Time of Life ! ⌚️🌟✨💫

Well hello there Lovelies ! How have you all been ? Hope everything has been splendid and happy as always, well today Indians all over the world celebrate Dhanteras, Dhanteras is suppose to be celebrated as to thank Goddess Laxmi for all the good health and wealth she has showered upon us, It’s a day when people buy something special as a token of good luck, be it GOLD, COMMODITIES or whatever their heart or their way of celebration speaks,

This made me realise of sharing this post with all you guys, of the gift I bought for my mother for her 60th birthday on the 4th of October, since I wanted to keep the gift and celebration simple and wanted to buy for her something that’s special and precious and full of memories,

I opted for two watches, the first one TITAN RAGA COLLECTION since it was the first WATCH BRAND that my mother got a gift from my grandfather and the other one CASIO VINTAGE COLLECTION since I would love her CASIO watch as a child and roam around with it, both of them simple, classic, elegant and WITHIN THE PRICE RANGE IF 15k,

It’s classic and Timeless style inspires us all, and these brands for all the love aid to the living style of each and every individual, I for once loved each one of them and so decided to shoot this series with MY MOTHER’S Gucci and her favourite FLOWERS, ROSES,💐

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed clicking these images, you can provide your feedback and follow, like, share, subscribe, and wishing you all a very HAPPY DIWALI, hope all of your dreams and aspirations come true, and the gift of TIME favours you all that’s pure and Truthful Each day of the Life ! ⌚️🔱

Outfit Detail :

Top and Jeans : Zara India

Bag : Gucci Marmont

Golden watch : Casio

White Watch : Titan Raga

P.S this is a complete NO MAKEUP LOOK, and the styling is SIMPLE AND CLASSIC at best ! thank You !

Rise to the Roses Of your life ! 🌷🧡💓💐

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Well things have been fabulous, life has been a beautiful parody of what should be or what could be, the idea of truth remains un-beatable regardless of the outcome, I for once love that ideology,

Fashion is an expression of thoughts and your personality, fashion makes freedom of expression more liberal, it gives out the way to bring our artistic side out in the open without the hassle to worry about survival,

For me personally living your REALITY isn’t ever a problem, living your reality provides you freedom, in gives you the strength and demeanour to walk the walk of life, I have a lot of other shades in my life and like any other individual I go on with life as per the usual,

This particular look celebrates the aesthetic of being yourself, I am comfortable in my body and have been proud of it, though I got body shamed completely and got asked to not wear dresses, I wore this particular shift dress without a SHAPE-WEAR, as I wondered what was exactly wrong with my body ? Being hateful doesn’t justify your bad body shaming attitude, I for once respect and love the idea that women come in all shapes and sizes,

Eating healthy and more importantly staying HEALTHY and MINDFUL should be your particular way of life, your SIZE can differ due to your own personal reason, but no matter who you are or what you are, no one and I REPEAT NO ONE has the right to INSULT you or body shame you and pull you down, or make you feel bad constantly by taking JABS at you, no one is perfect and don’t ruin your body in the process of proving a point to someone, live your life with HAPPINESS and CONFIDENCE in being WHO YOU ARE, and don’t comprise on your SELF-ESTEEM AND SELF-RESPECT,

I celebrate the idea of WOMANHOOD by understanding that WHATEVER SHAPE or SIZE we are, WHEREVER YOU COME from, what ever CASTE , CREED , RELIGION you are, it’s your life , the world and the universe gives you the freedom to make choices and decisions as whatever you choose to make, SO BE FREE, BE YOU, and celebrate this wonderful gift called LIFE !

P.S This is again a Nomakeup look, and I have kept the look basic and natural and only applied Lipstick, and remember to always WEAR A MASK when Out and About !

Outfit Details :

Dress : AND clothing

Tote Bag : Micheal KORS

Oversized Jacket : Zara India

Sneakers : Skechers India

Sunglasses : Emporio Armani

I shared this post on Instagram on the 14/10/2020, the day I Shot this particular post, and I immediately after sometime received some unusual DM’s on my way Instagram asking me to JOIN a GYM in order to have 6 packs !
On the 16/10/2020 I shared this post on my Instagram about body shaming and how bad it actually is and that there are women indulging in such BEHAVIOUR which is SHAMELESS : CALVIN THAT CASUALLY HANGS on the MAT ! 🖤
This is how you wear Calvin’s at Home, Unlike the one’s that sell them, but if it’s my-antra, they might go ahead and put the same YELLOW,GREEN and PINK on A specific BODY SHAMING Disha-Heen(Direction-less) woman ! #amorebyshonadewalwrites #amorebyshonadewalbeingwoman
// If you have LOVE HANDLES or a slight Tummy and an imperfect body without a Pack of abs does that make you un-attractive ? No, it makes you perfectly HUMAN And a unauthorised FOREST SAHEB and DISHA-HEEN can continue SHAMING AND PLAYING PR GAMES with People AS LONG AS THEY ARE ALIVE, because the truth remains TODAYS WOMEN DON’T Care, these FAKE WOKE WANNA SELF BELIEVING CELEBRITIES who just casually WALK OUT OF restaurants for FAKE PR ? I mean it’s high Time we all start doing that too, so may be these TAKE-OUT BUDDIES get a REALITY CHECK ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #nomakeup #curvyandproud
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Another Monday, Another Shade of Blue 💙📘💦

Eye Contact ! 👀
Looking At You Like 👀

Well hello there Lovelies ! How have you guys been ? Well it’s a Monday Sweety ! What better way to start the Week by adding a little Blue to it, to be exact powder Blue and some nice bright flowers, this look can totally qualify as a This and that of a personality, some piece in our wardrobe are classic, we invest in those piece because of its timeless value, like say a Blazer ?

Smiling through it all ! 😁
Hey Gucci where are you off to ? 😊
There I took the Mask off and Smiled ! 😁

So I decided to take my Powder Blue Blazer out to roam, and decided to give it a Twist of its own, for one look I paired the Blazer with shorts and the other look I paired with ripped jeans, the one with the jeans I paired it with my Mother’s Gucci and her Titan Watch,

Details and some more details !
I love the idea of Fresh Flowers 🌹 💐
Soaking in some Vitamin D, while dressed up to the T ☀️

My mood has been quite Numb for the last couple of days because of work and some personal differences, things can get quite unnerving when it’s out of your control, but let’s be honest how much can we even have in control ? So here I am adding a Fun element to start the week with Fresh flowers and a whole lot of Positive Blue,

Okay alright I have my mask on, let’s get to work !
Some details of how to Not Carry a Bag 😊😂
Always keep your Peace, remember nothing is worth risking your Happiness for !

Hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it, it’s short and sweet and totally in sync with my mood, You can like and subscribe, and give your valuable feedback if any, lots of love and happiness to each one of your reading this, Thank You ! 💐

Oh my oh My, here we go again Look !
Hey hi 20’s Baby, just a Few months Away from bidding 20’s Goodbye ! 😊
Okay alright here I am living some last Few months of my 20’s like……👀

P.S this Entire Look is a No-Makeup Look and only applied Lipstick and Kohl , the imperfect skin is the proof that no one is perfect , no I haven’t sworn off makeup, I’ll soon post a detailed post about why I have personally chosen to not wear any makeup for the last 6 months and I have kept the styling SIMPLE AND COMFORTABLE classic ! and please wear a Mask when out and about !

Outfit Detail :

Powder Blue Blazer : Zara

Shorts : Guess

Ripped Jeans : Vero MODA

Singlet : Zara

Stripped T-shirt : H&M

Blue sling Bag : Aldo India

Off White Bag : Gucci Marmont

Sneakers : Skechers India

Platform Suede Heels : Zara

Pearl Hairband : H&M

Hoop Earnings : H&M

White Pearl Watch : Titan Raga Collection

Beauty 👸🏻🖤

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Hope all has been going well with your’ll, well for me personally it’s been a roller coaster, the reality of the Situation hits differently when you have been troubled on many levels, sympathy and empathy becomes words, the truth rules out the LIES, and somehow we find ourselves juggling the weird ideologies of the society,

After celebrating Navratri ( Indian festival ) at the end of it I found my self contemplating many things per se, where I filed a long pending police complain, the harassment I have gone through these past months have been disgusting, I can’t believe how much drama the so-called rich and famous and Bollywood weirdo’s can bring into this mix,

I have noted about the plagiarism issue that happened in February in the middle of it all, it started showing up again and after creating so many troubles indirectly with the help of their friends, now went ahead to prove me wrong ? Like what the hell ? Mental harassment is a serious crime, you can’t just strategically place yourself and I might just spare you, though to be honest I didn’t have the time to attend to this 5 days ago because I was busy, but I did put up a post today on my Instagram, I’ll soon speak on this matter in Detail, because I have had ENOUGH of it, you can’t just keep GOING ON AND ON for your GOD DAMM EGO,

And while I am at it, on MOTHER’S day I was out and about with my mother when I wore this black MAXI DRESS, which I paired with my trusted NIKE SNEAKERS, and frankly I didn’t know what could make me feel more like a WOMAN ? Like a Weird lady made a comment that I am not a WOMAN, because I don’t have a man that can make me feel like one, I don’t name her, rather I have a special name to women belonging to this mindset, and it’s called DISHA-HEEN ( meaning directionless ) because frankly what kind of mentality is that even ?

But any way regardless on the matters going on in my LIFE, I prefer to keep things REAL and TRANSPARENT WITH EVERYONE, I don’t like living a LIE, I find THE TRUTH MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE, and that’s why I have decided I am not going to TOLERATE EVEN SLIGHTEST bit of DISRESPECT or any sort of DIRTY, DISGUSTING, DOWNGRADED NAME CALLING OR GAMES,

The idea of beauty remains in the True power of being your CONFIDENT SELF, and I don’t think there is anything more empowering or endearing than that, I am UN-APOLOGETICALLY myself and I can totally SAY I AM PROUD TO BE MYSELF !

Instagram Caption : Fashion and Style is Your own Charisma (I don’t know who said it before but I believe this sincerely ! #amorebyshonadewalwrites 💕
// JMD🙏🏻// #throwbacktodaugthersday

Outfit DETAILS :

Maxi Dress : FOREVER NEW




This is Not Louis Vuitton, It is “ BEING HUMAN” 🚫🛑!

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all Been ? Well life has been getting back to normal, nevertheless things seem to be more bright and clearer than usual, what happens to be a mystery is what might the future hold, and would it be worth existing in any sort of understanding ?

This look I put together last week, when I was out and about and decided to pair white denims with blue denim shirt, well my health has surely been under the weather, but don’t worry it isn’t corona virus, well as splendid as it may seem I was on a shopping spree,

I decided to buy a random T-SHIRT from a brand called BEING HUMAN, well I found an interesting individual who took a dig on me on my mother’s birthday for her present not being a LOUIS VUITTON, well I wouldn’t dare name him and give him the attention necessary For him , but I surely thought it would be a nice take on things for a post, where shaming would find a new low, and I definitely thought that this BRAND PIECE would do justice to the SAME and I could make my point clear,

Nobody in this world wants to BEG for MONEY, when you stop someone’s FINANCES by indirect means that isn’t called BUSINESS, that’s considered as FRAUDULENT activity, I have lately found crappy wanna be politicians indulging in such behaviour, where they pretend to be GENEROUS in front of the whole world for PR, and then go behind a person’s back and STOP THEIR INCOME using local GOONS,

What remains a mystery to me is how can one fight such PR STRATEGIES ? Well it’s easy don’t believe in them and give them a taste of their OWN Medicine, you may be a superstar or a celebrated powerful individual, but nothing gives you the right to SHAME someone And Make them feel less of something,

For me individually things have been more clearer than usual, when I went for SHOPPING I wore a GREY T-shirt under my Shirt since I was feeling cold, I wore the SAME LOOK out and about where I DECIDED TO BE HUMAN and remind some people to be kind and stop DEMEANING WOMEN EVERYDAY,

The T-shirt I bought is the RED AND WHITE ONE, I have also posted that look, I paired it with my MOTHERS GUCCI MARMONT which I bought last year and a VERY SPECIAL WATCH that I gifted my mother this year, this post is dedicated to my mother’s LOVE and SELF RESPECT of truly been an EXCEPTIONAL HUMAN BEING, and not giving materialistic things that much VALUE,

The pandemic surely thought one the meaning of life and the value for life and how your materialistic goods don’t add value to your life, instead its your approach and reproach to life that does, and this year I decided to give my mother gifts that would add more personal value and a timeless memory of a life time, I’ll be sharing that too in the upcoming post, after all it’s necessary, why not flaunt what needs to get flaunted instead,

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and find it interesting, if you have any necessary feedback then you can surely provide them and like share and subscribe, THANK YOU ! 💐

P.S I am not wearing any MAKEUP in this look, it’s fresh face since I have not been wearing any MAKE UP ! 🙏🏻🤷🏻‍♀️❌

Outfit details :

White denim Jeans : VERO MODA

Blue denim shirt : Zara India

Grey T-shirt : ZARA INDIA

Sneakers : Skechers

Tan Tote : Michael KORS

Red and white T-shirt : BEING HUMAN CLOTHING

Off white bag : GUCCI MARMONT

Ripped jeans : VERO MODA

WHITE Maxi Flashback Friday !

Pre Corona- these images were taken last year in May !

Well hello there lovelies, how are you guys doing ? Well these days I have decided to be more active on the blog, so you can expect a lot of interesting posts in the future too, I still have to post my travel post and may be it’s time for an upgrade, I am close to completing my one year of my blog, and like any journey this has been an interesting one too,

When pre-corona doing make up and stepping out would be fun,
Detail shots are always necessary, you can check outfit details,
In a Garden full of love and happiness last year in May !
I posted these pictures on Instagram last year and also posted a sweet caption on it, I can’t believe how much has changed in the last one year,

With the pandemic in place and 2 months of not Posting on the Blog, I started my blog as soon as the lockdown opened and chose to give the blog the rest while the lockdown still existing, and ever since then I have been slowly getting back following the lockdown Norms and rules,

This year when I was out for a stroll and decided to add a blazer to this look,
I loved the weather on this day and specially the blue sky ! I posted this picture on Instagram with the caption :Oh Hi BAE 🕊
// Pay your respect to the ELDERLY since they are the ones that carved the PATH that you could walk on, no matter how good or bad the day, no matter how disgusting the WALK of SHAME, a WOMAN would stand tall through it all, be proud of each moment that you live by and cherish the sudden sheerness of the spirit in you that is ready to WITHSTAND the stand of time, it’s going to be a never ending battle of TALES, that have been said AND some that have been REPEATED, nothing SEEMS more amazing when YOU GET USED AS an INSPIRATION by the one that somehow, someday WITH their ACTIONS INSPIRED YOU and while this evening I may walk with the SUPPORT of time I look towards the SKY and thank for the FABULOUS SUPPORT SYSTEM and LOVE that the Universe has shielded me with, whereas a man is concerned ? Well that’s a FAR OF REALITY that I am not even going to CONCENTRATE on, LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH THE spirit of life and PEACE because after all what is life then if it’s not COMPASSIONATE ? :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #bethequeenbyyouractions #bethequeenofyourmind (20th September 2020)
I prefer to keep distance and walk away when uncomfortable I have posted this on Instagram with a very particular caption, Colour of Freedom, Vision in White 🕊
// The idea about INTOLERANCE is simple, it SHOULDN’T be TOLERATED , we live in a fickle society that somehow is accustomed to defending people only according to their TIME AND NEED and of course their personal RAPPORT with that individual, somehow we lack SOCIETY JUSTIFICATION, I have personally faced many WARS on my own which have been on a very SOCIAL level, that doesn’t mean people don’t support, they support but helping you indirectly, or letting you know about their Omi-present self and frankly I have appreciated the SILENT AND INDIRECT SUPPORT too as much I have enjoyed and appreciated the ABUSES AND INDIRECT DIGS, imagine how much can be changed in just 2 months ? The people who once HUMILIATED an individual are now defending and the PRETENCE AND facade somehow left the building, LEAVING THE SUN TO WONDER whether did the ROSE FINALLY BLOOM ? Or DID IT DIE FOREVER ? Again only TIME COULD TELL………but never the less appreciate the GOOD BEHAVIOUR in people and always spread HOPE ,FAITH AND PROMISE the promise for the better future, men think humiliating someone for their behaviour REASONATES THE Idea of GUILT ? No not really in fact, as Mahatma Gandhi said AN EYE FOR AN EYE makes the whole world blind, so what we really need is CORRECT behaviour, RIGHTEOUS ATTITUDE and a KIND HEART, I am HOPEFULLY HOPEFUL ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites ( 5th Sept 2020)

I decided to finally post the looks that I definitely wore last year too, one of my interesting yet COMFORTABLE look has definitely been this very particular WHITE MAXI that I purchased from VERO MODA last year and wore in the first half of the year,

When strolling away in the night isn’t scary and I find it quite safe with a mask of course !
Always trying to keep the Peace by minding my own business,
Well well well…….Peace corona !

This year I decided to give a twist to this maxi by pairing a blazer with my white maxi and the other one I just kept it as it is while wearing a pony tail along with it, while last year I kept the look simple and let the maxi dress stand out, though you’ll definitely find the difference of the fit being loose this year…..hahahaha well I have got to get a belt then ? Right ? Hahahah,

30th May 2019 !

While at it I hope you enjoy this styling and give this basic white maxi a twist of its own, my take on it is SIMPLICITY, COMFORTABLE, BASIC, STYLISH and Sweet,

I just had to look back !
Well night sky and the Bandra Worli Sea Link !
Okay alright then bye !

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Oh no wait, a no makeup Fresh face of me smiling and looking at you and hoping we can collectively keep the Peace alive !

P.S my Pre-Corona Look is WITH MAKE UP, but my POST CORONA LOOK IS DEFINITELY WITHOUT MAKEUP, it’s been 6 months I haven’t applied any MAKEUP ON MY FACE, it’s my effort towards a better skin Care regime since frankly life has been different ever since the pandemic !

Outfit Details :

White Maxi Dress : VERO MODA

Tan Tote 👜: Micheal KORS

Fur Mules : Dune London

Grey Tote 👜: Micheal KORS

Daisy Belt ( for the bag ) : Micheal KORS

Yellow Camera Bag : FURLA ( Singapore)

Pink and Blue Out for a Stroll

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you been ? Hope all is treating you well, well I am totally looking forward to the upcoming Indian Festival Season, with the pandemic still out on the loose this would seem to be a refreshing yet energetic change, life isn’t just unfair at time, it’s unbearable, but what remains important is the positive attitude that is required,

For me personally I live with the belief that help will always be provided, provided you remember to help yourself first, the idea of good and evil is that it only and only depends on your Actions, it’s not where you are born, it’s what you CHOOSE to BE, these are some wise WORDS, but trust me if put to use they make judgment easy,

Life can never be a solace until and unless feelings are understood, for the reality of the world remains that life is a series of unimaginative REALITY, and that when meets with the EXPECTATIONAL REALITY becomes more and more difficult than ever understood,

Forgiveness can be given for many things but it cannot be given for a crime that is committed on purpose, I have posted two pictures out of this series on Instagram, I’ll be posting them here too with the caption in place, so you Read and know what my thought of outlook for HELP AND KINDNESS happens to be,

For now here is a look that I put together for a lazy afternoon of doing nothing yet being busy doing a lot, I bought this SHIFT dress from GLOBAL desi about 3 years ago and I decided to pair this with my denim jacket from RHESON and my trusted Adidas STAN SMITH That I have overused as it’s my favourite pair,

For me fashion is comfort and VIBE is happiness and outlook remains in actions and love is justified as a unsaid emotion, life is a series of celebration and kindness is an inbuilt reality, so live by your reality and you will always fathom in the bliss of ever after HAPPINESS,

Hope you enjoyed reading this article, please provide the needful feedback if you find it necessary and like, share and subscribe, THANK YOU ! 💐

Instagram post: and Caption

I Posted this on Instagram on 2nd September :

Walk of Life 💕🧿💙🌷

// MEN AREN’T ALWAYS AT FAULT when it comes to rape allegations ? DOES THAT MEAN THAT YOU CAN LET THE ONES THAT DO THE CRIME GET AWAY WITH IT ? DOESN’T IT MEAN TO HAVE AN INTERVENTION ? SHOULDN’T IT BE ABOUT INVESTIGATION RATHER THAN ALLEGATION ? IN TODAY’S AGE AND TIME YOU CAN SHRED A WOMEN’S DIGNITY APART REGARDLESS OF THE MATTER, THE WORD ITSELF “RAPE” IS A BIG DEAL, PEOPLE SHOULD WATCH WHAT THEY SPEAK AND SAY, just because you are angry or have some made up issues with someone you can’t go ahead and say whatever you want, WHEN SUCH SENSITIVE ISSUES ARISE, REGARDLESS YOU ARE A DISHAHEEN WOMAN OR NO, BASIC DECENCY AND MANNERS SHOULD BE THERE, YOU CAN’T SAY MEAN THINGS AND GET AWAY WITH IT JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU CAN ? ANY KIND OF CHARACTER ASSASSINATION IS A CRIME, DEFAMATION CAN COST PEOPLE THEIR ENTIRE LIFE, IT CAUSES MENTAL HARASSMENT AND CAN LEAD TO VARIED RESULTS, WOMEN GET THREATS, THAT DOESN’T MEAN ALL MEN ARE BAD, SOME MEN EVEN GET USED BY WOMEN AND THEN GET THREATENED INSTEAD, IN TODAY’S WORLD CASUAL RELATIONSHIP ALSO LEADS TO VIOLATION OF FEELINGS AND PRIDE, IT’S “ BAHUT SARA” DRAMA BECAUSE JUST LIKE THE “ Kerala coconuts” they randomly fall from the tree and decided to break an entire life of an individual, let me make this easy to understand : any kind of insensitivity shouldn’t and wouldn’t be tolerated, you can’t make someone feel a certain way and wait for them to cost their life, a valid answer definitely makes way, whatever allegations or claims you make, make sure you have proof to back them, you can’t go ahead and Name call people or SLUT SHAME without knowing their REALITY, just because of your own insecurity, when you speak and defame others remember and ask yourself first, are you a good enough individual ? for speaking about someone else like that ? :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites #socialawareness #stoprapeculture

2nd Post, Posted on Instagram on 14th September :

Walk in the Garden of so called PARADISE 🌱💚💕🧿#smilethroughitall // Ok I thought I may speak of a national Joke of this country, imagine you own a 75 lakh MERCEDES, a 2 crore RANGE OVER, 5 FLATS in SO CALLED UPSCALE BANDRA, 3 Mercedes’s and AUDI’s , being a SO CALLED WANNABE POLITICIAN MLA, A ONLINE PR MARKETING COMPANY BUSINESS OWNER, STANDS ACCUSED OF crores of RUPEES OF SCAM, JAILED FOR ROAD ACCIDENT, HARASSMENT OF GIRLS, walks AROUND WITH A ROLEX WATCH, BUYS VOTES AND PEOPLE ONLY BY merely PAYING THEM 20,000 rupees, hiring a FAKE CHEERING CROWD then asking the GOVERNMENT TO HELP A HELPLESS girl who probably has FINANCIAL CRISIS and giving her a home and also giving her a BONANZA CHEQUE( of a mediocre amount ) and then PRETENDING TO BE CHARITABLE, I mean if you are so rich and you are LIVING THE LOUIS VUTTION AND GUCCI LIFESTYLE and SHOWING OF YOUR PRADA AND VERSACE, then shouldn’t you be helping them yourself ? , WHY THE GREED, c’mon and then create FAKE MENTAL TRIGGER STORIES AND RUMOURS with the help and manipulated BOYS AND GIRLS by promising then BETTER LIFE AND WORK PROSPECTS to them just to harass another girl and get your way into manipulating her for a piece of land or monetary benefits and having a personal bad eye on the girl and when QUESTIONED FOR THE SAME, GOING MAD AND PHYSICALLY DAMAGING PEOPLE ? I mean if this isn’t GUNDAGARDI then what is ? and I completely understand the helpless ness of the PUBLIC FORCE and also the STATE GOVERNMENT because it’s like a LEECH MENTALITY, every person is responsible for their own actions, so we have to adjust and fathom but can we finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, SILENCE CANNOT BE TAKEN FOR WEAKNESS ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites

P.S you can Follow me on Instagram for my DAILY POST AND UPDATES AND WRITE UP’S , @amorebyshonadewal

P.S this entire look is a NO MAKEUP LOOK ! #nomakeup

Outfit Details :

Shift dress : Global Desi

Denim Jacket : RHESON

Sneakers : Adidas Stan Smith

Blue Monday Butterfly 🦋

Well hello there lovelies, how have you all been ? Well things have been going just crazy different for me personally, but like always I am finding my ground personally and professionally, what seems so weird is that to snap out of something and do what’s necessary right ?

Well I have personally been of the belief that it’s life and up’s and down’s are bound to happen what makes a difference here is to keep Working, the idea of truth remains that no matter what, things will find its peace on its own, here I am starting a Monday on a positive Note,

While I was out and about some weeks ago in September, I decided to do a quick photo call in this beautiful yet simple dress, I wore this dress on my 28th birthday and had posted some pictures on Instagram Last year, but never really did a look post for the same,

As women we tend to purchase what not only meets our eye, but also adds the feel to our basic look, this dress can totally be termed as a TWO STORY dress, while it’s originally a Wrap dress, I also worse it as a short dress with cape, and frankly I enjoyed it, and what’s a dress if you can’t have Fun in it ? Right ? ……hahahahaha..,

So here are some out and about NO MAKEUP pictures of a very simple yet classic dress, the first look I have paired it with a belt bag I bought from DUNE INDIA, the other one I have paired with a hot pink sling bag from FURLA, well and I just changed the over all look by changing the hairstyle, well since I am not wearing any MAKEUP in either of them just applied my REGULAR LIPSTICK GLOSS ( lipstick+gloss)….hahaha AS GLAM,

So hoping you enjoy this style too, and like this post you can provide me feedback and follow and like if you like my post, for more and subscribe, happy Feels and lots of love and happiness to the beautiful people reading this post ! Thank you !💐

P.S always WEAR A MASK, it’s for your safety ! 😷

Outfit Details :

Dress : Zara (old)

Sneakers : Skechers

Belt bag : Dune London

Hot pink sling bag : FURLA Metropolis

Skin In the Sun !🍂🌞☀️

Glowing and how ? 🌞🌻
The product that matters ! 💕
Not afraid of the HARSH RAYS of the SUN 🌞☀️🌻

Well hello there lovelies, hope everything is going well with each one of you reading this, well frankly today’s post is about SKINCARE, I have been a dedicated user of no MAKEUP LOOK, I received queries related to sharing MY SKINCARE routine, well honestly I was a little hesitant before but finally I came around the Idea of shooting this post,

Morning Glow ! 🌞
Thinking of so many things that doesn’t even matter and then realising what a waste it actually would be ? Right ?

Well I am sure you all are aware is to how important using a SUNSCREEN is in our day to day, it’s the most important factor for SKINCARE, it’s a SHIELD that protects us from the harmful rays of the sun, we all require The SUN and a lot of VITAMIN D, but then how much is too much ? Well that’s where a SUNSCREEN comes to use, it’s saves your skin from TANNING, HARMFUL RAYS, REDNESS, PIGMENTATIONS depending on your SKIN TYPE,

Keep your skin healthy and glowing with the right kind of protection 🌻☀️🌞
Yes sometimes the introvert makes an effort to come out of its cocoon, while doing FALL SEASON JUSTICE ! 🐢🌻🌞☀️

There are different SKIN TYPES and surely that BECOMES IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND TOO, depending on that my DERMATOLOGIST prescribed LA SHIELD to me about 3 years ago and It’s been a part of my DIALY SKIN SCARE since then, it’s easy on APPLICATION and it’s light TEXTURE, totally does justice to your skin care routine,

Imperfect SKIN MAKES YOU A PERFECT HUMAN BEING, so flaunt your imperfection ! 🌻🌞☀️
Oh hi there BAE 👋🏻……oh wait I don’t have one but then saying it shouldn’t make a difference right ? 🌞🌻😂

You can specially apply it under you MAKEUP, a light APPLICATION TOTALLY HELPS along with a moisturiser, it worked wonders for me, I am sure it will do the same justice to you too,

Sometimes you are just Thankful, even if it’s falling apart stay hopeful and strong that may be perhaps it’s for better ! 🌻🌞☀️

Here I have paired a Simple Singlet with jeans while enjoying some tea and snacks, could it get better than this ? and the other one is a basic top from H&M , And btw I totally Removed the BULB from that lamp, as I thought it wouldn’t look nice…….hahahaha……

Bling, bling and some more bling and TEA of course ! 🌻🌞☀️☕️

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Looking at you like ? 👀🌻🌞
Just some blissful HAPPY MOMENTARY VIBES ? 😁🌞🌻☀️

Outfit :

Jeans : Zara

Singlet Top : Zara , Beige Top : H&M

Hair band : Zara

Ring : Valliyan

Neckpiece : Aldo ( really old )

Hope bracelet : Aldo ( really old )

Pearl Necklace : H&M

Coco-Nut Rendezvous 🌴

Coco-Nuts in the Sun ! 🌴🌻🌞🥥😂
Let’s get like posing for an AD 😂 btw this isn’t an AD FOR Coach, but you can still buy the bag if you like it on me 😁 !

Hi there Lovelies ! How is the day treating you ? Well one thing that corona widely affected is tourism, our chances of travelling anywhere has zeroed up to being NILL and while we are at it, we are still hopeful for the future that our travel prospects work out the best way possible, personally and financially,

Sometimes just a Happy BABY GIRL 👧

For me personally this year has been life changing in many ways and while this year got a major lifestyle change for one and all, it also threw light on the issues that lie within the reach of our eyes, one such incident has been harassment that women encounter in their daily life, for me personally it’s been a battle of SEXES since financially independent women don’t work well for the UPTIGHT MEN in our SOCIETY,

You were talking to me ? Really wait the Sun is bothering my SHOT ! 🌞😂
Some FREAK SPOKE OF MILKSHAKE AND SANDWICHES because he is a BACHELOR, so I said there is a good chances of his ASS EXPLODING While he is chasing someone else’s ! 😂🌴🍼🥥🍑

I have been physically OBJECTIFIED on a digital platform, RECEIVED DIRTY NASTY DM’s, got dragged through the MUD and all this in the name of PATRIARCHY ? And how ? I share my experiences openly through my write ups on my Instagram account, it’s my bid to spread SOCIAL AWARENESS and let girls like me know that there is Hope And no matter what, we have got to learn to STAND UP AND DEFEND OURSELVES,

This is a typical “ HAYE MERI KAMAR ( oh my the pain in the back )” POSE 😂🤣

Testing times brings the uplifting FACTOR OF ONE’S character and while we are QUESTIONABLE and our circumstances restrict us, the chances of SUCCEEDING becomes directly proportional to our COURAGE, so take that step and defend yourself against the DIRTY TRUTH AND POLITICS OF OUR SOCIETY, we are the BRICK-STONE OF OUR FUTURE,

Yes I’ll protect myself from the SUN also when he GETS TOO HOT AND TOO DIFFICULT TO TOLERATE ! 🌞🌻🌂

This look represents my BODY POSITIVITY, while I have been OBJECTIFIED OPENLY and my BREAST HAS GOT REFERRED TO AS COCONUTS in a DEROGATORY way, I learnt that confidence comes from WITHIN and our future is based on our confidence,

Looking at you like ? 👀 🌴🌻

Here I have paired a basic SWEATER T-SHIRT from ZARA with high waisted SHORTS which I bought from ZARA SINGAPORE LAST YEAR, along with MY COACH BAG and my TRUSTED SKECHERS PERFORMANCE SNEAKERS, this look is my vibe of living the HOLIDAY LIFE WHILE IN MUMBAI and of course wearing this look with confidence, after all it’s all about how you choose to live life and until you can travel again at least FASHION WOULD definitely come to your RESCUE !

Peeking in from the LEAVES AND PRETENDING they are COCONUT TREES 🌴🥥😂

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Okay alright ! THANK YOU FOR READING this BLOG POST🙏🏻💐
And please REMEMBER TO WEAR A MASK, since it’s important for the WELL-BEING OF YOUR’S and OTHER’S SAFETY ! 😷

Outfit Details :

High waisted Shorts : Zara Singapore

Sweater T-shirt : Zara India

Bag : Coach

Sneakers : Skechers India

Sunglasses: Ray Ban