Stop Shaming Women, Respect Them, Celebrate Each Day As International Women’s Day

When it comes to a women in our society they are ultimately viewed as objects, we have definitely improved where women and their projection is concerned, we have come a long way from our beaten paths, I often say this “ we primarily live in a male dominated society” the idea of having a male around is accustomed to us in a way where it starts feeling more normal, for women their father, brother, friend, and husband are important personal relationships, we don’t view it as our weakness, we somehow look at it as love and our relationship, but for the society it is more of a security to have these male figures around us,

Well to be honest if a women doesn’t have these male figures securing her then does that mean that she somehow become a public property and other men can behave with them the way they want, whether it’s at workplace, whether it’s business, or personal life we are looked upon as a weaker sex, a women gets ahead in life either by being a bitch to a man or with the support of the brave men in her family and around her at least that’s the normal society projection of a women , what makes things worse is that, it’s a society mentality, you can have control over one, but a collective mentality makes in difficult for a women to handle things, frankly that is where the change is required ,

A women gets judged on the streets for what she wears and how she carriers her self, she gets body shamed constantly for her weight, if a women raises a voice she gets bullied in the process, it’s never important what feedback she has in a board room, but what she has worn to work is what makes a difference, for a women that doesn’t have a father around or has lost a father, and doesn’t have a male figure in the projection of brother or husband, has to get used to men guiding her and bossing her around,

We definitely have changed compared to the olden times, but still we have a long way to go, and then to make this worse, women don’t support women, we become difficult, and carry on fights, the ones having a male figure start acting up and viewing independent women as she-wolf and more over powering, single women get viewed as threat or they are criticised by the married women, because they wouldn’t go against their male egoistic husband, many women don’t correct their man in the fear of losing them, in fact we forget that in a relationship if you don’t correct your man it can result in bad outcomes, and somehow that gets projected in various ways , if a man genuinely tries to help a women he gets called out and get called names and the women eventually have to prove a relationship, so what is really the reality of a single women in a male dominated society? Death ?

Well to conclude I would say that If you are a single women in a “ male dominated” society in the year 2020, you don’t need to worry, keep going and don’t worry, nobody but only you can write your story, your strength comes from you, if you can adjust with yourself, and with a society that is always making terms for you, you can do anything without fearing for the judgemental views of the society, you don’t need to compromise on your pride, and dignity, the world will eventually adjust with you !

This women’s Day I would like to personally wish all women a very happy international women’s day, may be we them, may we raise them, may we support them, may we look up to them, may we live in a society that is safe for women, may we understand the need for “ HeforShe” may we build this society on the basis of equality, because after all there is a “ He in a sHe” too, so may the future be bright, I am surely hopeful for the future !

Watch it out, I am 29, Single and Proud

So frankly how many times do women get asked about their relationship status, and frankly as women ? I mean after 25 being a single women is a scary thought to people, in its own self, I lost my dad when I was 24 and a half, and ever since that day I have been managing my house, my dads work, and my own too, I in fact took a sabbatical so that I can handle My share of responsibilities, well to be honest I didn’t want to give up on my responsibilities, I don’t think I am doing something special, all women do it, well to be very honest I got ragged, humiliated, shamed, criticized, got duped and always at every point I was remembered each day that I am a “Woman” ,

To be very honest I didn’t care about it much, I am very happy with whatever came my way, because I look at it as a work challenge, you don’t find a man complaining while dealing with people around, so why should I just because I am “ a woman” ?

After always keeping my head up high and taking care of everything for the last 4 years , last year I was reminded that I am 28 and “ Unmarried” may be my need to be an independent women is getting in the way, in order to settle down and specially after losing a father I should hand over my life, my work, my properties and everything to the “ man in my life” ?

I was reminded that now that my dad is not there I won’t be able to stand up for my pride and maintain my self respect, I have to adjust to the society ways ?, after all a man wears the watch and tells the time to the women ? I was also advised to buy gifts for a boy in order to win his affection and stabilise a understanding, all this without even the thought of marriage or an existence of a relationship ? I was asked to remain silent for my own safety when I was threatened just because I refused to do a property deal which I didn’t agree with , because I am a ” woman”, I was told that I won’t get work, and won’t be able to earn money if I speak against the man ? I was told that if I am being harassed I should remain quite because I am a “woman” , I was told to not speak of the issue if I care about my career, I was asked to accept a man in my life just because he is more powerful than me, I was asked to accept a boys bad advances, and after I put it out on Instagram, I was asked to let go of the matter, Every time I wondered why I was being put through all this, I was told it’s because there is ” no man” in my house, I was asked to get married just for my own safety, and listen to what ever the boys family wishes, well I am sure by now your’ll have figured that I didn’t listen, and I stood my ground, I don’t regret it, things aren’t easy for me in my everyday life, I still get harassed, get called names, have been labeled as crazy, get threats, and for my own safety have been asked to stay quite, And since this world deal with always ” an indirect way” all this is said in a “‘indirect, sarcastic way” so that I can’t prove it, so that I get termed ” as an over thinker” or “ difficult” a educated working girl got labeled as ” crazy”, because all we women do is “create men in our imagination, we are always looking for safety, and power from a man, we are always looking for a knight in shining armour, because women are supposed to always get “rescued” , isn’t that the idea we have grown up with in the first place ? What do I do then ? I deal with it like a “Man” would, I give it back, I fight it back, just like all women do, because ” Women are as powerful as a Man” not all women ever get to put out their personal battles, that’s is why we are ” more strong than a man “

I decided to shut the world up and in order To show my self and remind myself of that day everyday I got my self a “ men’s watch” from my favourite everyday wear brand “ Giordano ” ( this isn’t an AD, I love the brand personally and own many watches from the brand) , I wear it each day and it tells me the same time as any man’s watch would do, instead of showering a man with gifts and wining the loyalty of his family I decided to do this for myself, I also got a special gift for my mom on her birthday, I will be talking about that gift later too,

But what is the moral of the story ? Well every women should remember that your independence, your bank balance, your safety shouldn’t be the choice of your relationship, it has to be, “ Only you” because remember your father wouldn’t ever give you to a man that doesn’t value you, I know for the matter of fact my dad wouldn’t, that’s why he raised me to be like that , choose your significant other on basis of understanding, love, emotions, respect, and you will not regret your “ Love”, I haven’t found mine yet, when I do I’ll surely let your’ll know, after all it will be a proud day, to meet a man who in true manner” took my heart away” wouldn’t it ?

Jaipur :Pink City

Well hello there….how have you been ? I hope your’ll have been well and fine and having a great time, well I just got back from another holiday about a month back, hahahaha no no I don’t keep holidaying all the time, actually this time for my birthday I decided to travel North India, particularly Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, what made me do it ? Well I wanted to bring in my birthday in a nice clam and peaceful environment, and the fresh air, up high in the mountains and the calmness of the snow caped mountain was just the thing, I was sure that this year my birthday it will be more about quality time with my family, I will be sharing my experience on my birthday trip too but a little later, I did the same for New Years, For New Years I was in Jaipur India’s pink city, it was truly amazing, this was totally a last minute plan, and it all worked out well,

Well so I arrived in Jaipur in the end of December, after Christmas, and well then the temperature was 8degree, well for a mumbai resident this temperature counts as unbearable, but still I loved the peace and clam, Jaipur as a city is quite busy even in the winters, considering it’s in North India, I didn’t expect it to be so busy and full of traffic, but may be because it was holiday season that is why it was so crowded, I have travelled to Jaipur before but only for work purpose, considering Jaipur has India’s largest precious stone market, to a jewellery designer such as myself it comes a lot useful, the “karigaars” as in makers of jewellery also you’ll find the best one’s there, they are famous for their gems, jewellery and handicraft work, but this time my trip to Jaipur was more as a tourist and less as a work professional, I wanted to see the palaces, architecture and the city life of Jaipur, and I wasn’t disappointed,

After arriving in Jaipur, I met with my driver, who took us to our hotel, it took a good 30 mins drive to get there, and since our hotel is located in the city itself this was less time then it would take to other places, we finally arrived at our hotel the TAJ JAI MAHAL PALACE , a true palace dream of sorts, as soon as you enter you are blown out with the structure of the hotel, to the well maintained lawn area, and the serene clam of the environment, well as soon as I got down from my car, we were welcomed in the traditional Indian styled with a royal touch, the doorman carried a huge umbrella and Walked some steps along with us, frankly to a very practical person such as myself it was a bit much, because I don’t consider myself that entitled, but that’s how they welcome royals and well since you are their guest you are royals to them, so I would totally give them points for their traditional style, we were welcomed with a a traditional tikka ( vermillion on your forehead) as a welcome gesture, followed with some welcome tea, which I didn’t choose to have, because it had taken for ever to get to Jaipur since my fight was delayed,

Well So after a warm welcome, they escorted us to our beautiful room, it was a room with a garden view, the entrance had vintage vibe to it, and as soon as I entered it was pleasant nice and quaint, it was peaceful at best, I was there for 4 days and one of those days was going to be the New Year’s Eve and the First day of the year, I thought to myself I couldn’t have picked a better place to celebrate the New Year’s Eve and start a new year ,Soon after a shower I decided to roam around the city and explore it and bit, I straight away headed to the the Patrika Gate, Jaipur city in itself has several different gates, because the Jaipur heritage is build on the basis of the royal families of Rajasthan , frankly it’s just a Gate in the middle of the city where tourist go to click pictures and locals to just chill with their family’s and friends, its famous for its hand work paintings and design structure which frankly makes it very popular and the most instagrammable spot in Jaipur !

At the Patrika Gate I chose to wear a nice jumpsuit with my pink leather biker jacket, since I was tired with a long journey, it was the best choice because it was comfortable, I wanted my outfit to be practical yet according to the weather, frankly I didn’t want to overdo it, and with an entire day travelling i kept my comfort in mind, I absolutely loved the PATRIKA GATE structure and was blown out as to how well maintained it actually was, well I believe i am an individual who isn’t as easily impressed, so I am totally telling you I was truly impressed, by it and loved every bit of it ,

After Patrika Gate I decided to visit GALTA JI TEMPLE , since it is one of the oldest temple of Jaipur and I wanted to see more rustic architecture, I met a lot of monkeys there hahahahaha I can’t say they have maintained it well, but if you like old school vintage architecture then you can definitely check it out !

Later in the evening I decided to roam around the market and have some local food ( specifically chat) Jaipur is very famous for its Onion Kachori, Dal Kachori, and the two most well known names for these is LAXMI MISHTHAN BHANDAR and RAWAT ( FARSAN)

After having those I left for my hotel, and then realised that it’s only Tea time after a tiring day I ordered some Tea as an in room dining , and around late in the evening I realised about my my dinner reservation, fortunately I didn’t have to find a restaurant reservation outside, since TAJ JAI MAHAL PALACE, itself has three restaurant and since I have tried them all, I must say I loved all three, so I made reservation at the GARDINIA ITALIAN RESTAURANT, And really they didn’t disappoint, since their food was as delicious as promised, the staff was well mannered and courteous, if you follow me on Instagram you must have already seen my food post, but I loved the mushroom soup in truffle oil, and loved the ravioli too, since I am a big ravioli fan, I requested them to make the ravioli in white sauce, since I prefer spinach and ricotta ravioli in white sauce, and it was on point, and then waitress there was kind and courteous, since the white wine I always have They didn’t have that, she suggested me to try something new and a very good Chardonnay white wine which I absolutely loved And enjoyed, the best justice they can do to their service is suggest the best to their guest, and They totally earned some extra points with me and they did full justice with my mothers favourite mushroom risotto, and I am not just praising them for no reason, make sure you visit them if you like good Italian food, you won’t be regretting it,

After dinner I decided to come back and pass out, as I had a fun filled yet tiring jam packed day, and the next day was even more interesting because I was going to see the HAWA MAHAL AND AMBER FORT

I AM GOING TO POST ABOUT IT IN THE NEXT POST, and SPEAK ABOUT IT AND DETAIL AGAIN, so stay posted, and I apologise for the delay, thank you for reading, and if you like it don’t forget to like and subscribe and follow, Thank You !


  • Airport look ( it’s all about being comfortable while travelling)
  • Sweatshirt : KENZO
  • Flared Pants : ZARA
  • Animal Print Scarf : H&M
  • Sneaker : NIKE AIR MAX
  • Camera bag : FURLA BRAVA


  • Printed dress : ZARA SINGAPORE
  • Waist Belt : ZARA INDIA
  • Wristlet Bag : MICHEAL KORS
  • Suede heels : ALDO


  • Navy blue trouser : ZARA
  • Bralet : ZARA
  • Cover up jacket dress : GLOBAL DESI
  • Platform wedges : ALDO


  • Pink leather biker jacket : ONLY INDIA
  • Sneaker : NIKE AIR MAX
  • Wristlet Bag : MICHEAL KORS


  • Black leather Pants : ZARA
  • Turtle neck top : ZARA
  • Sneaker : NIKE AIR MAX INDIA
  • Wristlet Bag : MICHEAL KORS

Night Suit Pyjamas:

  • Satin purple night suit set : LA SENZA
  • Hairband : ZARA

Pajamas “Night” Suit Style

Well hi there again, so I didn’t really post anything after the T-shirt story, well to be honest this post is pending for about 2 weeks, so this is actually a late Christmas pajama story….., well frankly holidays can particularly be very stressful, with all the celebrations, preparations and deadlines to meet somehow even catching a breath starts seeming like a task in it own self,

So well where festivals are concerned they are almost ritualistic and traditional in ways that cannot be explained, so frankly we are all here for traditions, hence we make sure to follow the festival traditions as they are meant to be followed, Though I am a bit non- conventional in nature, so I do like to make my own traditions

One Christmas tradition that is followed in most part of the worlds are the “ Christmas PJ’s traditions” well tartan print becomes one celebrated print of the day along with a “ Christmas ugly” but a traditional sweater to go along, for me this year I decided to give them a little twist of my own, with replacing tartan print with animal print silk pajamas that I purchased some months ago from H&M India, it caught on with me immediately,

What girl doesn’t love a comfy pair of pajamas ? Right ? Like its almost an Everyday tradition that all girls follow, and frankly everyone in general goes for comfy clothing with its comes to lounge feels, lounge wear doesn’t really get picked for its looks in fact its always chosen for its comfort,

P.S this post was written before New Years, but with all the work and travelling I did not get enough time to publish it, I also have a lot of content ready which I’ll be posting in the coming days, so stay posted, and hope you enjoy this post and like it too !

One T-shirt Two Ways

Basic T-shirt’s are a wardrobe staple for many , frankly we girls love the idea of gowns and dresses, but when it comes to T-shirt it’s our everyday buddy, something we rely on for everyday wear, a T-shirt comes to our rescue at times when we didn’t even think about it? All girls love the idea of a basic T-shirt , or a baggy T-shirt, you can even style a T-shirt in different ways !

Here I personally styled this T-shirt in two different ways, the first one I decided to tuck it in and add a choker for a evening effect since I was suppose to later go out for dinner, so here this look went from day to night, and was comfortable and classy at the same time,

The Make-Up for this first look was also simple and not too much since as I mentioned it was a day to night outfit style, and I personally love make-up but Still prefer less application and a light look !

The second look I decided to wear this T-shirt in its own baggy style and paired it with a pair of leather pants for a slight but not too much of grunge look with a nice pair of bling sneakers, frankly this is how can you add a dramatic touch and almost a rock chick vibe to your everyday wear, it’s effortless and stylish,

For the second look I decided to keep the make up and bit too strong and highlighted, so even the lipstick I choose was a bit bright,

Outfit Details :

First look

  • T-shirt : H&M
  • Denims: Zara
  • Choker: Very old from Forever New
  • Pink kitten heels: Zara

Second look

  • T-shirt : H&M
  • Leather pants : Zara
  • Sneakers : Dune London

P.S well because of continuous festivities And then New Years I haven’t been able to post much, since I was travelling, I was in Jaipur for the New Years and I have a lot more content to post in the coming weeks so stay posted, and I hope you have a great week ahead and you have liked this post, please feel to share your feedback in the comments !

P.S Listen up ladies if your T-shirt doesn’t wrinkle up on the go, then your T-shirt isn’t a T-shirt,well some fabrics are meant to be wrinkly in nature, no matter how many times you iron it,when you drive a self driven car,and you are a women who is out and about, your T-shirt will get wrinkly, unless you are royalty of-course, so be proud of your everyday life, so this is why a T-shirt always comes to rescue, you can read more about this on my blog !

Let me know your views in the comment section of the blog, and stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Grey !

Well it’s a new year, so wish you all a very happy new year, have a fabulous one, hope you all enjoyed your New Year’s Eve and Christmas holidays too, I decided to post this post as my first new year post, since somehow people always forget to find a balance between their positives and negatives in life, we all somehow live grey shades life, the black and white seems more difficult than usual, since the interpretation of grey it self is relentless balance between the white and the black, when you mix these two colours you achieve the colour grey, no one in this world wants to be a grey shaded personality, which means the shades of negative, and even then we somehow land ourselves in the balance of these two, the Chinese symbol Yin and Yang also represent the balance between the good and the bad, where “white” stand for good and “ black” stand for bad, they also represent the male and female elements of a human nature, Yin stand for black and feminine and Yang stands for white and masculine, well as we can debate here and argue on how this would be discrimination this somehow shows that how these two side in order to maintain the balance need to stay aligned and together,

Yin stands for black or the dark side and is associated with negative, hard, cold, wet and feminine, whereas Yang stands for white or the light side is associated with things soft, positive, warm , dry or masculine somehow this description itself contradicts itself, but again it’s about finding the “ balance” the masculine needs the feminine in order to remain soft, positive and warm and the feminine requires the masculine in order to have some reality in the form of negative outlook with a hard hand on the two, so here it explains the idea of the balance in between the two,

So how does it adds up to grey ? Well because if these two somehow mix positive then they are positive but if they are mix negatively they are negative, we are in reality our thoughts and our approach to things, people speak of negative and positive energy without realising that a negative attitude cannot get a positive result and even the most positive human being can have a negative thought, its all “ Being Human” we somehow refuse to see the blurred lines and pull apart people on the basis of their flaws,

So it’s best to avoid Grey, But it’s also important to recognise the positive grey or the negative grey, no one in this world is perfect, compassion is what binds us, the black and white may not be a mix of colours, but they are from where it all starts, they are synonymous to our existence and no matter what we have to embrace its reality and hope for a brighter tomorrow, hope is all we have and in the chaos it’s important to find the calm !

Merry Christmas !

Christmas somehow at some point in our life has always played an important part, it’s the season of joy and merriness, love, life and hope, Jesus‘s birthday each year fills us with lots of hope and love, its a season of cheerfulness, and of-course the season of the shining star

For me personally Christmas has played a very important role in adding up to my happiness, its my favourite festival of the year, I love the vibe of Christmas, as a child I used to participate in Christmas plays in school and frankly I loved the entire vibe of it, since I attended a catholic school, Christmas Celebrations were an absolute must each year, ever since I was young we would get a Christmas tree, and till I was 10 years old I thought “Santa” is real, since my mom and dad use to play secret Santa for me, sometime leaving gifts under my pillow or rather leaving them under the Christmas tree, so it’s been really special,

Though I am not a child anymore, I have been following the Christmas celebration all my life, its almost a ritual in its own self, where we celebrate Jesus birthday and exchange gifts, I love playing secret Santa so their year was no different, we got a Christmas tree and decorated it and layed out some nice Christmas snacks, an intimate celebration of love, light and happiness,

So here’s wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas, and A Happy New Year , have a fantastic Christmas and lots of love and happiness to you and your family ! 🎄🦌🌟✨💫

P.S ( here I am posing with my beloved NADO (Labrador retriever ) , TIA ( Siberian Husky ) and my sweet little boy SNOWY ( Persian cat ) and you might not believe this but they were very excited to be a part of this photo-op ☺️

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Monochrome Chic

Hi there lovely beautiful people, hope your’ll are doing well, well life has been hectic, as usual, for me personally I prefer calm and quite environment although the political scenarios lately have been making things quite chaotic , and disturbing,

I’ll be sharing more about those issues later, coming back to the post here, Monochrome style has been around for ages, and it’s quite classic and adds an understated grace to it, specially the white and black combination is one classy combination that almost everyone wears on at least any given occasion, with men’s fashion its almost the most important tried and tested style whether its their business suits or casuals, and its also a combination of Law and Order, its what lawyers have to wear on their job, so yes given its history and impact definitely its one of the most over used combinations by the fashion fraternity, and has always been shown in different ways,

Another element in this look is feather, feather or feather-accented dress, gowns or tops have been around forever, and there is no doubt they will always be used and its one element that isn’t going anywhere, I decided to pair this feathered top, with a sleeveless open suit blazer and added a nice broad belt, that accentuated the look and also adds a nice sharpness to this look and paired this combination with a white trouser to turn it into a nice classic, elegant and stylish look at the same time, and of-course the black and gold elements also add a good touch to the look !

I would describe this look as comfort-chic , considering its easy and has the right sharpness to it that you can bring to any outfit, it also tones down the feather effect that sort of adds drama to the look, and its a great look for an evening soirée, you can also style this exact same look in different ways adding your own elements to it !

Hope you like the outfit, Let me know your views in the comment section of the blog, and stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

  • Outfit details :
  • Top- Zara
  • Sleeveless Open Blazer : Zara ( really old collection, but you can find it easily even now or you can check a different brand )
  • Belt : Zara
  • Trouser : Zara
  • Bag : Love Moschino
  • Earring : Mia by Tanishq
  • Rings : My Very Own (designed and made by me)

P.S : I style these looks my self along with the glam( hair and make up) , and These looks are from my Very own Personal Wardrobe and Not Sponsored !

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Camouflaged Sneakers

Hi there lovely people, hope all is going great with you guys, after my first post which definitely was an introductory post, I decided to give things a little pause for just a couple of days, well in our day to day life fashion plays a very important role in many ways, we all somehow live by our own rules of fashion, but the one main rule of fashion is definitely “comfort” , Comfort somehow uplifts not only your outfit but even your mood and your attitude, following trends blindly has never really been my forte, because frankly most of our fashion sense whether it’s fabrics, styles, motifs, are reflected from our past, either it becomes repetitive or rather it becomes a new aged expression of the same old style, which often gets represented as re-invented style ,

Today the style/ print I’ll be focusing on is “Camouflage print” or rather “ Universally Camouflage Pattern” popularly known as “ Camo Print” which has been around forever, but this season it made an amazing comeback and again has to be added as a must have wardrobe staple style, I for once love this print in this “Classic Cargo pants style” which I went ahead and paired it with a similar colour cropped sweatshirt, and chunky sneaker,

Sneakers has somehow played a very important part in our wardrobe essentials and we all at some point have worn them for different activity reasons, but about a year ago Sneakers were introduced to the fashion world as a must have wardrobe style staple which was not really only limited for activity purpose, “ do you guys remember the times your’ll had to go to work wearing some nice pair of heels and carry a nice pair of comfy sneaker with you just so that you could save yourself from the burden of walking till the subway or rather getting a cab ? I am sure we all have been there” but last year these sneakers and specially grandpa sneakers took the center stage, with Balenciaga, Gucci and Louis Vuitton introducing their version of these sneakers as a everyday wear, all the girls finally decided to jump on this trend bandwagon as soon as possible ,

I for once have been a sneaker lover for ages, for me whether it’s Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma or Fila have been an absolute favourite , they have helped me save my feet from all the pain, and here again I have paired my favourite Adidas sneakers with this look , which I got months ago , it’s nice, comfortable and totally a statement piece, it’s like you just paid for comfort and style all at once,

You can style the same look in various ways you want, it’s your everyday rescue look, it serves you comfort , style as well as grace, I would totally pair these cargo pants with white or black or even beige t-shirt or sweatshirt, or a nice casual top , and the sneaker again is your everyday style staple which you wouldn’t regret, so ya the most important rule of style and fashion gets covered here “ You can carry off anything, as long as, it’s your size and you are comfortable with it, attitude and style comes from your own self and comfort”

  • Outfit details :
  • Camouflage Cargo Pants from : Zara
  • Cropped Sweatshirt: Zara
  • Sneakers : Adidas Originals
  • Sunglasses : Ray Ban
  • Polka Dot Print Socks : H&M

Let me know your views in the comment section of the blog, and stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

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— Soren Kierkegaard

Hi everyone Welcome to my blog,

“Amorebyshonadewal”……oh wait, I am so sorry I forgot to introduce myself………

So let’s start with getting to know each other first, let me begin again with introducing myself,

Well Hi everyone I am SHONA DEWAL a.k.a VARSHA DEWAL !

Oh you must be wondering about the a.k.a well I am sure we all know it stands for (also known as) but why is it there in my name ? And why does this girl has two Names ? Well so officially my Name is Varsha Dewal, but all my life, my friends and family have called me SHONA , so I went ahead and Named my blog with my more personal name, because after all aren’t we going to be friends too ? Well of-course Via the blog but that should do too.

I am a Graduate GEMOLOGIST FROM THE GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA ( GIA ), I am also an ACCREDITED JEWELLERY PROFESSIONAL FROM THE GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA ( GIA ) , I am also a Graduate JEWELLERY DESIGNER FROM GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA ( GIA ) , I attended College at Instituto Marangoni in Milan for 2 weeks, for my MASTERS IN FINE JEWELLERY DESIGN, ( but sadly I couldn’t complete the course because I had some personal reasons and had to return back then, and of course because of this I couldn’t get my course fee refund either, I will surely share this incident with you in future over the blog, considering it was a major life lesson )

“AMORE” in Italian means “LOVE”, well I went ahead and named my blog AMORE because I love and believe in the idea of love, love universally is a rejoiced feeling, it somehow plays a very important part in every individual’s life, personally love for me isn’t synonymous to only between two people or lovers, love for me is your love and happiness for everything that you are creatively passionate or sensitive about, love for me is love for your family, love for me is love for fashion, love for me is love for jewellery, love for me is love for all things bling and sparkle, love for me is love for food, love for me is to be in love with the idea of life, love for me is love for your friends, and more importantly love for me is love for humanity,

So “ AMOREBYSHONADEWAL” is going to be a LIFESTYLE BLOG which would be including my love for FASHION, FOOD, TRAVEL, BEAUTY, JEWELLERY and YOUR VERY OWN WELL-BEING, it’s going to be about my personal approach and experience in life and my love for all these things, a space where I’ll be sharing all my views and my experiences with you and of- course my knowledge on these things and hopefully even learn more on this journey with you,


This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

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