The power of white and blue and a non planned or PROFESSIONAL photoshoot, rather a more genuine take on things and the power of #SHOTONIPHONE

Well hello there lovelies……….Well today’s post is all about beauty and hair care regime, well honestly I never really found the need to share any tips up until I received some Instagram DM’s asking for those…..yes yes I know many people make and create spoof as to how what a scam that can be, but I’ll surely post it as a proof….hahahah well so I totally thought that I wanted to and should totally shoot a post for this one,

Thankful and how, simple not expensive and not your pretentious hair care, but keeping things authentic and obeying to my mantra of “ KEEP IT REAL” 💙

Well hair care is something that is very important to every individual, in this lockdown I saw many people shooting and posting content on daily hair care, well honestly the hair care regime comes into play more when you are out and about and your hair has to tolerate the bad pollution, during the lockdown a hair care regime seemed pointless, not that I minded any of it or didn’t enjoy the added information but it was a nice way of keeping things entertaining,

Pose and strike a pose ! 💙

I like to maintain the same length of my hair for personal reasons of my own, I don’t like to do MAJOR heat treatments on my hair, not that I don’t like the different hairstyle, BUT I LIKE TO KEEP THINGS SIMPLE, I don’t like to BLOW-DRY my hair or anything so that way I protect it from the UNNECESSARY Heat, I definitely enjoy a nice HAIR SPA once in 3-4 months and yes my hair is not an HAIR EXTENSION I have NEVER USED HAIR EXTENSIONS, NOR DO I KNOW HOW TO USE THEM , hair SPA keeps you hair healthy and if I get my hair coloured then that’s a different intensive hair care altogether,

Details ! 💕💙

MOROCCANOIL Hair products are definitely very well known and have earned a good and trustable reputation of its own, I was introduced to this hair care MASK by my hair stylist, after I couldn’t follow parlour appointments because of my travelling schedule, except for oiling your hair you need the added texture and smoothness too, so I switched to this HYDRATING HAIR MASK , and I totally loved it, it’s a very easy to apply and I am sure you’ll love the results of it too, all you have to do is wash you hair, rinse it, towel dry you hair and then apply the hair MASK for 10-15 mins and then rinse it and Tada you’ll have smooth and healthy hair in minutes and your extra parlour time also gets saved, though who am I kidding lockdown surely got us missing our hair salons..hahahah,

Details, Details some more Details ! 💕💙

I hope you enjoyed this article and my effort at presenting my beauty routine only when asked, I also shot a video just in case, please ignore if you find anything wrong, because I not comfortable talking on camera, but I tried………and no this is NOT AN AD, my blog isn’t BUSINESS, so this is a genuine post coming from an active individual who uses the product and is providing a REVIEW and also RECOMMENDING IT, I highly RECOMMEND it, hopefully you guys find it informative…..lots of love and happiness to each one of you and THANK YOU ! 💙

Oh hi there ! 👋🏻

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P.S I am not wearing any makeup in this post and also in the video and have only applied lipstick 💄

Sure why not just pose, who even cares ? 😊😂

Hair product : Moroccanoil Intense hydrating MASK

Product that can make a difference in hair care !

Direction of use : Wash your hair , rinse it , towel dry your hair, then apply the mask, leave it for 10-15 mins and then again rinse it !

Details ! 💕

Outfit Details :

Sweater : H&M

Jeans : Zara India

Hair band : Zara Singapore

Thank you ! 🌻🌼🌸


Well Let’s kick off some NEGATIVITY, it’s as sporty as it LOOKS ! 😂⚽️

Well hello there Lovelies ! So it’s not been a while, I thought to start with week with a lot of blissful amazing feeling, my world sort of revolves around my responsibilities and I never shy away from sharing my experiences whether good or bad, I know some feel that it’s a little too out there and a bit fierce, but that is somehow my way of life, I prefer to live life with the reality that how things exist, it’s never really been about the rose tinted glasses, so whether or no one agrees, I kind of like to keep it simple, clear and straight up, in short KEEP IT REAL !

Let’s not forget the “ NEW NORMAL” the “ MASK” before we leave from our HOUSE, 😷
Sometimes it’s nice to be more CAMOUFLAGED than USUAL ! 🐉

And while I am at it this look here represents of how a random piece of clothing can add so much of CHARISMA and CHARM to our day to day COMFORTABLE life, I BOUGHT this particular T-Shirt from a random market in SINGAPORE and frankly I don’t regret it at all and as usual I BOUGHT two of these ONE FOR MYSELF AND ONE FOR MY MOTHER, we are sort of a family that LIKES TO TWIN……hahaha my forever LOVE she is after all….and ya you can find us TWINNING on many occasions, it’s sort of a LIFESTYLE choice,

Why not match your T-shirt with your SNEAKERS ! 🖤💛
Yes yes STAYING POSITIVE AND HAPPY helps you overcome MORE THAN ONE can EXPECT ! 💛🖤😁
LOOK UP IN THE SKY once in a while and BE thankful, trust me it WORKS ! 🙏🏻😇
Sometimes it’s BEST TO WALK OUT ON THINGS that don’t add up to your LIFE ! 🖤💛

Here I have paired this OVERSIZED T-SHIRT 4 different ways, I know is see a lot of VIDEOS these days on Instagram of how to STYLE A OUTFIT different ways and I was like I rather write an EDITORIAL for this one too and while at it, by now you must have figured out my LOVE FOR OVERSIZED T-SHIRT, it’s comfortable and CLASSIC,

A T-shirt dress is a TESTIMONY that no MATTER HOW OLD YOU GET, if you are NOT VERY TALL, you can transform into a school kid anytime ! 😂🤣
I don’t know what I was thinking here 😂😁

A regular HUMAN BEING purchases a piece of CLOTHING with the idea of OWNING ONE PIECE that is going to last and REPEATING A outfit isn’t bad because that’s the reason one OWNS A WASHING MACHINE, the idea is sartorial and UNDERSTATED ONE,

Oh so really you think I look PUFFY AND CUTE ? Well thanks ! 😁
Yes looking at you while sitting on a road side and very well matching with the BACKGROUND and wondering are we CUTE OR WHAT ? 😂🤣🖤💛

People are highly misinformed when they spot CELEBRITIES NOT REPEATING an outfit and when they do, they make a big thing OUT OF IT, well frankly most of them don’t OWN THE STYLING ITEMS and if you SPOT them in their everyday life while on and off SHOOTS you may find them also REPEATING THEIR CLOTHES, so never feel weird if you LIKE A PIECE OF CLOTHING,

Wait what ? Did you call my NAME ? How DARE YOU ? Don’t you know you got to GIVE ME RESPECT ? Call me MAM ALRIGHT, so what if I look CUTE ? 😂🤣
Okay alright let’s get THE NEW NORMAL photo right !

THAT’S the thing about fashion, it exist for it’s SUSTAINABILITY since AGES though the generation today HYPES THIS in the name of SUSTAINABLE FASHION, but truth be told it’s an AGE OLD TRADITION, to own ITEM THAT LASTS, I am all for GOOD QUALITY BRANDED CLOTHES, but frankly if it’s NOT BRANDED- ITS NOT GOOD is a very SADIST MENTALITY,

Well when LIFE THROWS DIFFERENT SITUATION AND an elevated platform becomes a must ! 👡😂
Smile on lovelies, all we get better with time 🙏🏻😇

QUALITY OF A PIECE OF CLOTHING LIES IN THE MATERIAL and I love buying LOCAL SOUVENIRS while travelling, it sort of adds to the VIBE, SO HERE I AM POSING In my SINGAPORE RETURN DRAGON T-shirt and I am sure you’ll like it too,

Oh yes I am looking at you like ? 👀

I have kept the STYLING MINIMALISTIC as usual, it’s sort of my go to vibe, and it’s easy and not too FANCY, I HOPE YOU LIKED THE OUTFIT and if you did then please respond with comments and likes and I am open to feedback’s too, have an amazing week ahead lovelies !

Oh my what can you fit in that bag ? Well to some people you can give a reply, THEIR IQ ! 😂🤣
Well I hope you enjoyed READING THIS and got your STYLE and LIFE HACK INSPO 💛🖤😁

Outfit DETAILS :



Shorts : GUESS





Mask : from a local CHEMIST STORE


Track Up the Tracks

Well hello there ! Hope you all have been doing well and fine, today is a Friday and though the past few months have been challenging, it’s been particularly challenging for the FRIDAY FEELS, well because now people surely loose a track of their Days, many things changed and one thing that made way into our life and wardrobe is comfort wear, our pyjamas surely became a way of our lifestyle, but our very trusted wardrobe necessity “ THE TRACKS” surely came in handy, it’s almost like for months people forgot what was DENIM and of course as soon as the lockdown got relaxed people were on their way to revamp their wardrobe denim needs,

For me personally the tracks have always played the comfortable and fashionable role for the longest time possible, as Off by now you must be surely knowing that I prefer to wear clothes that are comfortable, it’s sort of my Vibe and specially when I am not in the mood or want to relax, frankly I am not judgemental about this comfortable piece of clothing, I know causal and fancy attire is a necessity, but I feel that’s the thing about fashion it gives you the freedom to be YOU and carry on with your life and ways without any judgment,

So I decided to be out and about wearing my very comfortable track pants with T-shirt and I was surely happy, since it went along with my mood well, you know it’s one of those days when mundane doesn’t remain mundane anymore, well I am sure you will like this particular look and my outlook too,

So you can totally check it out and provide any feedback I’ll surely take it and consider it as per my understanding, wishing you all a happy Friday, have a fabulous weekend and lots of love to each one of you, bye ! Thank you for reading🙏🏻

P.S I am not wearing any makeup so it’s totally a FRESH FACE FRIDAY POST and have only applied lipstick and not fancy styling either ! 😊

Outfit details :

Track Pants: H&M India

Black t-Shirt : Zara India

Beige T-Shirt : Zara India

Flats : Aldo India

Mask : A non branded bought from a chemical store

Blue sling with a Blackout effect

Well Hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? How’s life treating your’ll ?

Well the last few weeks have been nothing but weird number feelings mushed up together,

What I begin to fathom is that with the pandemic still out on the loose, how much can we even tame or control or find the balance into our normal life ? The mystery to adjust our lives with the NEW NORMAL still remains unanswered, for me frankly this lockdown has been nothing but life lessons, monetary lessons and a hell lot of emotional roller coaster,

The other I decided to be out and about in the evening and Wear my everyday casual outfit, I paired my sports bra with high waisted wide legged pants and a zipper trainer hood to go along with it, while having a trusted sling which I purchased last year from Aldo paired with white stan smith sneakers from Adidas and might I say it totally represents my current mood, since I got personally attacked and criticised for NOT BEING WOMAN enough, this totally adds up to that series on all the levels of AMORE, so this look totally adds up to my series of #AMOREBYSHONADEWALBEINGWOMAN,

Androgynous style isn’t an easy one to pull off, but I personally love it because of its easy breezy effortless chic outlook, I sort of relate to it on many levels it’s more like the clothes speak for itself and it feels like a glove to the soul sort of situation, I for once love the entire outlook on this particular style and you’ll find me dressed up like that on many occasions, couldn’t have said it better in anyway possible, I am definitely keeping things AUTHENTIC and as REAL as possible like always, hope you like this take on this look too !

If you like the outfit feel free to LIKE, COMMENT or SHARE and I am open to feedbacks too, wishing you all a lot of happiness and a fabulous weekend ahead, work from home and get out only for some fresh air and random walks, my looks will also totally represent that only, STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE and more importantly BE HAPPY !

Outfit Details :

Wide legged Pants : Zara

Black Zip up Hoodie: Marks and Spencer

Sports Bra: Enamour

Blue Sling Bag : Aldo

Mask : Randomly purchased from a Local Chemist store !

White Sneakers : Adidas Stan Smith Collection

P.S this entire look is without any MAKEUP, since I am not applying any makeup these days and only applying lipstick ! 💄

Blue Da Bee Da

This image is Shot in November Last year, before I started my Blog ! 💙🦋

Weekday blues use to be a thing in the past, these days these blues can walk into your life at anytime, the idea of the surviving the storm lives with the idea of understanding the necessary precautions, when we seem to complicate the simple we loose judgement of our very own existence, keeping life simple may seem boring, but it surely can impact and create something beautiful for yourself, keeping it simple will help you keeping it sane,

Blue feels with a cup of joy ! 😷💙☕️
This image was Shot this year in MARCH, totally pure corona VIBES, oh those were the good old days ! 🧿🦋
It’s all in the detail after all ! 💕🦋💙
This image is Shot Shot 2 weeks ago when I had to the run around for some work and decided to click some images without the mask ! 😷
The same image here I am wearing the “ NEW NORMAL” 😷

Fashion definitely plays a very important role in a woman’s daily life, we can never contemplate too much on what and how we might style something, yet with the inspiration and the mood board of the past reflections we definitely have our basic day to day look, of how one could style something, this here is the classic “ Canadian Tuxedo” the visually perfect “ Denim on Denim”, this style has sort of been very old school and yet brings a mainstream vibe, while it was popularly limited to Men, Women surely found a better way to style this classic and put it together, here are my take on these Weekday blues !

This image was Shot in AUGUST FIRST WEEK while following HOME Quarantine while watching my very favourite FRIENDS 🏠🦋
Cheers to our beautiful life ahead ! With orange juice of course 🍊 🥤
Hahaha I am totally wearing my shorts here but this explains what QUARANTINE HAS MEANT for most and where dressing up totally got sidelined and of course this totally adds to my #amorebyshonadewalbeingwoman
Happy vibes even in quarantine ? Well it’s definitely possible try it it’s not that difficult !
Playing my IMAGINE GUITAR 🎸…….hahaha no I was just totally laughing and being myself did not intend for the 🎸 pose though ! 😂🤣💕

I shot these images before the lockdown, and it was suppose to be a Basic post to justify my denim vibe, it also totally takes charge of what Out and About totally meant before this Pandemic and I have also added another image shot just recently in my house, while I was watching FRIENDS on a weekend with no where to go and decided to slip into a nice off -shoulder denim top paired with denims, while the other two looks are a totally a experimental different tones of denim, then again I paired a different unbuttoned shirt with shorts while following HOME QUARANTINE LOOK and the very RECENTLY an all denim look with the same denim shirt with loose unfitted denim pants Because Quarantine definitely has taken away the OTT fashion away and our go to looks are limited to the basics because the city is still not back to it’s usual operational self, so this look justifies comfort on another level and isn’t exactly fashion but it also has our very “ NEW NORMAL” the mask looking and peeking through time and a nice too out there vibrant Pouch to go along with the entire look, well it was more of an add a pop effect to the look sort of look and as usually I have kept it comfortable and Simple !

Looking at you like 👀
Just had to……Well at home VIBES 🏠
Yes I wore the shirt while out and about and it was well ironed but since I drive myself it got wrinkled, so now you know what’s the REALITY behind the perfect INSTAGRAM SHOTS ? 😂🤣
And finally walking away from crazy Quarantine life and people while wearing the “ NEW NORMAL” ! 😷

If you like the post please do like follow and you can totally provide any feedback if necessary here’s wishing you all a happy WEEKEND though the idea of weekend is highly underestimated, wish you lots of love and joy and happiness in the coming days, I am surely we can all be hopefully hopeful ! 💕💙🦋😊

P.S I am not wearing any makeup in the quarantine shots, only lipstick since I have not been wearing any make for the last 5 months !

Outfit Details :

Jeans : Zara

Denim shirt:

Tie dye Denim Shirt:

Off shoulder Denim top : Only India

Hair band : Zara

Snake print wristlet, sling : Dune London

White and Pink Sling : Micheal Kors

Shoes : Aldo India

Slice…….Of Working The Workout….JUST DO IT ! ✔️

Well Hello There !……..So well things were a little out of order and a bit misplaced lately, I for once used this time to not only wallow but also contemplate,many suggestions came through, Like I have often come across people telling me in chats or through messages or indirect ways of me being LAZY, a LAZY BLOGGER perhaps, because I don’t post as much as other people, I for once don’t want to be a part of the RAT RACE, as independent as it looks being a Blogger isn’t really that independent, like you keep getting NONSENSE advice as to how you should do things, specially if the SO CALLED BIG WIGS have come to the party, the BOSSES of these influencers that get brands because of being in good books have to be taken into consideration and if not then they WON’T let you BE, I am like c’mon give me a break, calm down in life !

•Next up the alley is LONG LENGTHY PARAGRAPHS, “ hey why have you written this ESSAY ?” Listen we don’t like your “short stories !” ( they were clearly referring to my Captions or rather Paragraphs or even better WRITE UPS that are written under my photos On my INSTAGRAM POST ) I have said this before and will say it again, nobody is forcing you to READ, but it is surely meant for READING and while at it I can’t expect people to READ PURE crap, whatever I write is DERIVED FROM MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES AND OF-COURSE MY SURROUNDING and it isn’t a pure work of IMAGINATION rather it’s more of an INSIGHTFUL VIEW INTO THE SITUATION FROM my POINT OF VIEW, I can understand why READING a ARTICLE can be PROBLEMATIC for some, after all its easy being and acting LIKE A BIMBO who is CUT OUT FROM SOCIAL ISSUES, but I Prefer OTHERWISE,

•The strangest one is BUSINESS ADVISE, oh my god I love this one, it sure gets interesting, WHY DON’T YOU EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS ? Listen IF YOU ARE getting harassed we could help you but first let’s talk BUSINESS after all it’s a GIVE AND TAKE WORLD, why don’t you come on board with us and we could work this out and the minute something happens in my life, listen you should totally give up your projects, or the people harassing you for the land matter will not LET YOU LIVE and you’ll have to PERMANENTLY LEAVE MUMBAI AND GO AWAY, so what if you and your family have BEEN A MUMBAI RESIDENT SINCE THE LAST 60years,

When GONE WITH THE WIND finds new meaning and you realise that even the MUMBAI LOCAL TRAIN has lost its speed and is forced to take it SLOW !

•And this one is even better, YOU LIVE WITH YOUR MOTHER, for the well being of your FAMILY, you should totally get MARRIED, a man will be able to keep you more secured, after all life would be totally incomplete if you don’t get married, you are 29 and not in a relationship or married, the other bloggers Called you REKHA when you spoke about women being enough, now first of all, I don’t believe any of these bullshit, I call it “ over imagination, and over thinking at best, because I just CAN’T DECODE PEOPLES SLY DIGS ON ME, because frankly isn’t the point already understood, like IF SOMEONE WANTS TO TAKE A DIG AT ME OR HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME WITHOUT KNOWING ME, then it’s clearly their PROBLEM, so why should I even care ? And even if someone refers to you as REKHA I would take that as a compliment, what a fun compliment to have, imagine being as Secured and as powerful as her ?…….hmmm something to think about, when did I become so awesome in life ? Hahahaha… no can’t afford to get in my head, instead rather just stay HUMBLE AND KEEP GOING !

Mumbai is known for its fast life, it’s fast trains, life has now become slow and is slowly and patiently getting back to NORMAL !

• Lockdown Unlock Process has definitely allowed some walking and roaming around in the evening, so definitely after months of sitting Indoors this limited yet refreshing old school idea works wonders and well Athleisure look works comfort and a proper fit workout wear, my entire look along with the sneakers are NIKE as NIKE ALWAYS SAYS…..JUST DO IT ! ……so well I took the advice and DEFINITELY JUST DID IT ! ✔️

Hopeful for the future !

Outfit Details :

Entire look along with the SNEAKERS : NIKE

P.S this here is a complete NO MAKEUP LOOK as I have only applied LIPSTICK WITH GLOSS ! As I haven’t used any MAKEUP on my FACE FOR THE PAST 5 months, basically since lockdown started whatever pictures I have CLICKED ARE without any makeup, since we were going to be indoor, I wanted to give this time to my skin to REJUVENATE !

P.S this isn’t a sponsored post, it’s totally a look I own and my complete comfort wear, I don’t do AD’s !

( Well This was written on the 7Th of JULY I am just posting it late )

Hop, Skip And A Jump

Well hello there ! How have you all been ? Well it’s been raining like crazy for the last couple of days as if we didn’t have enough ?……hahahaha this year in particular as been one filled with bad news, it’s like there is an inbuilt fear that you might just log into your social media and find some crazy bad news waiting for you, a lockdown life has surely been a crazy one indeed……

My last article was quite a shocking event for me, I actually got treated with some hate DM on Instagram, with bashes and abuses and “ GANGRAPE” threat in two, definitely I was taken a back, I immediately turned off my comment section in fear and limited my DM’s, it was a huge wake up call that people would do and go to any extend for HATE….I for once came across a lot of CRITICISM IN THE LAST few months, since this year started with me calling out a MAKEUP WEBSITE FOR THEIR CREATIVE PLAGIARISED CONTENT styling AND THERE AFTER STARTED A SERIES OF BULLYING and of-course there are some crazy personal issues hidden within the WALLS OF MY LIFE, but this sort of approach really took a lot away, yet I decided to be constant and post on social media regardless,

Of-course this can be very draining of energy and energy levels, But of course I feel like personally it’s a hop-skip and A jump situation since I don’t choose to waddle in it, I keep myself aware, awake and sorted, Lately I feel I needed a lot more distance from social media and content could wait, and Ever since then I have been maintaining a little distance from social media because I felt that DETOX Was necessary, the idea of LOVE for me remains the same as freedom, understanding and honesty but the last couple of weeks definitely bought new meaning to light, I do share a lot of anecdotes and my write up on Instagram, it’s almost like a instagram blog post it self and my write up as usual are drawn from my experiences and understanding of life !

I often also find a need to write a disclaimer that if one finds any resemblance with their situation or their life then they can feel free to ignore or rather wait and clarify it with me personally or rather move on and let be, all I prefer is PEACE AND LOTS OF LOVE, it becomes easy to CO-exist, I am not the sort of individual that can fathom on so much negativity, this look particularly defines my current state of mind, where dressing up seems rather irritating and the oversized t-shirt surely makes for a pleasant and different change and this look clearly ISN’T fashion, but then again who even cares right ? It’s good to be carefree and jovial and full of life and the more comfortable the clothes the more sorted the mind !

P.S These pictures were taken when I was out and about for a walk in the evening and yes I had the mask on and took it off only for pictures and yes social distancing was maintained !

Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead and If you like my article, do comment, like share and provide feedback if you feel like, you can also subscribe ! 🤷🏻‍♀️😊🌹

Outfit details :

Top : Zara

Pants : H&M

Hair band : H&M

Mules : Dune London

Black And White

The past few days have been weeks of controversy where we started to debate on the probability and definition of what HUMOUR exactly is, we started discussing the BY-LAWS of what can be defined as humour and what can’t, which seemed quite fair enough, DIGITAL CONTENT WAS QUESTIONED BY MANY and DISGUSTING “GUNDAGARDI” was objected against, though this bad behaviour was breathing for a long long time and all this HAPPENED IN THE NAME OF WOMEN SAFETY AND SELF-RESPECT, though I wondered why did this move take so much time, I thanked our lucky Stars that BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, though DIGITAL CONTENT CREATORS AND COMEDIANS ARGUED FOR THEIR STAND, it also showed us that how reckless and careless and offensive their content began to seem, since there was no one monitoring their content FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THE RIGHT TO DEFAME WAS USED AS A DEFENCE MECHANISM FOR BULLSHIT, shit posting became a normal life style, creativity Has power, laughter is a medicine, and humour is our greatest healer, but as the olden thoughts goes what’s good can be used for the bad too, if you manipulate it with your own DIRTY AGENDA and DEMEANING SPITEFUL EGO, the true power that SOME of these people used was the POWER TO ABUSE IN A FUN WAY to the people they hate and their competitors and counterparts, it’s like if you even slightest bit offended their EGO then get ready for the RAINS of ABUSES AND NONSENSE JUST BECAUSE YOU DISAGREED WITH THEM, they will MOCK YOU, SHAME YOU, DEGRADE YOU, INSULT YOU, TRIGGER YOUR FAMILY WITH BAD BEHAVIOUR, and anything else just to SHOW THE POWER OF DIGITAL MEDIA, imagine if you can be BODY SHAMED AND CALLED NAMES AND GET THREATS FOR YOUR FAMILY, GET CALLED CRAZY, GET BULLIED EACH DAY, and when you jus point it out to them what exactly happened they would come ahead and say GET A CONTROL ON YOUR ANXIETY ? Like at least don’t mock Mental illness and DEFAME SOMEONE AND RUIN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE AND REPUTATION ?

Black and White Surely is a Colour represented by Judical System, and the Middle finger is the Judgment that it shows to Injustice !

As we move pass these current circumstances we are left with nothing but just the HOPE that a step in the right direction will take us far, DIGITAL MEDIA gives rights to all kinds of people to create and account and use their APPS and SITES, when you make demeaning content and want to hurl abuses you singularly HURT SENTIMENTS of many, their BLIND followers feel that their CRY for help is GENUINE, then you have the power to only embark on your SIDE of the story, it’s not just about ONE PERSON, it’s about many, we take the starting of anything WRONG lightly and later you realised that now IT’S A LIFESTYLE, there are too many talents and JOBLESS INDIANS WAITING TO TAKE YOUR PLACE, so RESPECT YOUR POSITION AND USE YOUR POWER TO INFLUENCE IN THE RIGHT WAY, it’s time that people are made to get down of their HIGH HORSES, whether you you have 1 million followers or 40 million, you JUST CAN’T MISBHEAVE AND CREATE DEMEANING CONTENT IN THE NAME OF YOUR CONTENT, and later say no it wasn’t like that, ABUSES AND ABUSING WERE FUNNY TO THESE CONTENT CREATOR AND COMEDIANS UNTIL people stated hurling those abuses at them, like what happened ? YOUR FOLLOWERS AND NOW YOUR HATERS HAVE LEARN’T this from you only and now they are at it, so MAY BE IT’S A WAKE UP CALL, to be more responsible and RESPECT OUR CONSTITUTION AND RIGHTS TO DEMOCRACY, that it grants us the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, all that is being asked in good BEHAVIOUR AND Respectful behaviour Then may be OUR SYSTEM WILL BE ABLE TO PUNISH THE REAL CULPRITS WHO RATHER BE THE “BHAI’s” and the “GUNDA’s” Of our society !


Social Issues is a reality and you’ll be seeing a lot of these in the Future too, the views stated here are my own and it doesn’t refer to any individual, caste or religion, if you find any similarities please understand it’s co-incidental and it purely highlights the difficulties of our everyday life we face, the deep rooted issues which perhaps sleeps everyday and shows up only when itched, if you like the article, please like and feel free to give feedback too, soon will be coming up with more content !


P.S I have worn NO MAKEUP IN THESE PICTURES AND ONLY APPLIED LIPSTICK, I am still on my no Make-Up spree !

Burger Bae

Oh hi there my lovely people ! 🙋🏼‍♀️ How have you all been ? Hope all is good at your end !

Omg if you are blushing then you must be knowing this Is indeed True Love then ! 🍔😂❤️
Well you can’t Love the Burger withOut it’s perfect companion the Fries ofcourse, if only your Bae understood this ! 🍔🍟😂

Well the idea of greeting hasn’t got lost in the mail for sure, while the world is slowly adjusting and rejuvenating and finding its new Normal, somewhere the old just came back and I couldn’t have been happier, while the Corona Virus outbreak started a global pandemic everything went into a complete Full Stop, while everything remained shut for 3 months countries finally found their courage to open up at least partial business as losses got way too much to bear and how long could one survive with such a scenario, Although all efforts are being made to control and contain the virus and the “ new mandatory” the mask is become a daily accessory for people,

This one right here says he can be your complete food comfort and promise that it’s deliciousness will make it alright ? Then why not choose it right ?
Hello Zinger, you should know I totally chose you ! 🍔👍🏻😂

In Mumbai they started the “ mission begin again”, yes yes you read it right, don’t even get me started over this one…….I mean the movement itself sounds like a James Bond movie…..hahahaha…….”Mission begin again is going to be an effort to slowly get the city life back to normal……an initiative from our government , while at it restaurants aren’t allowed to open up but they could surely start their home delivery of course while following the safety precautionary measures, and they did start their home delivery services a month ago, though people totally were initially a little hesitant over ordering from out, slowly but steadily we all came around the idea , it’s been a month now of operating these services and orders definitely increased finally for the food chain owners,

Let’s dig in for some real time treasure, every foodie will agree ? Wouldn’t you if you are one ?
Only if people looked this happy while posing with their actual “ Bae” ❤️😂

One such fast food chain that I missed was definitely The constant one for me “ THE BURGER”, well I totally believe in staying fit and healthy, but a monthly order from Mc Donald’s is a absolute must and if fitness could be spared then KFC and BURGER KING too, I am totally a BURGER LOVER…….as Gigi hadid Rightfully quoted one time: Stay fit, eat clean and have a burger to stay Sane !………I totally follow this routine……hahahaha

You know it’s true love when you look at someone or something like this 👀😂❤️
A Burger Mood Board ? Ya why not !

So I finally got comfortable with the idea of Ordering food Delivery and opted for the SWIGGY food delivery app, I have been kind of using that one only forever and finally after 3 whole months I was happy to have the first bite of the MC DONALD’S BURGER with Peri Peri fries and Potato Wedges…….

Let’s get posing and eating , Shall we ?

I definitely went over board and had the CHEAT MEAL OF THE CENTURY, I also ordered from KFC it’s classic Zinger Burger and the Other day I ordered Classic Chicken Whopper Burger from Burger King !…….hahaha no I didn’t have it in a day but over the time of few weeks…… a burger has been a constant in my life for around 10 years and I am shamelessly going to choose THE BURGER OVER BAE for sure…….at least when I have one…….or may be that’s why I don’t have one……hahahahaha,

But nevertheless let me know in the comments what’s your CHEAT GUILT TRIPPING MEAL…..and I hope you enjoyed reading this articles and like the pictures, if you liked the article please do like it and you can also give me feedback, I would totally appreciate it too…..hope you all have a fabulous week ahead and you ENJOY YOUR BURGER…..WITH……Or…….WITHOUT BAE ! ❤️

Burger Bae 🍔❤️🌹

P.S : I have worn NO MAKEUP IN THESE PICTURES and only applied lipstick, I Am still on a No makeup Spree ! 😊

Say Hello to the “ Mask”

Well hello there ! Hope all is good and rocking as some might say…..hahaha the past few months have been a teaching lesson and a Mix of the world apocalypse of sorts…..there were earthquakes, cyclones, the attack of the swamp of insects and the worst of them all a pandemic which we are trying to normalise into our normal lifestyle, Corona virus surely came at a cost of loosing life and financial status for the entire world, a rejuvenating element remained with us was definitely our own positivity,

The one thing that now has become “ Mandatory” is the “ Mask” , life before Corona Virus was “ Mask free” but life with the new precautionary measure is surely the “ Mask” on your face, it doesn’t need to be fancy, although you can style it if you want, but it’s definitely a new fashion element into a women’s wardrobe because brands have started selling them in different designs, they come in different cuts , colours and prints if one wishes to buy them, for me I have decided to stick to the “ ordinary” and “ basic” simple “ mask” that can serve the purpose it’s suppose to, I don’t look down up the idea of styling it though, but where I am concerned, I secretly pray that the “ Mask” disappears as soon as possible, because firstly I can’t wear one constantly for medical reasons though I don’t step out without one on and second I feel claustrophobic just looking at it, so ya I am all for styling it, but I won’t be styling it anytime soon !

Here I am totally posing with the mask on and also without a mask which I just pulled down for clicking pictures, the correct way of wearing a mask is that it should cover your mouth and your nose, it’s a safety and precautionary measure and by obeying to this rule you’ll be just taking care of yourself and the safety of your loved ones, so well let’s say a nice “ hello” to the “ new mandatory” the “ new normal” the “ stylish and lovely and the fashion statement of the decade”…….THE MASK !

Outfit Details :

T-Shirt – Random purchase from Singapore

Black Leggings : Marks and Spencer

Sneakers : Nike Air Max ( Old Collection )

Sunglasses : Emporio Armani