Pink and Blue Out for a Stroll

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you been ? Hope all is treating you well, well I am totally looking forward to the upcoming Indian Festival Season, with the pandemic still out on the loose this would seem to be a refreshing yet energetic change, life isnโ€™t just unfair at time, itโ€™s unbearable, butContinue reading “Pink and Blue Out for a Stroll”


Well hello there Lovelies ! So itโ€™s not been a while, I thought to start with week with a lot of blissful amazing feeling, my world sort of revolves around my responsibilities and I never shy away from sharing my experiences whether good or bad, I know some feel that itโ€™s a little too outContinue reading “SINGAPORE GOLDEN DRAGON ! ๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿฒ”