Corona !

I put this look together a week ago and it was all about comfort with a lot of fashion and a little of my own twist, of pairing a long skirt with a cool Bomber jacket and our very trusted companion The Mask, which got added as a “ New Normal” or rather a wardrobe essential,

So get ready for a lot many looks and a lot many post this week, as every day this week I will be sharing a special post, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and this post, so do let me know via comments and don’t forget to, like, share and follow , and Hope you all have a fabulous Week ahead, Thank you ! 💐

Outfit Details :

Bomber Jacket : Forever New India ( a really old one)

Black Skirt : H&M India

Sling bag : H&M India

Mask : Purchase from a Chemist store

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

Flats : Zara India

P.S this is complete no make up look and I have only applied my trusted Lipstick, as you know I chose to do the lockdown Looks without Makeup and keep it as Natural and Simple while being comfortable as Possible ! 💕